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Best Fax Over IP Providers

Faxing over internet protocol (IP) is easier and cheaper than it’s ever been before. Thanks to a range of new online fax service providers, faxing over IP is an easy and affordable solution for residential and business users around the world. Today, we’re making your purchase decision easier. Here are the best fax over IP providers available today. MetroFax MetroFax ...

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eFax Review


EFAX FEATURES eFax Design Cover Letter: The message of your email will be attached to the fax as a cover letter. You cannot, however, customize your cover letter beyond that message. Fax Preview: Preview the entire faxed document prior to sending. Digitized Signature: Easily add a digital signature to all sent faxes. International Characters: Send and receive faxes with international ...

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MyFax Review


MyFax Features MyFax Design Add Cover Letters: You can add customizable cover letters to all faxes. International Character Support: MyFax supports international characters on all sent and received faxes. Multiple Attachments Per Email: You can attach multiple files to send them as a single fax. Fax Preview: Before sending a fax, you can view a fax preview. No Digital Signature: ...

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MetroFax Review


MetroFax Features MetroFax Design Cover Letters: Add and customize cover letters on all faxes. International Characters: MetroFax supports international characters. No Digital Signature: There is no digital signature tool included. MetroFax Management Download Faxes: Download faxes from your online account to your local storage. Fax History: All your sent and received faxes are recorded in your fax log. Multiple Fax ...

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Online Fax for Mac

Sending an online fax on your Mac is easy. Today, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily send an online fax using different services. How Do You Want to Online Fax With Your Mac? There are two ways to send a fax online using your Mac: Method #1) Sign up for an online fax provider and send ...

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How to Fax from a VoIP Phone

Faxing from a VoIP phone like Skype, Vonage, Magic Jack, or Google Voice is impossible: due to the nature of the communication software used by VoIP technologies, it is impossible for fax data to be accurately transmitted over a VoIP connection. Yes, services like Skype and Google Voice are popular alternatives to traditional phone lines. However, there’s one major thing ...

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How to Fix a Paper Jam From A Fax Machine


Most fax machines have experienced the horror of a paper jam at some point in their lives. Paper jams are devastating and prevent you from receiving faxes. Since each paper jam is unique to the fax machine you’re using, solving paper jam problems isn’t always easy. Today, I’m going to explain some common solutions for clearing a paper jam. If ...

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Online Fax Frequently Asked Questions


Online faxing is a relatively new technology. And like all new technologies, people have a lot of questions to ask about online fax. Today, I’m going to answer your online fax service frequently asked questions and explain its advantages, disadvantages, pros, and cons. If you need to send out a fax immediately, I would just sign up for an online ...

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How a Fax Machine Works


Fax machines are relatively old pieces of technology. However, most people have no idea how fax machines actually work. It’s not rocket science! Today, I’m going to explain how fax machines work and tell you exactly how to use a fax machine. Users who are trying to use a fax machine without a phone line (and only, for example, an ...

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