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How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Network


LinkedIn is only as powerful as you want it to be. Some people will spend hours perfecting their LinkedIn profile, only to never once use the website to find a job. Then there are others who treat LinkedIn like a 24/7 networking event: they add coworkers, add bosses, add clients, add old babysitters and maintain healthy business relationships with everyone. ...

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How to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Company Profile


Your company can no longer afford to overlook your LinkedIn profile: like it or not, your company’s LinkedIn profile often shows up on the first page of search results for your business. There’s a big difference between having a LinkedIn profile and having an amazing LinkedIn profile. Today, the best companies spend a significant amount of time making their profiles ...

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How to Set Up a Company on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a professional networking site with over 400 million users. While it’s well known as a way for individuals to connect, many users are surprised to learn how effectively companies can market themselves on this business platform. Why Set Up Your Company on LinkedIn? When you set up a LinkedIn company page, you accomplish several things. First, you expand ...

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How To Use LinkedIn For Small Business Marketing


Using LinkedIn for your small business is essentially free advertising. LinkedIn marketing techniques involve building your profile page with information and producing and sharing compelling content. Small businesses have a few additional challenges in branding themselves and expanding their network, but with a little planning you can attain a lot of free exposure.  Create Your Company Page  Introducing your small ...

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How to Use LinkedIn to Market your Business


If you’re not already using LinkedIn to market your business, then your competitors probably are. Today, we’re going to show you how to use LinkedIn to market your business and increase its online presence. Create and Optimize your LinkedIn Company Profile If you don’t already have a business profile page, then you need to make one today. LinkedIn company profiles ...

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How to Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote and Market your Business

When you look up ways to promote your business online, you’ll find plenty of guides about Facebook, Instagram, or search engines. However, you won’t find quite as many guides about promoting your business on LinkedIn. The truth is: LinkedIn is one of the most powerful – and overlooked – business promotion tools available online today. With that in mind, we’re ...

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How to Get Found by Recruiters on LinkedIn


Did you know 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn? Or that 79% have hired someone they found through LinkedIn? If you’re in the job market, you’ll want to shift your strategy to attract attention from the recruiters that crawl the professional networking site all day, every day. Here are some of the top ways to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by ...

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How to Get More LinkedIn Followers


You’ve probably noticed that LinkedIn has a “Follow” button on every profile you view. Following is a great way to stay updated and learn from those who don’t quite qualify for a LinkedIn Connection. You’ll want to think like a follower to earn more followers: What can I offer people who don’t know me well enough for a Connection? Followers ...

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Why You Should Pay for LinkedIn


As of May 2016, LinkedIn offers four premium subscription plans, one of which is designed specifically for job seekers. Many users wonder whether or not this paid option is worth it. The additional features of the Job Seeker plan fall into three main categories. The first we call Getting Noticed. This collection of features helps your profile stand out. The ...

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How a Recruiter Views a LinkedIn Profile


Believe it or not, most recruiters spend less than one minute reading your LinkedIn profile. Some admit to spending as little as 20 to 30 seconds. This precursory scan gives them enough information to determine whether or not they will save your profile for a more thorough perusing or click “Next.” This doesn’t mean you should skimp on fully filling ...

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