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Mold Inspection Services In Naperville, IL

Call Certified Mold Inspectors servicing the Naperville IL Area. Save THOUSANDS before you use a mold remediation company!

We are a BBB accredited company with over a decade of experience in mold inspections. Mold Code will provide you with an honest assessment of your mold problems without any conflict of interest. This means will collect mold samples and analyse it with unbiased eyes. Mode Code typically gets called when a home inspector notices an issue with the property or the home owner is experiencing some health issues. This is perfect reason to see a doctor and get mold testing in Naperville.

Here’s why you should contact us if you’re in Naperville, IL

  1. First, are you actually sure you have mold? You have to be sure before you contact a mold remediation company. They are in the business of selling projects.
  2. Mold Code will provide you with an unbiased mold inspection. We pride ourselves to be in the business of building trust.
  3. We will MATCH AND EXCEED any bid

Here is an example of a client who came to us

Should you trust a mold remediation company? Our client from naperville was in the process of selling their house. During the buyers home inspection process, the inspector noticed what looked like mold in the attic. They agreed that the seller would take care of the mold issue. He got 5 bids from mold remediation companies and they ranged from $1,500 to $4,000. Funny enough, one contractor said he didn’t have any mold, just that the wood was discolored.


Mold Inspection In Naperville, IL


The answer: Call us for a mold inspection and testing to determine if you have a mold problem in the first place.

We provide a 4 Step Mold Inspection Process. Our mobile lab and Aerobiologist will arrive to your home or office in Naperville, IL to investigate the issue.

Here’s the mold inspection process:
1) The Visual Inspection – Our Aerobiologist will at the health of your home including:

  • Health status / challenges of building / home
  • Building age
  • History – particularly of flooding
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Any neighboring bodies of water
  • Slope of the land
  • Sturdiness of the foundations
  • Sloping of patios etc towards the foundation
  • Occupant interviews (If Applicable)

2) If there is an issue, the next step is to investigate for the reason of the contamination

  • Water leaks
  • Water stains
  • Leaking pipes
  • Pooling water at the building foundation
  • Condensation on windows and / or exterior walls
  • State of gutters
  • Sloping of sidewalks / walkways etc
  • Exhaust fans in bathrooms ducted through the roof
  • Building Materials and furnishing discoloration or staining
  • Noticeable mold, musty or earthy odors
  • We even go so far as to search under furnishings, stored items and building materials, amongst others, to identify the source of moisture and the extent of the problem

We use leading Analytical tools (moisture meters, infrared cameras, specialised hygrometers to name but a few) to do a complete and accurate environmental survey – and help to further prove / disprove our theory.

2) Sample The Surface Mold

Using our mobile lab, we process samples right on the spot and identify what mold is present in your house in Naperville.

This give us a big advantage over the competitors in understanding whats causing the underlining issue as well as the treatment.


Mold Inspection Mold Testing In Naperville, IL

If your mold test turn out to be normal, Mode Code has helped you save thousands on a mold remediation project you didn’t need.

3) Mold Air Sampling

This is the final step to proving / disproving our theory and we call this stage hypothesis-testing.
Of course, it is easy to clean up visible mold, but we need to see what is happening on a microscopic level to make sure we give you the right solution.
Air samples help us to do this.

2) Remediation Plan

We will collect data and provide you with a detailed plan on the next steps. A to-do methodical remediation plan.

As afeee additional add-on, we will give you a copy of our paperback book, Simple Solutions For Common Mold Problems.


Call us today to talk to a Certified Aerobiologist today at Mode Code. Certified Mold Inspector servicing the Naperville area and we will answer all your concerns and we will help you make a plan.
Don’t hire a mold remediation contractor just yet until you contact us. We may be able to help save you THOUSANDS of dollars.

Mold Code – Mold Inspection Naperville, IL

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Naperville, IL 60563


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