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Why Consider Monaco?

Contrary to the belief that Monaco is a costly destination, Monaco is really on a level that has many other European destinations beat, including London.

It does, however, offer many more advantages above and beyond other destinations, Because English is widely spoken and understood, this is one of the main the reasons that Monaco is still a popular jurisdiction.

The government is actively supporting people, their families and corporations to move into Monaco. It stays politically stable and safe, and Monaco is nicely supported by a powerful banking and financial services community.

10 Reasons why you should consider Monaco:

  1. For resident people Monaco has several advantages over other jurisdictions. For instance, there’s no income tax and no mandate to reveal personal assets or global income.
  2. For businesses, although the corporate tax rate is listed as 33.33%, after various allowable deductions, the corporate tax rate usually remains under 6%. Manager’s fees, if taken by resident directors, are free of income tax to the receiver.
  3. For most people, there are lower compliance costs as there’s no condition to prepare and submit annual tax returns.
  4. There’s a greater ability to save and collect wealth as there’s no income, capital gains or wealth tax.
  5. There’s increased secrecy of one’s wealth there is no reporting of global income or assets to external services.
  6. There’s no capital gains tax, or wealth tax for non-French resident people.
  7. There aren’t any inheritance taxes on Monaco based assets between wife, husband or kids. A sliding scale of rates applies for more distant inheritors that is between 8% and 16.
  8. The residency application processes for most families is comparatively clear-cut and straightforward.
  9. There’s no prerequisite to buy property in Monaco, nor is there a minimal property lease cost payment.
  10. There’s no dependents tax charge imposed.

Numerous individuals are attracted by Monaco:

  • Entrepreneurs who are still growing their companies.
  • People who need Monaco based offices.
  • Businesses looking to relocate and reward their management teams with no private income tax.
  • People who would like to manage hedge fund and private equity direction in Monaco.
  • Families desiring to make the most of the superb facilities (including instruction) in Monaco.

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