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Purchasing Manager Resume Sample

Purchasing Manager Resume Sample (CV)

Purchasing managers play crucial roles within a company. But describing the job and all its responsibilities on a one-page resume can be difficult. Today, we’re going to help you get an interview by putting your best face forward. Read our purchasing manager resume samples and tips to discover how to get an advantage on today’s competitive job market.

What Does a Purchasing Manager Do?

Purchasing managers are responsible, at some level, for buying and approving the goods and services needed by the company. Their primary responsibilities typically involve supervising purchasing staff and finding sources for the best-quality products at the best-possible prices.

Other names for this job include procurement officer or procurement manager.

The median purchasing manager salary is $105,000, with salaries typically ranging between $92,000 and $120,000. However, entry level inventory and purchasing managers may start at around $20/hour.

Purchasing Manager Resume Tips

A purchasing manager’s resume highlights your experience doing what a purchasing manager does best: finding the best sources and best prices for high-quality goods. Explain how much money you saved the company, using any statistical evidence wherever possible.

Explain how you successfully negotiated with suppliers and built lasting relationships that benefited the company.

As a purchasing manager, the value of your job can often be expressed in numbers. How much money was the company able to save while you worked as purchasing manager? How many inventory managers did you supervise? How many initiatives did you lead? How much was your annual purchasing budget? Your future employer will want to see lots of powerful statistics.

Purchasing Manager Resume Objective and Goals

Over ten years of progressive experience within procurement management culminating in a high-level executive role. Seeking to bring my purchasing experience to a larger multinational company.

Want to Have the Best Purchasing Manager Resume?

Purchasing manager resumes can be tough to write. Even professional writers can often struggle to write a good resume. If you need help creating a purchasing manager resume guaranteed to get you a callback, then get in touch with our professional resume writing services today. We can help you put your best face forward and get your dream purchasing manager job.

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