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Why Should I Use a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

In order to sell yourself in the professional world of LinkedIn, you need to master two main areas. One is your product: You. What do you have to offer a company, and how are you different from the majority of candidates? The second is what your potential employers are looking for in a candidate.

This sounds simple enough, but let’s consider a few things. LinkedIn is mostly a written platform, which can be daunting for even the best of salesmen. Writing about yourself is one of the most notoriously difficult subjects. When it comes to the content itself, you have to know what information to include and what needs to be left out to prevent your most marketable experiences from being drowned out.


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Then you must consider back-end research on keywords, skills, tone and more. Now add in knowing exactly what your potential employers are looking for both in terms of skills and experience and even personality fit. It’s not easy to master each of these areas, at least not in a timely fashion. That’s where a LinkedIn profile writing service comes in.

A LinkedIn profile writer will analyze the information you supply, request additional details you may never have thought to include, and present it in the most compelling format. This includes knowing how to phrase your skills and experience to make it easier to be found through both Google and LinkedIn search engines in order to draw in the recruiters and hiring managers looking for the right candidate. You will also have to give deeper insight for those who find you directly after you’ve submitted your résumé and application. In fact, once your profile is in tip-top shape, you may even want to include your LinkedIn URL on your résumé itself.

When you use a qualified LinkedIn profile writing service, you’re getting their years of experience that help address these vital communication areas.

Right Audience

Before you write anything, you must know your audience. A professional LinkedIn profile writer knows the ins and outs of researching and marketing to your industry’s recruiters and hiring managers. They know what businesses are currently looking for, what new hires have been like, and even company-specific insider tips. They know how recruiters think, what they value, and how they search the LinkedIn database.

Without this insider information, it’s nearly impossible to tailor your profile to get the highest number of views and interactions—including potential job offers.

The next step is to tailor by writing LinkedIn profile content that sells the audience on your ability to contribute value to their bottom line. 

Right Info

When the average user first starts writing LinkedIn profile descriptions, it’s common to begin with copying and pasting an old résumé. However, not all of your résumé is relevant, and you may need to greatly expand upon other points. Knowing what to include and what to delete is half the battle—a battle that any good LinkedIn profile writing service has fought and won many times.

For just one example, a more common problem for both younger and older LinkedIn users is age discrimination. Too few job experiences or a too-recent college degree date can cause recruiters to skip over you. On the other end of the spectrum, users with too many jobs or with dates too far past will face senior age discrimination, which even though illegal (in some cases) is still prevalent because the law does not cover “They skipped over my profile on LinkedIn.” The trick is to be honest and forthcoming while keeping unnecessary dating off of your profile, as well as using careful phrasing of your work history.

Another example may be leaving off a job that does not speak to your core professional message. You can explain the “history gap” without having to list an unrelated job with all its details and duties. This leaves more room to expand upon relevant positions. On the flip side, you may be able to turn unpaid work, a volunteer position, or any unemployed period into a short description that emphasizes the general skills you strengthened in that time.

Right Amount

Your LinkedIn summary allows 2,000 characters. Your position title allows 100. Your position descriptions and interests max out at 1,000.  This is characters, not words, so it’s not as much space as it sounds—and yet many people have trouble maximizing this space by filling it with pertinent, engaging detail.

Remember that your LinkedIn profile is not a résumé, which we have been repeatedly told must be one-page long, maybe two for the most accomplished careers. Now you have your opportunity to preempt interview questions and expand upon your projects and accomplishments. An experienced LinkedIn profile writer will know how to draw out as much relevant detail as possible. 

Right Keywords

Your headline of just 120 characters is prime real estate to fill with keywords, as are the first 200 characters of your profile summary. These show up in search results and serve as the quick opportunity you have to grab your reader’s interest. As small as these sections are, every character counts. A few wrong words can mean the difference between that recruiter clicking to view your full profile or skipping over you—or worse yet never finding your profile in the first place.

The most effective keywords vary by industry, and a good LinkedIn profile writer knows how to find the top buzzwords that will help recruiters and hiring managers find you.

If your profile says you’re “motivated,” “passionate” or “creative,” you’re already in the weeds; these are just a few of the most overused words that add nothing, if not negative points, to your profile. How are you different from the other potential candidates? This is yet another question that must be answered with thorough research. 

Right Skills

Profiles that feature a skill section are viewed 13 times more, but which of the 45,000 should you add?  You can select up to 50 skills to feature on your profile, but you don’t want too many, too few or too common skills.

Recruiters can narrow their search results by selecting their must-have skills, so choosing the most in-demand skills to list is vital. You can also reorder your skills by dragging your most notable talents to the top of the list, something a LinkedIn profile writing service can best determine. 

Right Tone

Many LinkedIn users struggle to establish a professional yet personable tone in their profiles. This requires finesse.

For instance, it’s a fine line between a lack of confidence versus arrogance. Another profile sweet spot that’s hard to hit is between the lack of personality and the too unserious or self-absorbed. Even the choice of writing in the first person (I) versus third person (he/she) is an important if not apparently minor decision to make.

These days, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for more than the perfect résumé; they want an employee who is a good fit within their current staff and company culture.

The goal is usually to come across just how you would in an in-person interview. Since you can’t give a firm handshake and a friendly smile, the written word must convey your openness and approachable nature.

Right Media

Don’t stop with writing LinkedIn profile content.  Be sure to include a professional head shot for your profile picture. The newer video section of LinkedIn has limitless possibilities if you feel more comfortable explaining yourself, your experience and/or your projects verbally. You can also upload PowerPoint presentations and PDFs to exemplify your work experience.

If you do not have any multimedia content, your LinkedIn Profile Writing service may be able to help guide you in the creation of some. That may include writing content for a slideshow on a project you’ve completed or writing an outline for an introductory video.

Skipping the Trial & Error

Although the payoff can be huge, maybe even in the form of a new job, LinkedIn profiles are a finicky thing. They require a lot of research, planning and detailed editing, but there’s an additional problem.

For most users, there’s also a significant period of trial and error. Each change must be tracked to see which edits help your profile and which hurt. You typically need to spread out these edits so you can pinpoint which ones are having an effect. If you make too many changes at once and notice fewer profile views, which edit caused the problem? This means you could spend months trying to tweak and adjust your profile piece by piece.

That’s another reason why working with a LinkedIn profile writing service can be so valuable. It saves you time and helps you find more jobs more quickly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t help things along.

What You Can Do

Keeping your feed updated with shared articles can boost your visibility. You’ll also want to begin collecting skill endorsements and recommendations from previous employers, colleagues and clients as well as adding them as “Connections.” If you are interested in an outlet to write more freely about your area of expertise, start blogging using LinkedIn’s Pulse platform.

These frills are about increasing your visibility and getting a few more views to your profile, but you must have a worthwhile profile for them to read.  That’s why using a LinkedIn profile writing service is a key investment for your career.

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