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The Groom’s Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings


So you’re getting married and you need to pick out a wedding ring. That should be easy, right? Men’s wedding rings seem simple until you realize the number of options on the market.

Today, we’re explaining everything grooms need to know about men’s wedding rings – including the most popular styles available today and the price you can expect to pay.

How Much Should You Spend on a Men’s Wedding Ring?

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The cost of a men’s wedding ring, like the cost of any piece of jewelry, varies widely according to quality. On the high-end, you can buy diamond-encrusted wedding rings for $1,500 and up. Most bands, however, tend to cost less than $1,000 – including tungsten rings for around $250 and gold rings for around $500.

Diamond Encrusted Men’s Wedding Rings











These are the most expensive men’s wedding rings to buy. As the name suggests, these rings are encrusted with diamonds, which obviously plays an enormous role in the price of the ring.

If you’re looking at diamond encrusted men’s wedding rings, then you’re probably not overly concerned about price. However, diamond encrusted men’s wedding rings typically cost $1,800 and up. Just like with women’s engagement rings, you can spend an enormous amount of money once diamonds get involved.

Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings


These rings cost an average of $1000 to $1500. They’re designed for men who want a premium-quality wedding ring, but don’t necessarily want the sparkle of diamonds twinkling on their fingers.

Many men have a mistaken idea about platinum. Platinum, some people think, should be the strongest metal used in a men’s wedding ring. However, platinum is actually a weaker metal than gold – which is the other most popular metal used in men’s wedding rings. That’s because platinum rings develop a “patina” over time, which is an antique appearance caused by wear and tear. When gold rings get scratched, they don’t get a patina: they just get a visible scratch. That’s why platinum rings are prized more highly than gold rings.

Just like with diamond encrusted men’s wedding rings, platinum rings don’t really have an upper cost limit. You can spend as little as $1,000 on a ring, although you’ll find plenty of rings available for $5,000, $10,000, and higher.

If you want a platinum ring without spending an arm and a leg, avoid the major nationwide jewelry retailers and shop online. The rings look identical (in many cases, they are identical), but cost up to 40% or 50% less than at a nationwide brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

Palladium Men’s Wedding Rings


Palladium men’s wedding rings are slightly more expensive than gold rings, although they’re not as popular. Palladium is a new member of the men’s wedding ring world, and the metal was only classified as a “precious” metal in 2010.

People like palladium because it looks virtually identical to platinum – but costs about half the price. Palladium is actually the metal mixed with gold to create white gold.

Another neat advantage of palladium over platinum, aside from cost, is that it’s lighter. It also keeps its shape over time, and is sturdy enough to survive a rugged work environment.

The main downside of palladium rings, in fact, is that they’re difficult to find. Even nationwide jewelry stores won’t always carry palladium rings. However, palladium is steadily increasing in popularity, so times are changing.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings


Gold is the most popular men’s wedding ring material. It’s been the accepted choice among men’s wedding rings for decades.

One of the most important things to know about shopping for gold men’s wedding rings is to not always pick the gold ring with the highest karat count. 18k rings, for example, scratch more easily than 14k rings. That’s because gold is a very soft metal. So the higher the karat is, the more gold is inside, and the more susceptible the ring will be to scratches.

Of course, the difference between 18k and 14k gold is also virtually undetectable to the naked eye – so you’re not missing much by lowering the gold content. If you do have an 18k or higher wedding ring, then you can expect to take multiple trips to the jeweler to have it polished and re-polished.

Ultimately, gold men’s wedding rings are a tried and true classic found on the hands of millions of men around the world.

White Gold


White gold wedding bands feature gold that has been plated with rhodium. It has a similar weight and feel to a standard gold wedding ring, but it features a unique color. The color is similar to platinum, but gives off more of a brilliant white hue.

Some men choose white gold wedding bands because they like the appearance of platinum, but don’t like the price.

If you buy a white gold wedding band, then you need to remember that the rhodium plating needs to be replaced every 10 years or so (this holds true on all white gold jewelry).

Tungsten Men’s Wedding Rings


Tungsten is the most popular men’s wedding ring alternative to gold available today. Tungsten rings are distinctive, affordably-priced, and stylish. Some call them the “hipsters” of the men’s wedding ring world.

Typically, tungsten wedding bands come in black or grey varieties, although you’ll sometimes see a white option as well. Unless you really like the color white, white tungsten bands aren’t generally a good idea. The metal scratches too easily, and the scratches will be particularly noticeable with the white backdrop.

Another reason why tungsten is popular is because it’s stronger than steel or titanium.

Still, you’re going to want to see a tungsten ring in person before you pull the trigger on buying a tungsten men’s wedding ring: the color and style are very distinctive, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

Whether you like the look or you like the price tag, tungsten rings can be found at most jewelry stores online and offline today. The average price is around $250.

Tips and Tricks for buying a Men’s Wedding Ring: What Else Do You Need to Know?

Editor’s Note: Looking for a ring? Before you buy, find an online jeweler you trust—preferably one that specialized in wedding bands, like James Allen.

Buying a men’s wedding ring involves more than just picking the right metal and price. Here are some of the other things to consider before purchasing a men’s wedding ring:


How wide should the ring be? You’ll want to try on a few different rings to decide which one works best for you. Obviously, you want the ring to be tight enough to stay securely on your finger, but not so tight that it’s going to fly off every time you high 5 someone. Many men are surprised to discover that wider rings are significantly more expensive than thinner rings. That’s because wider rings, naturally, require more metal to make.


Do you want the edge of your wedding ring to be curved or flat? If it’s flat, then the edge of the ring will hit your finger at right angles. If it’s curved, then the edges will be rounded, so they’re smooth against your finger. Typically, rounded edges are more popular, but some people like to mix things up. Some rings also feature a blend of rounded edges with square edges.


Finish refers to the texture of a ring’s metal. It makes a significant difference in the appearance of the metal. Popular finishes include:

  • High Polish: this is the most traditional choice for men’s wedding rings. It gives the right a reflective, shiny finish.
  • Matte: Matte gives the ring a more understated, modern look with a less reflective finish.
  • Combination: Do you like the modern style of matte, but appreciate the reflectiveness of high polish? A combination ring may be the right choice for you. Combination rings will have matte or high polish around the outside edge, while the edge close to your finger has a different finish.
  • Hammered: This may be the most unique finish in the men’s wedding band world. Hammered finishes make your ring look like a thousand tiny hammers have hit the ring from all angles. You get an eye-catching, unique look that kind of resembles the scales of a snake wrapping around your wrist.


A few decades ago, men’s wedding bands were extremely straightforward. Minimal customization options were available. Today, men’s wedding rings come with a variety of detailing options.

You can choose to add gemstones to the edge of your band, for example. Other men choose to have inscriptions on the interior of the band. Some men like sapphire accents. You can also get unique options like a vertical stripe or a Celtic knot design.


Engraving the ring leaves unique designs on the outside edge. We’ve seen unique engraving options like getting a fingerprint engraved into the metal, so you constantly have a reminder of your fiancée’s fingerprint close by.

Which Ring is Right for you?

Men’s wedding rings come in all shapes, sizes, metals, varieties, and price tags. You should approach the decision just like you approach an engagement ring: speak with your partner about the budget you can afford, then pick a ring you prefer. Shopping for men’s wedding rings is really that simple.

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