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How Much Money Can I Save With Online Faxing?

Online faxing has helped many large and small businesses save money.

It’s no secret that ‘saving money’ is one of the primary benefits of computer faxing. But do you actually know how much money you can save with online faxing? How much will online faxing affect your business’s bottom line?

Here are some things to consider about the cost savings opportunities of online faxing:

Avoid The Costs of Ink and Toner With Online Fax

Ink and toner are two of the most annoying things in the world to buy. As anyone who owns a printer or fax machine knows, ink and toner cartridges seem ludicrously expensive. In many cases, it seems cheaper to buy an entirely new printer than pay for a single replacement cartridge. With email faxing, you avoid the annoying costs of ink and toner.

Due to the rising costs of toner and ink, per page printing costs have increased dramatically over the last few years. Based solely on the rising price of ink, for example, costs have increased by as much as 30%. Based on the rising cost of toner, per page printing costs have increased 28%. Both of those figures used data measured between 2009 and 2012. Today, that per page cost of printing is expected to be even higher.

Ink and toner cartridges vary widely in price and can be found for anywhere from $15 to $75 per ounce. However, cheaper cartridges typically produce poorer quality results and may run out more quickly than more expensive cartridges.

Avoid The Costs of Paper With Online Fax

Paper is a large expense for many businesses. Your fax machine chews through paper – especially if you choose to print off send and receive notification sheets with every fax. An average ream of paper typically costs between $5 and $10. Keep in mind that one ream is equal to 500 sheets of paper.

Virtual faxing delivers all faxes to your email inbox. Instead of automatically printing out every fax your business sends and receives, online faxing numbers lets you easily avoid these costs and save bundles of money.

Avoid Maintenance Costs With Online Fax

Fax machines are expensive to maintain. When you buy a high-quality fax machine, you can expect to pay about $50 to $150 for fax machine repairs and maintenance costs. Unless you or one of your employees is a fax machine expert, fax machine maintenance costs can quickly add up. Let’s be honest: most of us have had to deal with frustrating printer, fax, and copier problems we have no idea how to solve. When those problems occur, they can not only be expensive, but they temporarily prevent your business from receiving faxes.

As fax machines grow older, they’re going to require more repairs and maintenance. Which leads me to my next major fax machine cost, which is…

The High Costs of Fax Machine Replacements

If you’re just starting a business, then you’ll need to buy a fax machine. If you’ve been running a business for a while, then you may need a replacement fax machine. In either case, you can expect to spend between $150 and $500+ for a good fax machine.

If you want your fax machine to last for a long time without needing replacement costs or constant maintenance, then you’ll need to spend closer to the top end of that spectrum. If you want a cheap fax machine that lasts for a year or two, then you can spend around $150.

Save Time With Online Fax

Time is money, and when you spend time on your old, decrepit fax machine, you’re not spending it doing productive things at work. The more time you waste on fax machine-related issues, the more money you’re wasting. Electronic faxing can save you and your employees a lot of time and effort.

Avoid The Costs of An Extra Phone Line With Online Fax

Some businesses fax through their existing phone line, while others purchase a dedicated fax line. In either case, there are costs associated with using the phone line. A new phone line can cost anywhere from $5 to $30 per month. Some phone providers also crack down harshly on faxing over existing phone lines and suggest buying a separate fax line to avoid being punished under their ‘reasonable use’ policies.

How Much Does Online Faxing Cost?

Consider all of the costs listed above. We have a fax machine for at least $150 along with a monthly supply of paper, ink, and toner for at least $30. Next, we have repair and replacement costs which can add up to several hundred dollars.

When you consider that virtual faxing plan start at just $5 to $8 per month, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are making the switch.

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