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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for your Business

So you want to create a company page for your business on LinkedIn. It seems like a straightforward process – but there are plenty of little things to think about as you put together your page.

In this tutorial, we’re giving you a detailed explanation of how to create a LinkedIn company page for your business.

Enter Basic Details About your Company

Your journey to a better LinkedIn presence starts with a visit to this page:http://www.linkedin.com/company/add/show

From that page, you’ll be able to enter basic details about your company – including your name, your number of employees, and other critical information your customers need to know about your business.

Of course, you can edit all of this information in the future, so don’t get too stressed about making it perfect at this step. Right now, you just want to build the foundation for your future LinkedIn marketing efforts.


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Step by Step Guide to Setting Up your LinkedIn Company Profile

Want the easy, step-by-step walkthrough for setting up your LinkedIn company profile? Follow along on your LinkedIn page as we go through these steps:

Step 1) Log into your account and go to Home

Step 2) Click the Companies link from the top menu

Step 3) Look in the upper-right corner of the page (below the Search box) for the “Add a Company” link

Step 4) Enter your company name and your work email address, then verify that you’re an authorized representative of the company who can legally create the page on your company’s behalf, then click continue

Step 5) Enter your company’s information and then click the Publish button

Add Links to your Company’s Profile

Your default company page on LinkedIn can have three links pointing to different company websites. These links pass on SEO value to your pages, so it’s important to choose the links wisely.

Your first link should go to your company’s main website (the homepage).

Your second link should go to a critical part of your company’s website, like the blog or the “Our Services” page.

Your third link should go to another component of your social media presence, like your Twitter profile, Instagram account, or Facebook page.

How to Customize your Company Profile on LinkedIn

So far, we’ve given you the basics on how to setup your company’s profile on LinkedIn. As you’ve probably noticed, there are dozens of ways in which you can customize your company profile – like by filling in different information about your company.

You don’t have to fill in every corner of your LinkedIn profile. You don’t to overwhelm visitors with information. But you should consider filling in some areas.

To customize your page, click the Admin Tools link on the right and then click Edit. On the next screen, you’ll see the following option you may want to customize:

-Careers Tab: This tab lets you post job openings for your company. If you’re hiring for a competitive position and want your job posting to appear before other companies’ job postings, then you may want to click the Premium tab to pay LinkedIn to promote your job posting.

-Showcase Pages: This tab lets you add multiple, detailed LinkedIn pages explaining all of the products and services offered by your company, with additional links to these pages on your company’s website. These were previously known as the Products and Services pages, until LinkedIn streamlined them into the Showcase Pages feature.

-Share an Update: The Share an Update field lets you post messages up to 700 characters long. These updates will be seen by your contacts and followers and anyone who is visiting your page.

Connect your Personal Account

If you’re a small business, then connecting your LinkedIn profile to your company page is crucial. This is particularly important if your business is based around some unique skill you have – say, if you’re an electrician or a public insurance adjuster.

In that case, your future customers may wish to see your qualifications and background. Why should they pay youbig money to replace their home’s electrical systems? Why should they hire you to negotiate with their insurance company?

Your company profile on LinkedIn is designed to attract customers to your business. Connecting your personal account to your business profile is an easy and effective way to attract customers.

Customers can click on the page, learn about your business, and then click on your profile to learn more about you.

This is also a good time to beef up your own personal profile. Your personal profile should function like a more entertaining version of your resume. Highlight your most valuable qualifications and educational experiences and list all of the reasons why someone would want to hire you.

Don’t be afraid to post some personal information about yourself on there too! Tell people you like to hike and bike on weekends, for example. As long as it’s on your personal page and not your business page, it’s appropriate to do and gives your LinkedIn profile a more human presence.

Your customers could browse through dozens of competitors before they settle on your business. If you can attach a face to the name of your business, then your chances of making a sale just went up.

Add Eye-Catching Visuals

Your company’s LinkedIn profile is going to show up on search results. And when it does, you want to attract searchers quickly.

The best way to do that is by greeting visitors with amazing visuals instead of a wall of text.

If a customer visits your LinkedIn page and sees dense paragraphs of text, they’re probably going to hit the “back” button. If your customer visits your business page and sees frequent updates and colorful visuals, then they’re more likely to stick around.

Add a colorful banner to your company’s profile page. LinkedIn will display this banner at the top of your page, just below the name of your business (and just below your main profile picture).

Start by adding your company logo to the company logo section. By default, this shows up in the top left corner of your page – similar to where your Facebook profile image would go.

Next, LinkedIn has a profile image feature that goes below your name and logo. This is a larger, rectangular image. Your customers probably already know what your logo looks like – so it’s time to attract them with a big, bold, and colorful graphic.

When adding graphics to your LinkedIn page, remember that this is not a very visual network. You’re not on Pinterest or Instagram. That’s why it’s even more important to take advantage of the opportunities LinkedIn provides.

If a customer is comparing your LinkedIn page against a competitor’s page, they’re going to choose to read the more visually-attractive page first.

Of course, visuals are just one part of the puzzle. After attracting customers with visuals, you need to keep them coming back with excellent sales copy and short, vivid descriptions. Which leads us to our next point…

Add Professional Sales Copy and Writing to your Company Profile

When filling out a company profile on LinkedIn, it’s tempting to just write things like “Jackson & Sons Painting is a Painting Company Headquartered in San Jose, California” and leave it at that.

Instead of taking the easy road, spend a considerable amount of time and effort perfecting the sales copy and writing on your LinkedIn page. You should treat it like you treat the front page of your website: meticulously agonize over every word choice. Try to condense content wherever possible. Use short sentences with vivid, descriptive language.

Remember: you’re not writing a novel here. Keep it short enough for a customer to read (or skim) in 10 seconds or less. Customers typically won’t spend more time than that reading through your LinkedIn profile.

Post Intelligent Content Updates on your Business’s Profile Page

Your LinkedIn company page functions like a blog: you can post status updates informing your followers about the latest industry news or company news.

Companies use this feature in all different ways. Some use it to post ridiculous memes. Others use it to direct users to relevant industry news.

The best companies cater their content updates to their audience. Think of the customers you want to attract. What type of content do they want to read online? Maybe they do want to look at silly memes. Or maybe they’re more interested in unbiased news from high-quality sources.

Before you post content, ask yourself the following questions:

-Is this relevant, valuable, or interesting to my contacts and followers?

-Have I posted similar or identical content in the past?

-Does this reflect poorly on my company?

Remember: you only have 700 characters of room in each update. Consider shortening your posts by using link shorteners like bit.ly.

When your company does something big, you want to share it on your LinkedIn page. Maybe you rolled out a new product or maybe you have an annual sale going on. If you can combine company news with relevant, interesting industry news, then you’re going to create an active and engaged LinkedIn following for your business.

Give your Followers Some Extra Incentive to Continue Following You

Your customers can follow your competitors if they want to learn more about industry news and annual sales. They can get the same information from multiple sources.

With that in mind, try to give your followers something they can’t get anywhere else: disclose inside information to your followers, for example, and make your followers feel like they’re getting an inside scoop.

Or, give your LinkedIn followers an extra discount if they enter a special coupon code when checking out from your website. Randomly award prizes to some of your LinkedIn followers.

Give your LinkedIn followers reason to continue following you, and they’ll continue coming back.

Start Making Connections

You’ve completed your company’s LinkedIn profile page! But your job is only just beginning. Your next step is to start making connections with people.

Consider LinkedIn like an unpaid sales team. That sales team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week promoting your business. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Some tips and tricks for making connections include:

-Add your contact details to your contact tab, which helps followers become customers once they’re interested in your services

-Treat recommendations like gold dust and ask satisfied clients to endorse or recommend you on LinkedIn; while you’re at it, ask that customer if their testimonial can be used on your official website

-Think of endorsements like a Facebook “like”: your contacts can endorse you for a specific skill, and others can see that you’re particularly good at that skill

-Join and interact with industry groups or competing companies on LinkedIn; it’s called a social network for a reason!

Ready to Build a LinkedIn Company Page?

Building a company page for your business on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be hard. Even if you only have basic tech skills, you can easily build an effective company page that drives real customers and real traffic to your business.

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