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How To Add a LinkedIn Recommendation From a Person Not on LinkedIn


If you have ever received praise for your part in a project or accomplishment at work, you can turn that informal recognition into a recommendation that is listed on your LinkedIn profile. Even if you can’t think of any specific event that’s particularly notable, a review of your overall professionalism can go a long way with a recruiter or hiring ...

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How to Use LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote and Market your Business

LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that can make you more successful. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter might give you news and make you laugh, but LinkedIn has the power to build connections that change your life forever. Few people, however, used LinkedIn to its full potential. Some people don’t use LinkedIn at all. But the number of LinkedIn ...

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LinkedIn for Companies – Best Practices


When you join LinkedIn as a company, your best strategy to promote yourself is quality content. You need to create engaging content that will cause others to click through to view your full profile and ultimately click the “Follow” button. You also want to make sure your company page is complete with text, images and other media that project a ...

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Top 15 LinkedIn Business Marketing Tips


In the past few years, LinkedIn has rolled out several features for companies looking to market themselves on the professional social media site. With a heavy B2B focus, these tips can help you take advantage of LinkedIn Business profiles for business growth opportunities. Before you begin, make sure your company page is 100% complete. LinkedIn will show you a percentage ...

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15 Tips for a Successful Company LinkedIn Page

15 Best LinkedIn Company Pages

Ready to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s LinkedIn page? Today, we’re covering the best tips and tricks you can implement on your LinkedIn page to maximize engagement, increase traffic, and boost your business’s bottom line. 15) Take Advantage of the Universal Appeal of Listicles Do you want to know why we called this article “15 Tips for a Successful ...

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How to Use LinkedIn for Your Small Business


As a small business owner, you need to take advantage of every marketing opportunity given to you. LinkedIn is one such marketing opportunity. It’s free. It opens your business to 250 million LinkedIn members. And, it’s a great way to attract top talent to your business. Are you ready to get more out of LinkedIn for your small business? Here’s ...

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How to Add Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn


Adding your company’s profile to LinkedIn is a smart marketing tactic. It gets your business in front of potential future employees as well as potential customers. Your LinkedIn page has strong SEO value and provides a clean, professional image for your company. But how do you actually add your company’s profile on LinkedIn? We’re explaining everything you need to know ...

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Top 15 Best LinkedIn Company Pages We’ve Ever Seen

15 Best LinkedIn Company Pages

Looking for ideas for your company’s LinkedIn profile? Why not learn from the best in the business? Our editors narrowed down our list of all the best LinkedIn company pages we’ve ever seen. After much deliberation and way too much arguing, here are the best 15 LinkedIn pages you’ll find on the professional networking site today. 15) Coca-Cola Coca-Cola almost ...

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How Can LinkedIn Help Grow My Business


LinkedIn is a proven way to grow your business. However, many business owners still aren’t using LinkedIn to its full potential. How do you use LinkedIn to grow your business? Today, we’re explaining the best ways to leverage the world’s largest professional social network for your business. Create a LinkedIn Business Profile to Expand your Online Presence The first and ...

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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for your Business


So you want to create a company page for your business on LinkedIn. It seems like a straightforward process – but there are plenty of little things to think about as you put together your page. In this tutorial, we’re giving you a detailed explanation of how to create a LinkedIn company page for your business. Enter Basic Details About ...

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