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Contact Congress: Florida Senators & Representatives | Full List!

Not sure how to contact your congressman? Read our guide and use our templates on reaching out to your congress member right here!

Photo Name State DC Office DC Phone Number DC FAX Contact Website
Marco Rubio, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Sen. Marco Rubio (R) FL 284 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-3041 202-228-0285 Contact Website
Jeff Miller Congress.JPG Jeff Miller (R-01) FL 336 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-4136 202-225-3414 Contact Website
Official Congressional Portrait of Gwen Graham (FL-02).jpg Gwen Graham (D-02) FL 1229 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5235 202-225-5615 Contact Website
Ted Yoho, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Ted Yoho (R-03) FL 511 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-5744 202-225-3973 Contact Website
AnderCrenshaw Official Head Shot - 2009.jpg Ander Crenshaw (R-04) FL 2161 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-2501 202-225-2504 Contact Website
Corrinebrown.jpeg Corrine Brown (D-05) FL 2111 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-0123 202-225-2256 Contact Website
Ron DeSantis, Official Portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Ron DeSantis (R-06) FL 308 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-2706 202-226-6299 Contact Website
John Mica Portrait.jpg John L. Mica (R-07) FL 2187 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-4035 202-226-0821 Contact Website
Bill Posey.jpg Bill Posey (R-08) FL 120 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-3671 202-225-3516 Contact Website
Alan Grayson high res.jpg Alan Grayson (D-09) FL 430 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-9889 202-225-9742 Contact Website
Daniel Webster, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Daniel Webster (R-10) FL 1039 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-2176 202-225-0999 Contact Website
Rich Nugent, Official Portrait, 112th Congress 2.jpg Richard Nugent (R-11) FL 1727 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-1002 202-226-6559 Contact Website
Gusbilirakis.jpeg Gus M. Bilirakis (R-12) FL 2112 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-5755 202-225-4085 Contact Website
David Jolly.jpg David Jolly (R-13) FL 2407 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-5961 202-225-9764 Contact Website
Kathy castor.png Kathy Castor (D-14) FL 205 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-3376 202-225-5652 Contact Website
Dennis-Ross.jpg Dennis Ross (R-15) FL 229 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-1252 202-226-0585 Contact Website
Vern Buchanan Official.jpg Vern Buchanan (R-16) FL 2104 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-5015 202-226-0828 Contact Website
Tom Rooney.jpg Thomas J. Rooney (R-17) FL 2160 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-5792 202-225-3132 Contact Website
Patrick Murphy, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Patrick Murphy (D-18) FL 211 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-3026 202-225-8398 Contact Website
Curt Clawson 2014 Congressional Photo.jpg Curt Clawson (R-19) FL 228 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-2536 202-226-0439 Contact Website
Alcee Hastings Portrait c111-112th Congress.jpg Alcee L. Hastings (D-20) FL 2353 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-1313 202-225-1171 Contact Website
Ted Deutsch.jpg Ted Deutch (D-21) FL 2447 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3001 202-225-5974 Contact Website
Lois Frankel, Official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Lois Frankel (D-22) FL 1037 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-9890 202-225-1224 Contact Website
DWSPortrait.jpg Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-23) FL 1114 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-7931 202-226-2052 Contact Website
Frederica Wilson official House portrait.jpg Frederica Wilson (D-24) FL 208 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-4506 202-226-0777 Contact Website
Mario Diaz-Ballart Official.jpg Mario Diaz-Balart (R-25) FL 440 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-4211 202-225-8576 Contact Website
CarlosC114.jpg Carlos Curbelo (R-26) FL 1429 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-2778 202-226-0346 Contact Website
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.jpg Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-27) FL 2206 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3931 202-225-5620 Contact Website

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