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The Best Free Conference Call Services

Need to make a conference call? Whether you’re trying to save money on your home phone bill or finding the best conference calling platform for your business, you’ll find the best free conference call services listed here.


UberConference provides free conference calling and is one of the most popular services that isn’t named Skype.

With UberConference, the free plan lets you add up to 10 participants and conduct an unlimited number of conferences. Additional features include: screen and document sharing and call recording.

There are also mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android (no Blackberry app). Signing up is as easy as visiting UberConference.com.


  • Excellent modern UI
  • Screen and document sharing during the call
  • 10 users on the free service
  • Works on major desktop browsers without needing to download additional software
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • $10 per line upgrade available for up to 100 participants


  • Limited to 10 users per conference call on the free service
  • Many additional features require $10 per line upgrade
  • Audio advertising when joining conference (on free service)


Skype’s conference calling is surprisingly good – even though most of the 700 million Skype users have never used it.

Skype’s free conference calling lets you add up to 25 people on a single conference call. That conference call is free as long as those 25 people have Skype. If you want to call someone who isn’t on Skype (like on their mobile or landline), then you’ll just need to call them using Skype Credit or your existing subscription.

In any case, Skype might not feel like the most professional way to conduct a conference call. But if you’re trying to pick a service that everyone on your conference call already has, then setting up Skype is easier than trying to setup any service on this list.

Skype is also available on just about any platform you could think of – so there’s no need to worry about leaving out people who are exclusively using mobile devices, tablets, or different operating systems, for example.

However, if you’re looking for features like call recording, then you’re not going to find it on Skype.


  • Free
  • Popular (over 700 million worldwide users)
  • Up to 25 conference call participants at one time
  • Ability to call landlines and mobile devices and add them into the conference call even if they don’t have Skype (although you’ll need Skype Credit minutes to do so)


  • No call recording (although certain third party software can do this)


When a service has a name like “FreeConferenceCall”, you can’t expect too much from it. FreeConferenceCall does provide free conference calling, and it does give you the ability to add up to 96 participants. But it also lacks some important features that some users might find important.

One of the problems with FreeConferenceCall is its interface. If you’re meeting with clients or anyone you’re trying to impress, then FreeConferenceCall is not the service to do it. The UI is dated and it’s a bit clunky in terms of navigation.

Nevertheless, FreeConferenceCall has a surprising set of other features, like the ability to host up to 96 people on a call for free. There are also free call recording and a call playback feature. You can use it across mobile apps and across desktop browsers.

The only real catch to FreeConferenceCall (aside from its lackluster interface) is the fact that calls are limited to 6 hours in length. Although let’s be honest: if you’re regularly having conference calls more than 6 hours in length, then you’re probably going to want to splurge on a premium conference call service.


  • Host up to 96 call participants for free
  • Free call recording
  • Free call playback
  • Free iPhone and Android mobile apps
  • Works with all major desktop browsers with no additional software downloads required


  • Old, outdated, difficult-to-use UI
  • Poor in-call document sharing and collaboration
  • Difficult visual management of callers
  • Limited features


Speek offers great basic conference calling functionality with no bells and whistles – which is what many people expect when they use a free conference calling platform.

One of Speek’s greatest strengths is its easy interface. It’s incredibly simple to use (the company’s logo is actually a monkey, which suggests that it’s so easy to use even a monkey could do it).

Better yet, there are no PINs required. Everything is browser-based. There are no mobile apps, but the site is optimized for mobile devices so it’s easy to figure out.

Adding callers to your Speek conference is easy: you just send them a call URL. There’s no need for a PIN. As soon as someone clicks your URL, they can join the conference call. This “Speek Link”, as it’s called, can actually be customized to feature the name of your business and other information (you get a dedicated URL).

So with all of these excellent features, you just know there’s going to be a big restriction.

That big restriction for Speek comes in the fact that it’s only available for US callers. You won’t be able to add someone to your conference call if they’re outside the United States.

If you need more from Speek, then you can upgrade to the $10 per month plan and enjoy features like unlimited call participants and access to a longer list of features.


  • Ridiculously easy to use (join via URLs with no PINs)
  • $10 per month paid version allows for unlimited call participants and a greater range of features
  • Create your personalized URL for easy call collection


  • Free features are limited
  • Only five participants in conference calls (free version)
  • No international access (only US calling is supported at this time)


Wiggio is a standalone conferencing tool, but it’s also a lot more than that. Free conference calling is just one of the many cool features on Wiggio, in addition to things like audio and video chat, Wiggio offers a wide range of work collaboration tools.

For example, you can create a group of people within Wiggio (limited to 10 people in the free version) and easily invite those people to conference calls at any time. There’s also text-based chat, video chat, and more.

If you’re collaborating with a small group of people – like in a company with fewer than 10 employees, then Wiggio is a good option. It’s not a great option if you’re frequently adding new people to your conference calls or want an easy joining process.

There is also a premium plan available with Wiggio.


  • Extensive range of voice, video, and chat features
  • iPhone app
  • Add up to 10 callers in a conference call


  • Call recording is not supported
  • No Android or Blackberry app
  • No social media integration
  • Lackluster UI


One of the better-known free conference calling systems available today, GoToMeeting lets you hold as many meetings as you want online with no overages or hidden charges.

GoToMeeting isn’t technically free. If you want to conduct free conference calling, then you’ll need to sign up for the free trial, which lasts 30 days and can involve up to 15 participants. The meeting software is compatible with both Mac and PC.


  • Free 30 day trial
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Conduct calls with up to 15 attendees
  • No overages or hidden charges


  • No free conference calling service (you have to sign up for the free trial)


Based on the signup process alone, FreeConference.com (previously known as Rondee) is the easiest service to join here. With FreeConference.com, you don’t need to create an account at all: you just provide an email address. Then, FreeConference.com issues an on-demand dial-in number and access code.

The service is available 24/7 and you can add up to 50 call participants for free. If you do create a free account with FreeConference.com (once again, not required), then you’ll be able to do things like record and download audio from your calls. Setup email scheduling with RSVP, and activate “listen only” access codes for some participants.

You can also get a toll-free dial-in number to make it even easier for your callers – although this service costs $0.05 per caller.


  • Up to 50 participants on each call
  • No time limit
  • Join calls using an on-demand dial-in number and access code
  • Bonus features, like email scheduling with RSVP and automatic reminders
  • iPhone and Android app


  • Interface is good, but could be better

Free Conference Calling

Free Conference Calling is very similar to FreeConferenceCall, the one listed above. Both services have basic UIs and a small list of features.

However, where Free Conference Calling (found at FreeConferenceCalling.com) makes up for these drawbacks is in its enormous list of possible callers.

With Free Conference Calling, you can host free conference calls with up to 1,000 callers. Not 5, not 10, and not even 100: 1000. It starts with a free signup that just requires your name and email address.

Other Free Conference Calling Features include free conference recording, conference call reporting and analysis, and support for popular VoIP systems.


  • Supports up to 1,000 callers for free
  • Surprisingly good audio quality
  • Bonus features like free conference recording, conference call reporting, and online conference management
  • Supports popular VoIP systems


  • Basic UI

There are a surprising number of good free conference calling services available online today. If you need to collaborate with a small number of people, then the systems listed above provide excellent value (considering they’re free).

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