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Contact Congress: New York Senators & Representatives | Full List!

Not sure how to contact your congressman? Read our guide and use our templates on reaching out to your congress member right here!

Photo Name State DC Office DC Phone Number DC FAX Contact Website
Charles Schumer official portrait.jpg Sen. Charles E. (Chuck) Schumer (D) NY 322 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-6542 202-228-3027 Contact Website
A portrait shot of a smiling, middle-aged Caucasian female (Kirsten Gillibrand) looking straight ahead. She has chin-length blonde hair, and is wearing a dark blazer with a grey top; on her left lapel is a gold pin that reads "United States Senator". She is placed in front of a dark background. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) NY 478 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4451 202-228-0282 Contact Website
Lee Zeldin official congressional photo.jpg Lee Zeldin (R-01) NY 1517 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-3826 202-225-3143 Contact Website
Image result for Pete King Pete King (R-02) NY 339 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-7896 202-226-2279 Contact Website
Steve Israel, official photo portrait, 2009.jpeg Steve Israel (D-03) NY 2457 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3335 202-225-4669 Contact Website
Kathleen Rice.jpg Kathleen Rice (D-04) NY 1508 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5516 202-225-5758 Contact Website
Gregory Meeks, Official Photo.jpg Gregory W. Meeks (D-05) NY 2234 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3461 202-226-4169 Contact Website
Grace Meng Official Congressional Photo.jpg Grace Meng (D-06) NY 1317 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-2601 202-225-1589 Contact Website
112 velazquez ny12.jpg Nydia M. Velazquez (D-07) NY 2302 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-2361 202-226-0327 Contact Website
HakeemJ.jpg Hakeem Jeffries (D-08) NY 1339 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5936 202-225-1018 Contact Website
Yvette Clarke Official.jpg Yvette D. Clarke (D-09) NY 2351 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-6231 202-226-0112 Contact Website
Jerrold Nadler.jpg Jerrold Nadler (D-10) NY 2109 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-5635 202-225-6923 Contact Website
Vacant (-11) NY 512 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-3371 202-226-1272
Carolynmaloney.jpg Carolyn B. Maloney (D-12) NY 2308 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-7944 202-225-4709 Contact Website
Official photograph of Charles Rangel dressed in suit and tie against a blue background Charles B. Rangel (D-13) NY 2354 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-4365 202-225-0816 Contact Website
Crowley114.jpg Joseph Crowley (D-14) NY 1436 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-3965 202-225-1909 Contact Website
Josieserrano.jpeg Jose E. Serrano (D-15) NY 2227 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-4361 202-225-6001 Contact Website
Eliot Engel, official photo portrait.jpg Eliot L. Engel (D-16) NY 2462 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-2464 202-225-5513 Contact Website
Nitalowey.jpeg Nita M. Lowey (D-17) NY 2365 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-6506 202-225-0546 Contact Website
Congressman Maloney official.jpg Sean Patrick Maloney (D-18) NY 1529 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5441 202-225-3289 Contact Website
Chris Gibson 2.jpg Chris Gibson (R-19) NY 1708 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5614 202-225-1168 Contact Website
Paultonko.jpg Paul D. Tonko (D-20) NY 2463 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-5076 202-225-5077 Contact Website
Rep. Elise Stefanik Facebook profile photo.jpg Elise Stefanik (R-21) NY 512 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-4611 202-226-0621 Contact Website
Richard Hanna, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Richard L. Hanna (R-22) NY 319 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-3665 202-225-1891 Contact Website
TomReedNewOfficial.jpg Tom Reed (R-23) NY 2418 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3161 202-226-6599 Contact Website
John Katko (R-24) NY 1123 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-3701 202-225-4042 Contact Website
Louiseslaughter.jpg Louise M. Slaughter (D-25) NY 2469 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3615 202-225-7822 Contact Website
Brian Higgins, official Congressional photo portrait.JPG Brian Higgins (D-26) NY 2459 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-3306 202-226-0347 Contact Website
Chris Collins Updated Official Portrait 113th Congress.jpg Chris Collins (R-27) NY 1711 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5265 202-225-5910 Contact Website

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