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Numbers Don’t Lie: Impressive Statistics and Figures of LinkedIn

Linkedin Stats

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for working professionals. In fact, it’s one of the largest social networks in general. But just how impressive is LinkedIn? Why should you be using LinkedIn? Here are some impressive statistics and figures that explain just how important LinkedIn is to the professional world. LinkedIn is One of the World’s Fastest Growing Social ...

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LinkedIn Profile SEO Tips

linkedin seo tips

SEO isn’t just for your company’s website: it’s for everything your company does on the internet. Integrating some basic search engine optimization practices into your LinkedIn profile is an easy and effective way to expand your online presence. Ready to enhance your LinkedIn’s profile search engine rankings? Here are some basic SEO tips that will get you started.   Start ...

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Numbers Don’t Lie: Impressive Stats of Resumes

Are you writing a resume to land your dream job? Today, we’re explaining some of the most impressive stats about resumes – including some stats that might encourage you to keep looking, and other stats that will be downright discouraging. -The average recruiter spends 5 to 7 seconds looking at your resume. -Resumes with a photo attached have an 88% ...

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Numbers Don’t Lie: Impressive Stats of Job Searches

Looking for a job? Stats can either be discouraging or encouraging. Keep reading to discover some of the most impressive and interesting stats behind job searches today. -An average corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes. The next time you’re applying for jobs, keep in mind that your cover letter needs to separate yourself from 250 resumes on average. Half of ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Using LinkedIn for Business Promotion


LinkedIn is more than just a social network for employees: it’s also a valuable way for companies to promote themselves, acquire top talent, and expand their online presence. Surprisingly, very few businesses take full advantage of LinkedIn as a marketing platform. Sure, a company may create a basic company profile. But if you’re looking for a real, valuable online presence, ...

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Linkedin Professional Summary Examples

The key to having one of the best LinkedIn profiles is to have a good profile summary.  How many times while reading someone’s LinkedIn profile summary have you been bored? The summary may not necessarily even be that long but the way its written leaves you with more questions than answers about the person. The LinkedIn profile summary is the ...

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Best LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips

Having a business profile picture on LinkedIn makes your profile 14 times more likely to be clicked, but not all images are created equal. These tips will show you how to take a good profile picture. Working with a Professional Photographer The best profile picture comes from a professional photographer.  These kinds of head shot costs around $200-400. This includes ...

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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Strength

Get Ready to Start Using LinkedIn to Its Full Potential

If you’re looking at improving your LinkedIn profile strength, you’ve come to the right place. These tips are all relatively easy and quick yet can make a huge impact on your profile’s visibility and, thus, your chances of receiving new job opportunities.  Make Your Profile 100% Complete As you fill out your profile, you’ll see what is gauged as your ...

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Why Should I Use a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Linkedin Profile Writing Services

In order to sell yourself in the professional world of LinkedIn, you need to master two main areas. One is your product: You. What do you have to offer a company, and how are you different from the majority of candidates? The second is what your potential employers are looking for in a candidate. This sounds simple enough, but let’s ...

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Linkedin Profile Consultants Can Make Your Profile Stand Out


As of May 2016, LinkedIn boasts 433 million users, 128 million of which are in the U.S. Even split by field, that is a lot of competition. That’s why LinkedIn profile experts have become so coveted, as their backgrounds in business, marketing and written communication have combined to provide a singular source for maximizing your profile’s potential. So how can ...

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