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Contact Congress: Pennsylvania Senators & Representatives | Full List!

Not sure how to contact your congressman? Read our guide and use our templates on reaching out to your congress member right here!

Photo Name State DC Office DC Phone Number DC FAX Contact Website
Senator Bob Casey official photo 2010.jpg Sen. Robert P. Casey, Jr. (D) PA 393 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-6324 202-228-0604 Contact Website
Pat Toomey Congressional portrait Sen. Pat Toomey (R) PA 248 Russell Senate Office Building 202-224-4254 202-228-0284 Contact Website
Bobbrady.jpeg Robert A. Brady (D-01) PA 102 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-4731 202-225-0088 Contact Website
Chaka fattah.jpg Chaka Fattah (D-02) PA 2301 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-4001 202-225-5392 Contact Website
Mike Kelly, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Mike Kelly (R-03) PA 1519 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5406 202-225-3103 Contact Website
Scott Perry official photo.jpg Scott Perry (R-04) PA 1207 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5836 202-226-1000 Contact Website
GT Thompson (111th).jpg Glenn (GT) Thompson (R-05) PA 124 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-5121 202-225-5796 Contact Website
Ryan Costello.jpg Ryan Costello (R-06) PA 427 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-4315 202-225-8440 Contact Website
Pat Meehan, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Patrick Meehan (R-07) PA 204 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-2011 202-226-0280 Contact Website
Mike Fitzpatrick, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Mike Fitzpatrick (R-08) PA 2400 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-4276 202-225-9511 Contact Website
Bill Shuster, official photo portrait, 2005.JPG Bill Shuster (R-09) PA 2268 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-2431 202-225-2486 Contact Website
Tom Marino Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Thomas Marino (R-10) PA 410 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-3731 202-225-9594 Contact Website
Lou Barletta.jpg Louis J. (Lou) Barletta (R-11) PA 115 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-6511 202-226-6250 Contact Website
Keith Rothfus, Official Portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Keith Rothfus (R-12) PA 1205 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-2065 202-225-5709 Contact Website
Representative Brendan F. Boyle.jpg Brendan F. Boyle (D-13) PA 118 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-6111 202-226-0611 Contact Website
Michael F Doyle, Official Portrait, c112th Congress.jpg Mike Doyle (D-14) PA 239 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-2135 202-225-3084 Contact Website
DENT Headshot 113th Congress - cropped.jpg Charlie Dent (R-15) PA 2211 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-6411 202-226-0778 Contact Website
Joe Pitts, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg Joe Pitts (R-16) PA 420 Cannon House Office Building 202-225-2411 202-225-2013 Contact Website
Matt Cartwright Matt Cartwright (D-17) PA 1419 Longworth House Office Building 202-225-5546 202-226-0996 Contact Website
113th Congress Official Photo of Rep. Tim Murphy.jpg Tim Murphy (R-18) PA 2332 Rayburn House Office Building 202-225-2301 202-225-1844 Contact Website

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