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Manufacturing Manager Resume Sample

Manufacturing Manager Resume Sample (CV)

Manufacturing managers are responsible for all different aspects of manufacturing operations. The right resume can be the difference between getting your dream job – or missing out to another candidate (possibly one who has worse qualifications than you).

If you want to put your best face forward, then you need to start your job search with a rock-solid resume.

What Does a Manufacturing Manager Do?

Manufacturing managers work in factories and other manufacturing facilities, where they’re in charge of overseeing various aspects of the building’s operations. They’re often responsible for developing production schedules, reducing operating costs, improving efficiency, recruiting and training staff, budgeting and allocating resources, maintaining and repairing equipment, implementing safety policies, and maintaining corporate environmental policies.

These professionals must be skilled at time management and multitasking. They must have a proven leadership ability and excellent managerial skills.

Manufacturing managers typically work with a team of other managers. The average salary ranges from $90,000 to $120,000 per year. Understandably, managers at larger plants with more extensive operations are expected to be paid significantly more.

Manufacturing Manager Resume Tips

How are you going to improve your target employer’s operations? You can’t answer that question right now (wait for the interview). But what you can do is highlight how you improved a previous employer’s operations.

Explain how you were able to implement cost-saving strategies without sacrificing quality at your previous employer, for example. List the amount of budget you controlled every year. Explain your safety record – like the fact that there were zero safety incidents during your tenure.

As a manufacturing manager, you’re fortunate to have all sorts of statistical proof supporting your hard work. Pick and choose the stats that best indicate your success – whether it’s profitability, employee turnover, on-time delivery performance, supplier negotiations, or cost savings.

Manufacturing Manager Resume Objective and Goals

Experienced operations director with experience managing 150+ full time hourly production staff at large nationwide distributor; proven history of on-time performance and an impeccable safety record.

Want to Have the Best Manufacturing Manager Resume?

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