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Social Media Specialist Resume Sample

Social Media Specialist Resume Sample (CV)

Social media specialists have an in-depth understanding of how social media works – but many of them struggle to write a good resume.

Do you need help writing a social media specialist resume or CV? Read this page for our best samples and tips. It could be the difference between getting the job you always wanted – or missing out to a competitor with a better-written resume.

What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

Social media specialists play a variety of roles involving social media. Broadly speaking, they use social media marketing skills to put an employer’s best face forward while improving a brand’s online presence, generating leads, and increasing traffic.

Most social media specialists have a rich skillset across different social media platforms – like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It’s rare for a social media specialist to focus on just one platform or one aspect of social media marketing.

Typical social media specialists earn between $35,000 and $60,000 per year.

Social Media Specialist Resume Tips

As a social media specialist, you have access to a variety of metrics that can spice up your resume. Mention how many new followers a social media account received after you took over. Explain how many hits the website received through social media outlets. Look for any possible engagement stats you can think of.

At the same time, mention the profitability of your social media marketing endeavors. How much money did your efforts earn your employer? How much did your employer spend on an ad campaign? What was the ROI from your best campaign?

Social Media Specialist Resume Objective and Goals

Marketing executive with 5+ years of new media experience seeking a challenging position at a fast-paced social media marketing agency.

Want to Have the Best Social Media Specialist Resume?

As a social media specialist, it can be hard putting the value of your job into words. How can you explain to your employer the value of improving their brand through successful social media engagement strategies?

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