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Senior Web Developer Resume Sample

Senior Web Developer Resume Sample (CV)

Senior web developers are great at building websites – but most of them aren’t great at writing resumes. Whether you’re a freelance web developer searching for her first professional gig or you’re looking to move into an executive/management role, we can help you craft the perfect web developer resume or CV.

What Does a Senior Web Developer Do?

Senior web developers use a broad range of technical skills, programming knowledge, and CMS knowledge to create highly-functional websites for clients or employers. Many web developers work on a freelance basis, while others work for larger organizations maintaining existing websites.

Typically, senior web developers specialize in various programming, web, software, and database platforms. Many also focus on a specific niche or industry.

Senior Web Developer Resume Tips

The job of a senior web developer is obvious: you create, maintain, tweak, and repair all different types of websites. For that reason, you’ll want to highlight your technical skills on your resume/CV, including the specific programming and web development languages in which you’re proficient along with any unique software, CMS, and other platforms you have worked with in the past.

Technical skills are just one part of a good senior web developer resume. You’ll also want to highlight your ability to market products, sell services, control client relationships, complete work on-time and under-budget, and basically, be a good employee.

If you’re a self-employed freelance web developer pursuing a corporate job, then you have plenty of experience on which you can rely: you’ve been managing client relationships, delivering projects, and performing a diverse range of management roles on your own for years.

Additionally, make sure you highlight your best projects and any well-known websites you worked on (if any).

Senior Web Developer Resume Objective and Goals

Freelance web designer and developer with broad technical skillset and excellent communication abilities seeking a fast-paced environment to expand skills and embrace new technologies.

Want to Have the Best Senior Web Developer Resume?

Having trouble putting all your experience and qualifications into words? We’ve written plenty of senior web developer resumes for people like you. Talk to us today to have our resume writing professionals create a handcrafted resume that puts your best face forward to your future employer.

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Web Developer Resume Sample

Web Developer Resume Sample


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