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Linkedin Professional Summary Examples

The key to having one of the best LinkedIn profiles is to have a good profile summary.  How many times while reading someone’s LinkedIn profile summary have you been bored?

The summary may not necessarily even be that long but the way its written leaves you with more questions than answers about the person.

The LinkedIn profile summary is the first impression the viewer has about you. You want to make sure that you’re presenting your best to the reader after all it is one of the most important areas of your profile that highlights your qualifications, professional history and your personality.

The viewers reaction also depends on how they perceive your profile, this could mean that based on your first impression they could accept or reject your connection request, go ahead with their plans to accept or reject your job applications, and most importantly if they view you as a viable networking connection.


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The summary should answer the key questions that they viewer may have?

  • Will accepting this connection make sense for my networking?
  • Is this candidate the right hire for our company/position?
  • How will this connect request impact my LinkedIn strategy?

If, looking at your profile you can confidently answer these questions positively then you’re on the right path to a successful LinkedIn profile. If your answers are in the negative or maybe then it might be time to update your LinkedIn profile, starting with your summary.

At Pushprofile, we’ve learnt that not every LinkedIn profile summary has to be the same. The very essence of a good LinkedIn summary is to captivate the viewer’s attention while informing them of all the character traits, personality and qualifications of an individual. Our clients understand the importance of their digital identity. Especially, with the world moving towards digital media we provide our clients with all the tools and create a solid LinkedIn profile with a good LinkedIn summary.

The more specific to the industry and your personality your summary is the more likely you’re to seeing a positive result.  We’ve created a list of Summary types that might help you create a summary specifically for your personality and industry type.

Objective Summary:

Under this type of Summary, the individual highlights their career goals and objectives. This is more broad based way of writing a summary then digging deeper into specifics of your career graph.

This is one of the most frequently used styles of LinkedIn summary writing as it offers the individual with more opportunity to connect with a wide variety of people. It also provides, viewers who may not necessarily have an understanding of your industry and it provides them an overview of the industry as well as your role within it.

It shows the viewer that you understand the bigger picture and how exactly your industry dynamics change/work. This also gives potential connections/recruiters a glimpse into your career ambitions and better understanding of your character.

Personality Summary:

This summary captures the essence of a person’s personality. It highlights the person’s soft skills in addition to their hard skills. This profile is ideal for open networkers and the new professional/recent grad.

It’s a good way to break the ice with people that the individual may not necessarily be able to engage with. Having a unique Icebreaker in the summary can open doors that previously may not have been possible. This especially makes sense for a lot of new professionals and recent grads who are looking to enter the job world but may not necessarily have the skill-set required as of yet. Intangible qualities can be portrayed with this summary thereby highlighting their characteristics.

Companies want to make sure that with the tangible skill-set new employees also fit their company culture. This gives the recruiter or decision-maker a glimpse into your personality and how it will fit with the company culture.

Brief Summary:

This summary as the name describes is brief but highlights all the important aspects (personality, characteristics, experience and aspirations) within it. This summary is popular amongst technical industries as well as professionals in other conservative industries.

Adding a lot of unnecessary, industry specific jargons may be beneficial to the individual when highlighting their knowledge and expertise within the industry. But trying to connect with individuals that may not necessarily be a part of the industry or may not be well versed with industry jargon may avoid accepting your connection request.

In addition, this type of summary may help people who are actively seeking employment. It makes it easier for recruiters to get an idea of what you’re looking for, what your aspirations from the next position are as well as provide a quick overview of your candidacy.

Integrated Summary:

This summary integrates an individual’s personality and their career achievements so far. This LinkedIn summary is good for people who have to build connections or generate leads using LinkedIn.

This summary can be very useful for sales as well as HR professionals. It makes the individual more relatable on a human level. It provides a glimpse on the professional as well as fun side of a person’s personality.

It can definitely be useful conversation starter when trying to make connection with a decision maker or a potential recruiter. It makes it easy to stand out in the crowded world of LinkedIn!

Achievement Summary:

This summary is sort of the highlight reel of a person’s career. This summary captures all the successes and achievements of the page. These types of summaries are very common amongst freelancers or people seeking Full time employments.

It can provide the type of important information that is mostly captured in a resume but for your digital profile. This type of profile provides the viewer with accurate information and answers why the person should be hired. It provides them previous employment achievements.

Top-level executives who want to highlight their career graph over time also use an achievement summary. The aim is to be a thought leader in the industry and to highlight your expertise digitally, it’d important to have a summary, which captures all your accomplishments.

The achievement’s don’t necessarily have to be along the lines of speaking engagements etc. but it can also highlight any strategic decisions made that helped the company.

So how do you decide which summary is the best fit for you? Well that’s where Pushprofile comes into play!

We work with you on understanding what your LinkedIn profile’s goals, creating strategy based around these goals and last but not least and optimized LinkedIn profile with good written summary which captures your career graph the way you want it.

It’s not just Resume writing it’s building your digital brand with the help of your friends at PushProfile. So contact us today to get started on unlocking your LinkedIn profile’s true potential!


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