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MetroFax Review

MetroFax is a popular online fax service that earns high marks for its easy user interface and mobile apps but lacks some of the popular features provided by other companies.


MetroFax Features

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MetroFax Features

MetroFax Design

Cover Letters: Add and customize cover letters on all faxes.
International Characters: MetroFax supports international characters.
No Digital Signature: There is no digital signature tool included.

MetroFax Management

Download Faxes: Download faxes from your online account to your local storage.
Fax History: All your sent and received faxes are recorded in your fax log.
Multiple Fax Attachments: Attach multiple files to each fax.
Fax Forwarding: Forward faxes manually.
Scheduling: Schedule faxes to send at a later date or time.

MetroFax Sending and Receiving Faxes

Encryption: Faxes are encrypted from start to finish.
Simultaneous Faxing: Your fax number can receive multiple faxes at the same time with no busy signals.
Receive Faxes Via Email: Faxes are sent directly into your email inbox in PDF or TIFF format.
International Faxing: Send and receive faxes to/from international numbers for an additional fee.

MetroFax File Attachment Support

Excel/CSV: MetroFax supports Excel and CSV files.
Image files: Users can send and receive faxes with PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and other popular file formats.
 PDF Support: Send and receive faxes as PDF documents.
Additional Supported Formats: .TXT, .HTML, .RTF, and other formats are supported.

MetroFax Contact Management

Import/Export Contacts: Import and export contact lists from an online email account and other sources.
Manually Add Contacts: Manually add contacts to MetroFax.
Edit Contacts: Edit existing contacts and create contact lists.

Other MetroFax Features

Multi-User Support: Add up to 5 email addresses per account with full send/receive fax permissions.
Mobile Apps: Mobile apps are available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone.
No Vanity Numbers: You cannot purchase vanity numbers.
U.S. Tech Support: Tech support is available via email, toll-free phone, live chat, and social media.

MetroFax Pricing

$6.63/mo on Annual Plan
500 Pages Per Month
Fax to multiple recipients
No Setup Fee
$10.79/mo on Annual Plan
1000 Pages Per Month
Fax to multiple recipients
No Setup Fee
$29.96/mo on Annual Plan
2500 Pages Per Month
Fax to multiple recipients
No Setup Fee

The Good About MetroFax

Large Number of Included Monthly Faxes

When it comes to monthly fax allotments, online fax providers vary widely. On the lower end, some providers allow just 50 or 100 faxes on their basic plans, while others allow 500 or 1000. MetroFax is on the higher end and offers 500 faxes each month for a competitive price of $7.95 per month. The next highest plans include 1,000 pages for $12.95 per month or 2,500 pages for $35.95 per month. These prices are competitive and tend to be slightly cheaper than those offered by other online fax providers.

Cheap Overage Fees

MetroFax’s monthly prices are already fairly affordable, but they become even more affordable when you compare the overage charges with other providers. Some providers charge as much as 10 cents per additional faxed page each month, and most charge between 4 cents and 6 cents. MetroFax undercuts all of these providers and charges just 3 cents per additional page while also promising not to forcibly upsell customers on an upgraded plan. If your business has diverse faxing needs from month to month and you anticipate going over your allotment from time to time, then these pennies can add up.

Very Easy to Use

Most online fax services have created an easy and effective UI. But many people agree that MetroFax has one of the prettiest interfaces of them all. MetroFax’s colorful, cheerful interface makes sending a fax as easy as possible. You can easily send a fax via the online platform or you can avoid the online platform entirely and send faxes through your email inbox or mobile apps. No matter how you send and receive faxes, MetroFax makes it easy.

5 Email Addresses Attached to Each Fax Number

If your business has multiple employees, then you’ll appreciate the fact that MetroFax lets you attach up to 5 email addresses to each fax number. That means that all incoming faxes will be sent to those five email addresses. It also means that you can send faxes from each of those 5 email addresses. This is useful if you’re buying fax service for your family or for a company with multiple employees and departments. MetroFax includes this service for free on all plans, while many other providers charge extra for it.

Mobile Faxing and Mobile Apps

MetroFax MobileMetroFax offers apps for both iTunes and the Google Play Store. The app is highly rated for both mobile operating systems. You can use the app on any Android tablet or smartphone, but the iOS app is restricted to iPhone use only. If you use an iPad, you can still easily send and receive faxes, but you’ll need to do it via your email inbox or your internet browser – which is still fairly easy to do.

Highest Level of Security

Like many online fax providers, MetroFax uses SSL encryption to protect your faxes and encrypt all transmitted information. MetroFax, however, promises to use “the strongest SSL encryption protection available.” To make the service even more secure, MetroFax lets users easily attach a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to their accounts. That VPN provides point-to-point protection and, in the unlikely event that encryption is cracked, the VPN will continue protecting your faxes.

Support for All Popular Formats

MetroFax lets users send attachments from nearly all Windows-based software programs and generally gets along well with other digital services. You can easily fax image formats like TIFF, PNG, and JPEGS, for example, as well as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and much more.  With MetroFax, you can generally assume that your file formats are covered by the system. Just click ‘Send’ and let the online fax servers handle the rest.

Send to Multiple Recipients Simultaneously

Need to fax something to multiple people at the same time? MetroFax lets you do that easily. Simply create an email like you normally would and type in multiple contacts. Not all email service providers and email programs have multi-contact functionality, and if yours does not, then you can send faxes to multiple recipients via the MetroFax My Account platform online.

Automatic Retries and Other Sending Perks

Sending a fax with MetroFax is designed to be a smooth and easy experience. MetroFax lets you view fax previews and print off the fax you just sent. The service will also automatically try to resend faxes if they didn’t go through on the first try. If you want to stay extra secure, you can also tell MetroFax to text or email you every time a fax is successfully sent out. The system will attempt to resend a fax 5 times before it gives up.

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The Bad About MetroFax

No Digital Signature Options

One of the major reasons why faxing is still popular is its ability to legally verify signatures. For that reason, many other online fax providers offer digital signature support. Digital signatures let you record your own signature once and then add that signature to all faxes in the future without having to print that fax out and rescan it. It’s a huge advantage, but unfortunately, it’s not available on MetroFax. Of course, you can still add signatures to your MetroFax faxes – you just have to manually write them digitally or print them out – but the lack of a digital signature tool can be a deal breaker for some businesses.

Mixed Reviews of Customer Service

On paper, MetroFax appears to have very good tech support. Tech support is based in the United States and immediately available over a toll-free number. There’s also a list of online FAQs. However, in practice, people have had mixed success with MetroFax’s customer service. First, the online resources are extremely limited: the MetroFax website features 12 frequently asked questions and answers and that’s it. Next, tech support isn’t available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and some users have reported that tech support representatives were less than helpful.

MetroFax FAQ

Does MetroFax charge setup fees?

MetroFax does not charge setup fees on any plans.

What kind of tech support does MetroFax offer?

MetroFax’s tech support is merely okay. Although MetroFax’s tech support is based in the United States, customers have complained about poor service. Tech support, however, can be reached over live chat and toll-free phone number, both of which are available from 5am to 6pm Pacific time. One thing I don’t like about MetroFax’s tech support is that limited tech support is available online – users will find a FAQ with about 15 questions, but other than that, the MetroFax website is devoid of immediate support options and tutorials.

Does MetroFax offer a 30 day trial?

MetroFax, like many fax providers, offers a 30 day free trial that lets you effectively become a full MetroFax member for 30 days. You will, however, have to enter credit card data and remember to cancel your account before the 30 day period is up, or else your account will be charged like a normal MetroFax account.

Can I receive faxes to multiple email accounts?

MetroFax lets users assign up to 5 different email addresses to their MetroFax accounts. These email addresses will automatically receive incoming fax notifications and can also send faxes of their own.

What kinds of mobile apps are available?

MetroFax offers mobile apps for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone.

How much does MetroFax charge for overage fees?

MetroFax charges 3 cents per additional fax sent and received.

Does MetroFax offer an unlimited plan?

There are no MetroFax unlimited plans. The highest level plan includes 2500 faxes for $35.95 per month ($29.96 per month on an annual subscription).

What kinds of attachments does MetroFax accept?

MetroFax supports all of the following file formats:


Do I need any specialized hardware, software, or equipment with MetroFax?

MetroFax is based entirely online. You do not need any hardware or equipment to use MetroFax. All you need is an internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can choose to install MetroFax software – like the mobile apps – if you want, but they’re not absolutely necessary.

Which types of users does MetroFax cater to?

MetroFax is one of the most scalable faxing providers available. Unlike other fax providers – which may cater to international users or low-volume users – MetroFax’s diverse plans and features cater to a wide user base. The most basic online faxing plan, for example, includes 500 faxes at a price of just $6.63 per month. Plans scale up to the $29.96 per month plan which includes 2500 faxes. All plans come with the same range of features. Whether you’re on the most basic plan or the highest level plan, the only thing that changes is the number of included faxes you can send and receive.

Is MetroFax a good option for small and medium-sized businesses?

MetroFax is particularly useful for small and medium-sized businesses due to its high monthly fax allowances and multi-user support. When you combine these strengths with the competitive pricing and easy mobile apps, it’s clear to see why MetroFax is a popular option for small and medium-sized businesses.

Which kinds of numbers can I choose?

MetroFax lets users choose local fax numbers and toll-free numbers in 50 states across the U.S. Users can pick their fax number based on the area code in a specific part of the state. You can also select from a range of different toll-free numbers, including 1-800 numbers (which are relatively rare and are not offered by all online fax providers).

What kind of storage system does MetroFax offer?

MetroFax automatically stores all sent and received faxes for one year (12 months). You can access your fax history from your online MetroFax dashboard.

Is MetroFax the best online fax provider available today?

MetroFax is one of the best online fax providers available today. If you don’t need digital signature support or extensive tech support, then it’s likely the best choice for you. It’s an excellent option for small businesses, medium businesses, and single users. With generous monthly limits, cheap overage charges, and a simplified faxing interface, there’s a lot to love about MetroFax. It competes directly against other industry heavyweights like Nextiva and RingCentral.

Is online faxing safe with MetroFax?

Like most online fax providers, MetroFax encrypts users’ faxes throughout the digital transmission process. That means even if your faxes are intercepted for some reason, they could not be decoded or read.

How does international faxing work with MetroFax?

MetroFax offers international faxing to every country in the world. International faxing rates are competitive with other faxing providers. Faxing a document to most of the developed countries in the world costs 10 cents per fax. You can even send a fax to North Korea (for $1.50 per fax) if you really wanted to. MetroFax’s international faxing is comprehensive and affordably priced. When you send an international fax, it’s not deducted from your monthly fax limits but you will have to pay the added international fee. You can view MetroFax’s international fees on this .PDF.

MetroFax Single User

MetroFax offers scalable pricing packages that can easily meet the needs of any single user. Pricing packages are priced competitively and include standard online faxing features.

MetroFax only has a few faults. It doesn’t include digital signature support, for example, and it lacks the comprehensive tech support we see with other online fax providers.

If you don’t need to sign a lot of documents or talk to tech support on a regular basis, then neither of these things will affect you. With plans starting at $6.63 per month, there are a lot of things for single users to love about MetroFax:

Excellent value: MetroFax offers competitive pricing on all its plans. The MetroFax Essential plan includes 500 monthly faxes and costs just $6.63 per month when signing up for an annual package ($7.95 per month otherwise). In addition to low monthly pricing, MetroFax charges overage fees of just 3 cents per page and does not charge setup fees. MetroFax isn’t the cheapest provider out there (Nextiva, at $4.95 per month, is the cheapest), but it’s priced very competitively.

Generous monthly allowances: MetroFax lets you fax 500 pages, 1000 pages, and 2500 pages per month depending on which plan you choose. That should be more than enough faxes for even the most fax-hungry single user. If that’s not enough faxes for you, then you’ll be happy to see that MetroFax has very cheap overage charges. Even if you send or receive 100 faxes over your limit, your account will only be charged $3.00 (or 3 cents per additional fax). Since providers like MyFax and eFax both charge 10 cents per additional fax, this is a significant difference that can save your business a lot of money – especially if your faxing needs change from month to month.

Send to multiple recipients: Some faxing services let you fax to multiple contacts at the same time, while others do not. With MetroFax, users can send a fax to multiple contacts simultaneously. Adding multiple contacts to a single fax is as easy as typing additional email addresses into the entry field. If your email client doesn’t support this feature, then you can send to multiple contacts via the MetroFax online dashboard.

Excellent mobile faxing: MetroFax offers apps for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone. There is no iPad app, nor are there apps for the Blackberry and Windows Phone. That’s not an issue for most users. If you do plan on faxing from your iPad, then you can still easily login to your MetroFax account using the Safari browser and send a fax as you normally would. Regardless, MetroFax’s iOS and Android apps offer excellent mobile faxing functionality.

Simple interface: Whether you’re using the mobile apps or the online MetroFax dashboard, you’ll find the service very easy to use. MetroFax makes faxing extremely easy – even if you’re not good with computers. MetroFax’s UI is colorfully designed and features clear, simple buttons. Whether you’re a single user technophobe or you’re good with computers, it’s easy to appreciate the effort that went into the UI design.

MetroFax is hands down one of the best online faxing options for single users today. It only has two major flaws, including the lack of digital signature support and subpar customer service.

If neither of those things are important to you, then you’ll appreciate the simple MetroFax interface, excellent mobile apps, and affordable pricing. It’s a great choice for any single user.

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MetroFax Small Business

Metrofax Small Business

Small business users love MetroFax.

Why? Because it offers excellent multi-user support, generous faxing allowances, and competitive pricing without sacrificing standard online faxing features.

In fact, the only feature that MetroFax doesn’t really have is digital signature support. If you can get past that fault, then you’ll find a high-value, low-cost online fax provider that offers a number of features popular with small businesses of all different sizes.

Scalable, affordable pricing packages: MetroFax’s plans are affordably priced and start at just $6.63 per month. Pricing plans can grow with your business. The most basic plan includes 500 faxes, while the next highest plan, at $10.79 per month on an annual plan, includes 1000 pages per month. Small businesses with larger faxing needs will need to pay $29.96 per month for the highest level plan, which includes 2500 faxes. No matter which plan you choose, MetroFax charges just 3 cents per additional fax and does not charge setup fees.

Multi-user support: MetroFax lets you add up to five email addresses to your account. When you add an email address to your account, that email address will automatically receive all incoming faxes. Those additional users can also send faxes from their own email inboxes. This is a useful feature if your business has multiple employees who occasionally need to send faxes. It’s also a huge advantage for businesses which are frequently on-the-go. Instead of coming back to the office to receive an important fax, employees can manage all faxing via their mobile device.

Excellent mobile apps: Faxing via a mobile device is easy thanks to the awesome MetroFax apps. MetroFax apps are available for Android tablets and smartphones as well as the iPhone. There’s no MetroFax app for the iPad, but you can still open your Safari browser and send faxes over the online interface. The MetroFax apps are well-reviewed on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store and feature a simple, effective interface. One of the best mobile app features is being able to open the mobile app, take a picture of a document, and then fax that document in just a few clicks.

Easy UI: If you’re bad with technology, then you’ll appreciate the easy-to-use interface of MetroFax. Strange as it may seem, some people continue to use traditional fax machines because they’re worried they won’t be able to figure out how to use an online fax service. With MetroFax, that should be the least of your worries and the entire online faxing system is extremely easy to use. It features colorful buttons and a minimalistic UI that lets users send faxes in just a few steps. It will take both you and your employees just a few minutes to learn.

Send faxes to multiple recipients: MetroFax lets you add multiple users to your account, but you can also send faxes to multiple recipients. Adding a new recipient is as easy as typing another fax number into the ‘Send To’ field on your email client. This may seem like a simple feature, but not all fax providers support it.

The only major feature lacking in MetroFax is digital signatures. You cannot easily add the same digital signature to multiple faxes. That could be a problem for small businesses that frequently send and receive legal faxes or other documents that need to be signed and returned.

Other than that, MetroFax is a competitively priced online fax provider that offers excellent value and a full suite of online faxing features. With full multi-user support and an easy online interface, MetroFax is one of the world’s most popular online fax providers for small businesses.

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Our Verdict On MetroFax

MetroFax is an excellent choice for your online faxing needs. Its two lower level plans – Essentials and Value – both offer generous monthly faxing limits (500 faxes per month for $7.95 per month or 1000 faxes per month for $12.95 per month). Further savings are available when you subscribe to an annual plan, and if you go over your monthly limit, you can rest assured knowing that overage charges are surprisingly low – only 3 cents per additional page.

MetroFax has most of the features you would want on an online faxing program, including mobile apps, the ability to send and receive faxes from any internet connected device, support for various file formats, and much more.

It does, however, lack one important feature: digitized signatures. You can add digital signatures to your MetroFax faxes, but you can’t do it using an included tool. So if you want to add your digital signature to faxes over and over again, you’re better off going with another provider.

If digital signatures aren’t important and you’re just looking for an affordable, easy-to-use online faxing service, then MetroFax is an excellent option. Suitable for small business owners, medium business owners, and individual users, we highly recommend MetroFax.

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