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Tax Executive Resume Sample

Tax Executive Resume Sample (CV)

When writing a tax executive resume, it can be hard to put the value of your job into words. It’s easy to find numbers supporting your results, but how do you prove you’re good at what you do? Today, we’re helping you write the best tax executive resume possible – so you can get the job of your dreams at any company you choose.

What Does a Tax Executive Do?

Tax executives, also known as tax managers or assistant tax directors, are typically hired by large companies to manage all things related to taxes. They’re responsible for creating, enforcing, and overseeing a tax plan for businesses.

Some tax executives work for individual clients (like high net worth individuals), while others are employed by organizations. Typical duties for a tax executive include developing, testing, and enhancing new tax provision applications or preparing financial projections, forecasts, and budgets.

Tax executives are generally well-compensated. The median annual salary is around $223,000 per year, with a range of $188,000 to $272,000.

Tax Executive Resume Tips

Tax executive resumes typically involve a blend of impressive statistics with a succinct summary of why those statistics are so important. You might say that you researched and implemented a tax free exchange of retail properties that saved your company over $20 million in state taxes, for example.

Some tax executives work exclusively for high net worth individuals, where their job is to analyze brokerage statements and, overall, save the individual money.

Explain your areas of expertise. Do you specialize in one segment of tax law? Are you well-versed in the tax laws of a specific state? Do you focus on estate management for individuals? Or are you more of a corporate tax specialist? There are all sorts of different areas of tax law to explore. You’ll want to make sure your resume lines up with your target job.

Tax Executive Resume Objective and Goals

Experienced executive with extensive accomplishments working in a Big Four national office and a Fortune 500 corporate law firm. Qualified CPA, JD, and LLM with excellent communication skills and multiple books published internationally.

Want to Have the Best Tax Executive Resume?

Writing tax executive resumes can be difficult. You have to explain the complexities and values of your job in a one-page document – and you have to do so in a way that people can easily understand. If you need help, our tax executive resume writing services can handcraft a professional resume from scratch on your behalf.

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