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Notable Features of Online Fax

Is your business ready for online faxing? Probably! Business owners across the country have been switching to online fax to save money and optimize office efficiency.

Today, I’m going to explain some of the notable computer fax features you and your business can enjoy after making the switch:

Fax From Any Internet-Connected Device

Here’s the primary benefit of online faxing: you get to fax from any internet-connected device you own. If you can open a web browser or email client, then you can send a fax. Many companies have also developed smartphone apps and comprehensive web platforms that make faxing even easier. Ultimately, instead of being tied to your office fax machine all day, you can visit clients, make sales calls, and leave the office while still receiving faxes on-the-go.

Generous Fax Limits And Unlimited Plans With Online Fax

Your online fax provider transmits all data over the internet. In most cases, internet data transmission is cheaper than transmitting data down phone lines. That’s why online fax providers give users generous monthly fax limits as well as unlimited plans. Whether your business sends 500 faxes per month or 5,000, there’s an online fax plan for you.

Send And Receive Faxes Like Emails

Sending a fax is as easy as creating a new email and attaching the document you wish to fax. Seriously – it’s that easy. With online faxing, you send and receive all faxes through your email inbox.

Affordable Online Fax Pricing

Traditional fax machines aren’t cheap. First, you have to actually buy a fax machine. Then, you may have to pay for a dedicated telephone number for that machine. You also have to pay for paper, ink, toner, fax machine repairs, maintenance costs, and more. These costs may seem insignificant on a daily basis, but they add up quickly. Electronic faxing eliminates the overhead costs of faxing. Plans start as low as $5 or $6 per month – which is less than most businesses spend on printer paper and fax paper each month.

Online Fax Is Easy To Setup

Signing up for virtual faxing is ridiculously simple. No technicians need to visit your home or business. Instead, you simply visit the website of the online fax provider of your choice, then setup your account. You can add an existing number to your account or choose a new fax number. In either case, the setup process is complete in minutes – not hours or days. You don’t even have to go to Staples or Best Buy to get a new fax machine!

Online Fax Comes Separately Or With Virtual PBX and VoIP Systems

For years, PBX systems required complicated installation processes and expensive setup fees. Today, thanks to cool things like the internet, businesses can avoid all of this hassle with virtual PBX systems. Virtual call management systems replace traditional business communications with HD VoIP audio. Better yet, most virtual PBX providers actually include online faxing on their plans. If your business needs a call management system, then you’ll find many providers who can install virtual PBX and online faxing at the same time – in fact, the entire setup process takes only a few minutes online.

For all of these reasons and more, business owners across the country are setting up new online fax plans every day.

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