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10 LinkedIn Tips for the Unemployed


LinkedIn is one of the most valuable tools for the unemployed. It allows you to present your case more broadly than you can by simply submitting a résumé, while simultaneously reinforcing your ability to rely on your network of professional contacts to forward you information about new opportunities. Here are the top 10 tips for leveraging your LinkedIn to find ...

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LinkedIn Profile for the Unemployed


Job searching on LinkedIn when you’re unemployed requires a little more thought. Never fear! You actually can make your Linked Profile answer all the big questions for you, helping you move from job application to interview sooner. With some honest and creative wording, you can paint a picture of an experienced, unstoppable candidate. Should I Say “Unemployed?”  While you don’t ...

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15 Tips to Get Your Profile Noticed on LinkedIn


There are two approaches you must take together to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by the right people. First, you need to make your profile stand out among all the rest in your industry. Then you must advertise your profile both inside and outside of LinkedIn. Here are the top 15 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn. Keep in mind ...

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