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Must Have Online Fax Features for Business

Is your business ready for online faxing? Online faxing comes with a considerable number of benefits. Many of those benefits directly save time and money for your business.

However, not all online fax plans are made equal. Some plans are more feature-rich than others. Today, I’m going to help you choose the perfect online fax plan for your business by listing some must-have business features.

Online Fax Has Mobile Device Support

There are two major benefits to email faxing: first, you can save money on the physical costs of faxing, and second, you can send and receive faxes anywhere you go. That’s why mobile device support is so important for online faxes. Virtually all online fax providers support smartphones and tablets, but some support mobiles better than others. Which smartphones do your employees use? Does your online fax provider have an app for that specific mobile device? Most providers offer iPhone and Android apps, but not all providers offer apps for iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and other devices.

File Format Support

Does your business fax a lot of Excel spreadsheet files or Word documents? Not all services support these formats. Some services only support .PDF files and basic image formats, while others support a comprehensive range of file formats and file types – including .gifs and .ppt PowerPoint Presentations. Consider which types of files your business sends on a regular basis and double check to make sure your provider accepts those files. You don’t want to spend all that money on electronic faxing only to realize that you have to convert every file your business sends and receives.

International Faxing For International Businesses

This one is really important: not all computer fax providers support international faxing. Most providers include international faxing at an additional per-fax cost, but other providers don’t allow international faxing at all. A rare few providers also include international faxes in your monthly fax totals or even include international faxing on unlimited plans. If your business communicates with people outside of the United States and Canada (both countries are included on most faxing plans), then you need to research your provider’s international faxing services.

Multi-User Support For Businesses With Multiple Departments, Managers, or Employees

No matter how large or small your business may be, multi-user support is always valuable. With multi-user support, users can send and receive faxes from multiple email addresses. Instead of having all faxes routed through a single email account, you can add email accounts for various departments or employees at your business. Think of how many people at your business use the fax machine on a regular basis and choose a fax provider that offers support for multiple users.

24/7 Tech Support

Thanks to online faxing, you can send faxes any time of the day or night. You don’t have to stand by your physical office fax machine to send a fax. However, when something goes wrong, you may need to contact tech support. Some fax providers offer 24/7 tech support, while others only operate during standard North American business hours. Furthermore, some 24/7 tech support centers are based in the United States, while others are based overseas.

Types of Numbers Supported

You can fax online using a wide range of numbers. Not all online fax services, however, include support for all numbers. Depending on the needs of your business, look for support for the following fax numbers:

  • Add an existing fax number
  • Create a new local, national, or international fax number
  • Create a new toll-free fax number

These features may seem basic, but not all providers include the same support. Local businesses will appreciate having a number with a local area code, while nationwide businesses may appreciate the cost savings of a toll-free number. Some businesses will also want to add different numbers for different office locations.

Test Runs And Free Trials

Locking into an virtual fax contract can be a major commitment – especially for larger businesses. That’s why it’s important to look for test runs and free trials. Spend a few hours trying out different fax services to find one you like. Every online fax provider has its unique quirks and charms. Play around with the user interface, test how easy it is to send a fax, and make the right choice for your business.

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