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Nextiva Fax Review

Nextiva is a basic online fax service that offers efficient online faxing without the bells and whistles provided by other, more expensive online fax providers. It’s fast, easy, and cheap – what more you could you want?

Nextiva is an ideal choice for any user who needs low-cost online faxing for their desktop or laptop computer. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend more than $5 or $12 per month on online faxing, then the two basic Nextiva plans are an excellent option and may be the cheapest plans available today.



Nextiva Fax Awards


Nextiva Fax Design

Add Cover Letter: Nextiva lets you add a customized cover letter to all sent faxes.
Preview Faxes Prior to Sending: Preview the entire faxed document before it’s sent.
Rotate Faxes: You can use your Nextiva online account fax viewer to rotate all sent and received faxes.
International Characters: You won’t have any trouble sending or receiving faxes which use international characters.
Multiple Supported File Formats: Nextiva has awesome file support and you can fax Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, image files, MS Word documents, PDFs, .TXT files, and more without converting them into other formats.

Nextiva Fax Management

Download Faxes Locally: You can download faxes from your online faxing account to your local drive.
Security: All incoming and outgoing faxes are encrypted for maximum security and privacy.
Online Fax Archive: You can view all faxes sent and received via your online Nextiva account.
Fax Printing: You can print off faxes from both your email account and your online Nextiva account.
Search Faxes: You can use the built-in software to search through existing faxes.
No Digital Signatures: Cannot add digital signature to faxes.
No Junk Fax Filter: Nextiva will not automatically filter out junk faxes.
Schedule Faxes: Tell Nextiva to deliver your faxes at a certain time, and it will automatically send them at that time.

Nextiva Sending and Receiving Faxes

Easy Online Faxing: Send and receive faxes from any internet-connected device.
Multiple Recipients: Send a fax via email attachment to a maximum of 5 recipients. However, you can’t actually fax to multiple recipients – the primary address must be a fax number while the additional four address fields must be email addresses.
Pick Your Fax Number: Toll-free and local fax numbers are available.
Generous Monthly Fax Limits: Like many email fax providers, Nextiva lets you send and receive 500 faxes per month on its most basic plan, which costs $4.95 per month on an annual contract ($8.95 otherwise).
No Busy Signals: One of the biggest selling features of Nextiva is “no busy signal”. True to its word, users can receive multiple faxes simultaneously without worrying about busy signals.
Forwarding: Instantly forward faxes to other email addresses from your email inbox.
High-Limit Business Pro Plan: Those who need to send more faxes per month can use the Business Pro plan, which costs $29.95 per month and lets you send and receive 3,000 faxes.
No Vanity Numbers: Vanity fax numbers are not available no matter how much you’re willing to pay.
No Worldwide Service: International faxing is not available.

Nextiva Help & Tech Support

Email, Live Chat, Phone, and Social Media Tech Support Available: You can contact Nextiva’s tech support specialists using a number of different methods. Since many other virtual fax providers only have email support (if at all), this is a valuable benefit.
No Automatic Contact Merging: You cannot import/export contact lists, nor can you edit your contacts or create new lists. You can only add contacts to your account manually.
No Admin: You cannot assign an admin to your account or allocate bills to different account users (there is only one account user).

Other Nextiva Features

No Mobile Apps: Unfortunately for mobile users, Nextiva does not have a dedicated mobile app. However, mobile users should have no trouble sending and receiving faxes from their email app on Android, iOS, or whatever other device you own.
SMS Alerts: You can setup Nextiva to send an SMS text message whenever your account receives a fax.
Send received faxes to multiple email addresses: Instead of manually forwarding all faxes to your coworkers or business partners, you can tell Nextiva to automatically forward all faxes to multiple inboxes.
Microsoft Office Integration: Nextiva fax plays well with Microsoft Office and users can fax Microsoft Office documents without converting them into .PDFs or other documents.
No Multiple Email Addresses Per Account: You can only designate one email address to send faxes via your account. However, you can designate multiple email addresses that will receive all incoming faxes.


500 Pages
500 Faxes
3 cents per additional fax
Most File Types Accepted
Access Fax Anywhere
No Setup Fee
1000 Pages
1000 Faxes
3 cents per additional fax
Most File Types Accepted
Access Fax Anywhere
No Setup Fee
3000 Pages
3000 Faxes
3 cents per additional fax
Most File Types Accepted
Access Fax Anywhere
No Setup Fee


Nextiva Good

Basic, Cheap Online Faxing

Nextiva is a basic online fax provider that does exactly what you need it to do: send and receive faxes via email. It doesn’t do any more or less than that. The interface is simple and for most faxes, you’ll simply be using your email inbox. You don’t have to worry about learning how to use new apps because there aren’t any. It’s basic, simple, but most importantly, effective at sending and receiving faxes over your email inbox.

Easy Fax Previews

One of the more annoying parts of online faxing is when you have to download faxes individually in order to view them or preview their information. Nextiva doesn’t do that: users can fully view faxes using the internal viewer in their account. This makes sending and receiving multiple faxed documents a breeze. If you’re working with a large volume of faxes on a daily basis, then this is an extremely valuable feature to have. Of course, for those who prefer having faxes saved in a local location, you can easily download them as well.

Cheap Prices

There are lots of cheap online fax providers out there, but most of them don’t have the same features and support options as Nextiva. Nextiva is considered a relatively cheap online fax provider, but don’t let the cheap price fool you: it has many of the features and options as more expensive software programs. The $4.95 plan offers the best value. Nextiva also has relatively cheap cost-per-fax if you go over your monthly limit: just 3 cents per fax. If you want to try out the software, there’s a 30 day trial period available.

Good Archiving System Makes it Easy to Find Old Faxes

At some point, you’re probably going to have to scan through your fax history to find one important document. When that time comes, a good fax search system can save you hours of frustration. That’s exactly what Nextiva has: users can search through old faxes based on the time and date that fax was received. You can also filter faxes based on fax numbers, user-created notes, and other tags. Plus, you can preview faxes directly from your account, which simplifies the search process even further.

Easy User Interface When Sending and Receiving Faxes

As mentioned above, Nextiva is designed to make online faxing as quick, easy, and painless as possible. The UI does exactly that. If you’re using the online account viewer, then you’ll be impressed by the easy user interface. When sending a fax, the top menu features a clear step-by-step guide you need to follow in order to send that fax. As you complete each stage of the fax, that menu progresses with you. Unless you’re using a computer for the first time, you won’t have any trouble sending a fax.


Poor Contact Management

If you frequently need to edit, change, and export contact data, then Nextiva is not your ideal online fax provider. Nextiva has extremely limited contact management features. You can manually add contacts to your account, but you can’t do much more than that. You can’t export or import contact lists, for example, or even edit existing contacts.
Of course, this is a non-issue for many people. If you only fax from your email account, then you can use your existing email service’s contact book to easily insert fax numbers into your emails.

No International Faxing

Nextiva isn’t a great option for corporations or larger companies for a few different reasons. Most importantly, it doesn’t have international faxing support: you cannot fax international numbers using Nextiva. You also cannot add multiple users to a single account or create administrator privileges for a single user, which makes Nextiva ideal for individual users and medium businesses, but not for companies larger than that.

NEXTIVA Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nextiva offer international faxing?

Nextiva does not offer international faxing to online fax customers. If you subscribe to Nextiva’s full VoIP plan and virtual PBX plan, however, then you can make international calls over your business’s phone lines. Nextiva is the only major online fax provider which does not support international faxing. Most other providers offer international faxing at an additional per-country rate, while Nextiva does not allow faxing outside of the United States and Canada.

Why is Nextiva’s contact management system considered a major weakness?

Nextiva has not spent an adequate amount of time developing its contact management interface. The interface is difficult to use and does not let users import, export, edit, or change contact data. You can manually add users to your account, but you won’t be able to do much more than that – you can’t even edit existing contacts. This is a huge weakness for users who regularly send faxes to dozens of different contacts.

How does Nextiva offer such low monthly rates?

There are a few things to know about Nextiva’s low monthly rates First, Nextiva isn’t the most feature-rich online fax provider on the market, which is one reason why it can afford to offer such low matronly rates. Second, Nextiva only supports faxing within the United States and Canada. And third, Nextiva does not have online faxing mobile apps (mobile apps are only available to Nextiva VoIP subscribers). It’s also important to note that users receive cheaper rates when subscribing to the annual plan, and rates will increase when subscribing month-to-month.

Does Nextiva have good mobile support?

Nextiva does not have great mobile support with its faxing services. It does, however, have excellent mobile apps for virtual PBX users and VoIP subscribers. VoIP subscribers can download a full messaging app that lets you easily keep in touch with the office anywhere you go. The one major thing that app is lacking, however, is online faxing functionality.

What kind of tech support does Nextiva offer?

Nextiva offers good tech support, although it’s not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instead, tech support is available over a toll-free number from Monday to Friday between 5am and 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm (all times are Arizona time), which is where the Nextiva call center is based. Having a U.S.-based call center is a nice advantage and the hours may not be 24/7, but they still cover normal business hours across North America.

Are there any setup fees?

Nextiva does not charge any setup fees.

What kinds of attachments does Nextiva support?

Nextiva Fax supports all of the following formats and file types:

What kinds of users does Nextiva cater to?

Nextiva is an ideal choice for any user who needs low-cost online faxing for their desktop or laptop computer. It’s not an ideal solution for users who frequently rely on their mobile devices to stay in touch while outside of the office, nor is it a good choice for users who need to fax outside of Canada and the United States.

How much will Nextiva charge if I go over my monthly limit?

Nextiva offers the cheapest overage charges out of all the major online fax providers. If you go over your monthly fax limit, Nextiva will charge just 3 cents per additional fax. Most other providers charge between 4 cents and 6 cents per additional fax while some charge as much as 10 cents.

Which extra features make Nextiva unique?

Nextiva is unique because of its low pricing, easy interface, and high monthly limits. It doesn’t accept the greatest range of file formats nor does it have mobile apps and additional bonus features. It’s a basic, cost-effective service that lets you fax over the internet.

Can I add multiple users to my Nextiva account?

Nextiva lets you assign 5 additional users who will receive fax notifications and be able to download online faxes through their email inboxes. These additional users, however, cannot actually send faxes from their own email inbox. That privilege is reserved for a single administrative user.

Do I require any special equipment, software, or hardware?

One of the benefits of online faxing is that you don’t need to setup any hardware or equipment in your office. In fact, you can sign up for an online fax provider in just minutes and start enjoying the benefits of online faxing as soon as possible. If your office has a fax machine, then you can continue using it without issue, or you can disconnect it and avoid the overhead costs of printer, toner, and ink.

Is Nextiva the best online fax provider available today?

Nextiva is one of the best online fax providers for users on a strict budget. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend more than $5 or $12 per month on online faxing, then the two basic Nextiva plans are an excellent option and may be the cheapest plans available today. If, on the other hand, you require multi-user support, international faxing, and good mobile apps, then Nextiva will be disappointing to you. Nextiva caters strictly to budget users who require core online faxing functionality – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Nextiva Fax For Single Users

Nextiva FaxNextiva is a popular online fax provider that offers generous monthly limits and excellent faxing support. It’s easy-to-use and will cater specifically to desktop users who send and receive a high volume of faxes every month.

However, just because Nextiva has high monthly faxing limits doesn’t mean that it’s expensive. The most basic plan costs just $4.95 per month and includes 500 faxes. If you go over your monthly limits on any plan, it’s not really a big deal because you only pay 3 cents per additional fax.

What’s the catch to Nextiva? Well, it doesn’t have any mobile apps for faxing, nor does it have strong contact management features. It also does not feature international faxing and users cannot add multiple email addresses to each account.

These problems aside, Nextiva is one of the most popular online fax providers for single users.

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Here are a few reasons why single users love Nextiva:

Nextiva Single User Features

High monthly limits: Some single users need to send and receive a high volume of faxes each month. If that’s the case with you, then you’ll appreciate the generous monthly limits included on all Nextiva plans. Nextiva plans come with anywhere from 500 pages for $4.95 per month to 3000 pages for $29.95 per month. There’s no unlimited plan, but even high-volume single users should find a plan that’s right for them.

Simplified Online Faxing: Sending and receiving faxes with Nextiva is ridiculously easy. If you’re a single online fax user who isn’t great with technology, then you won’t have any trouble using Nextiva. And if you’re an experienced computer user, then you’ll appreciate the simplified, minimalistic interface and easy, email-like messaging screen. There are no Nextiva mobile apps which offer faxing, but you can access Nextiva over your mobile browser on smartphones and tablets.

Good Fax Archiving System: One of the strengths of Nextiva is its strong fax archival system. Nextiva automatically saves all faxes sent and received through your account and you can search through these faxes at any time. Users can label faxes with specific tags or search for a specific fax sent on a time or date in the past.

Affordable pricing: You’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper online faxing provider than Nextiva. The most basic plan starts at $4.95 per month and has no setup fees and low monthly overage charges (3 cents per additional fax). That easily beats the lowest pricing plan offered by many of Nextiva’s competitors. Most single users appreciate saving a few dollars per month. Even if you don’t need to send over 500 monthly faxes, Nextiva may be the right choice based on price alone.

Two of the biggest faults with Nextiva are its lack of mobile apps and its lack of multi-user support. If you’re a single user who does not spend a lot of time faxing on-the-go, then neither of those things really matter.

Is Nextiva the right choice for your single user needs? It might be. If you can get past the lack of international faxing, the lack of multi-user support, and the lack of mobile apps, then Nextiva is a cost-effective online fax provider that offers cheaper pricing than almost all its competitors.

Nextiva may not be as feature-rich as the other faxing providers out there, but at this price, it will still appeal to many single users on a budget.

Nextiva Fax For Small Business

Nextiva has some distinct advantages over the competition due to its high monthly limits and low monthly pricing. Both of these advantages are attractive to small business users who are trying to trim down costs.

That being said, Nextiva has some notable flaws that prevent it from being an option to many small businesses. You cannot add multiple users to your faxing account, for example, which prevents you from sending faxes from more than one account (you can receive faxes to multiple email accounts, however).

Nextiva also lacks international faxing support, which can be a problem for businesses which need to fax overseas.

If you can get past those problems, you’ll realize that Nextiva is a low-cost, high-value online fax provider that isn’t as feature-rich as some competitors but still offers excellent, simplified online faxing that is guaranteed to save money for your business.

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Nextiva Small Business Features

Here are the Nextiva advantages that will cater to small business users:

Limited multi-user support: Businesses that require multi-user support aren’t totally ignored by Nextiva. You can add multiple faxing users to your Nextiva account, but you won’t be able to give these users faxing privileges. Your selected email accounts can, however, receive all incoming faxes, which is a helpful feature for businesses with multiple departments or employees. If your business needs multiple users to have the ability to send faxes, then Nextiva isn’t your best option.

Competitive monthly pricing: Nextiva is one of the cheapest online fax providers available today. If you send fewer than 500 faxes each month, then you should never have to pay more than $4.99 per month for your plan. Considering some providers like MyFax and eFax charge over $15 per month for only 100 to 200 faxes, that’s a huge advantage.

Generous monthly limits: Just because Nextiva is cheap doesn’t mean it skimps out on monthly faxing limits. Users can send 500, 1000, or 3000 faxes per month depending on which plan they chose. There are no unlimited plans, but most businesses will never need to send or receive over 3000 faxes per month anyway.

Fax archiving: Running a small business can get complicated. It gets even more complicated when you can’t find an important fax you received a month ago. Nextiva saves all incoming and outgoing online faxes and lets you easily access those faxes from your account on any internet-connected device, which means you’ll never have to worry about losing an important fax. You can search through faxes based on the date and time they were sent as well as tags you’ve manually assigned.

Extremely easy to use: Nextiva has an excellent online faxing interface available over your mobile browser, desktop browser, laptop computer, or whatever else you use to connect to the internet. There are no mobile apps available, which can make this interface a problem for mobile users. But if you only fax over desktop and laptop computers, then you’ll find Nextiva a breeze to work with. If your office has non-tech-savvy employees, then it’s easy to appreciate these benefits.

Nextiva isn’t designed for users who require a bunch of bonus features. Instead, it’s catered to small business users who simply need to send and receive faxes online. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nextiva doesn’t offer mobile apps, strong multi-user support, or international faxing. If those three things aren’t an issue for your small business, then Nextiva can be an extremely effective way for your business to save a lot of money on the costs of faxing.

Our Verdict On Nextiva Fax

Nextiva is one of the few online faxing providers that is both cheap and good. Its low price comes at a cost: you’re missing out on multi-user support, contact management options, and other bells and whistles.

However, if you just want to send and receive online faxes, then Nextiva is built to do exactly that. It’s clean, simple, and easy-to-use: even if you’re not all that good with computers. With affordable monthly packages and no setup fees, Nextiva is perfect for individual users.

Meanwhile, corporate users will want to choose an online fax provider with a few more options, including multi-user support, international faxing, and customizable billing. Individual users and small-to-medium-sized business owners, on the other hand, should be totally satisfied with Nextiva.

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  1. I have a small fleet claim processing business with 7 employees. We still use Nextiva fax at our company.

    Based on my experience, it’s very hard to know which software is good until you are well deep into it. A good fax service should address each of the following.

    Toll Free Number
    Hipaa Compliant (Secure)
    Microsoft Office Support & other cloud integration
    Mobile App version especially when I’m on the go
    Fax Logs
    Group Faxing

    Its more convenient then using a fax machine and it definitely works for our situation.

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