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Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage

Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage

Intuit Online Payroll and Sage provide essential cloud-based business management services. Intuit Online Payroll helps employers calculate payroll taxes and send out paychecks, while Sage has a user-friendly design that simplifies bookkeeping. The two payroll software programs are not direct competitors to one another, but they do provide excellent complementary services.

How They Help Your Business Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage

Intuit Online Payroll simplifies your payroll software, while Sage is an excellent project management tool. The two services benefit your business in two different ways. However, both will save time and money for your business while simplifying life for employers and employees.

If you need payroll software, Intuit Enhanced Payroll is exactly what you need. Intuit also offers a 30 day free trial and its only $2/ per additional employee.

Benefits of Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit Online Payroll is a cloud-based payroll management service that guarantees accuracy on all paychecks. Employers can use Intuit to accurately pay employees, file IRS forms on time, and print off paychecks for employees or pay via direct deposit. Here are some of the ways in which Intuit will help your business:

File IRS forms accurately and on-time: Intuit Online Payroll automatically processes 1099 forms and W-2 forms for your business and notifies you when these forms are due. Nobody likes dealing with taxes and IRS forms, so this can take a lot of headaches out of business management.

Pay employees via paycheck or direct deposit: One of the biggest benefits of Intuit Online Payroll is being able to print off your own paychecks. Not all payroll services offer this feature, and with Intuit, paying your employees is as easy as printing off paychecks every payroll period. You can also pay employees via direct deposit.

Accurate payroll guarantee: Intuit will not mess up your payroll taxes or wrongly file tax forms on your behalf. Intuit is so sure of its payroll program that it guarantees accuracy. Tax deductions are guaranteed to be accurate and guaranteed to be filed on-time every time.

Employees can submit their own hours: Most payroll solutions force employers or payroll managers to process employee hour data. Every payroll period, employers need to manually enter that data into the program before creating a paycheck. With Intuit, employees can file their own hours every payroll period (for an extra fee), which can help business owners save a lot of time.

Benefits of Sage One

Sage is a project management tool that offers limited accounting features but includes invoicing, expense management, and more. It’s not quite a direct competitor to QuickBooks but they offer very similar services. QuickBooks focuses more on the bookkeeping side of things, while Sage concentrates on project management services.

Sage can be used in conjunction with Intuit Online Payroll, although the two services do not directly synchronize with one another. Sage will help your business in all of the following ways:

Cloud-based project management: If you have multiple employees working on a single project, then cloud-based project management is an excellent solution. It means your employees can access valuable project information from any internet-connected device and edit project info in real-time. Sage does exactly that.

Create unlimited invoices and quotes: Invoice clients and create quotes with your business’s logo using Sage’s built-in invoice and quote tool. Users can create unlimited invoices and quotes on all Sage plans.

Unlimited collaborators: Add multiple employees to a single project when you sign up for Sage One Accounting Standard, which lets you add an unlimited number of collaborators to every project.

Business communications: Project collaborators can share ideas and post status updates using Sage’s built-in communication tool.

Income tracking: Sage tracks income across multiple projects and lets you view income by project, by month, and by year.

Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage One Supported Services 

Mobile apps: Intuit Online Payroll offers apps for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone. Sage offers apps for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone and iPad. No matter what kind of operating system you use, you can access both services from any tablet computer using your mobile browser.

Online access: You can login to your Intuit Online Payroll account and Sage account from any internet-connected device.

Cloud support: Both Intuit Online Payroll and Sage use cloud computing. Sage comes with 5 free gigabytes of online cloud storage which can be used to share files and data with other collaborators.

Compatibility: Intuit Online Payroll and Sage are not compatible with one another. You can certainly use the two services side-by-side but there’s no way to directly integrate the two platforms together.

Online payment: Sage accepts online payments via PayPal and its home-grown payment service, Sage Payment Solutions, which accepts most major credit cards for a small transaction fee.

Bank accounts: Intuit Online Payroll automatically syncs with your business’s checking accounts and bank accounts. Sage lets you manually add financial data to your account, although you cannot directly synchronize your bank accounts with Sage. You can, however, accept online payments via PayPal and Sage’s built-in payment service, Sage Payment Solutions.

Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage One Pricing

Intuit Online Payroll

Pay Employees
+ $2/mo per employee
Runs payroll instantly
Calculates taxes
Pay Employees & Contractors
+ $2/mo per employee
Includes everything in Basic, plus:
Print/File Federal and State Tax Forms
Full Service
Pay Employees and Contractors
+ $2/mo per employee
We set up, run & file payroll for you
Error-free accuracy guaranteed


Sage One Invoicing
Unlimited Invoices and Quotes
Income Tracking
Anywhere Online Access
No Setup Fee
Sage One Accounting Standard
Sage One Invoicing+
5GB Cloud Storage
Project & Task Tracking
Bank Integration
Financial Reports

Other Points of Comparison On Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage One

Free trial: Sage offers a free trial with no credit card required. You don’t have to worry about cancelling your account before the free 30 day period is over, but you can choose to enter credit card data and continue using the same account. Intuit Online Payroll offers a free trial as well, although you need to enter credit card data and cancel before the 30 day period is over to prevent charges from appearing on your account.

Unlimited use: All Sage plans include unlimited invoices and quotes. You can also create unlimited numbers of financial reports and projects. Sage One Accounting Standard lets you add unlimited collaborators to every project, although Sage One Invoicing does not. On Intuit Online Payroll, you can add as many employees as you like to your account (for an extra fee of $2 per month per employee). They even offer a free payroll trial.

Extra fees: Intuit charges an extra $2 per month per employee. Base plans start at $20 per month, but that will rise to a total of $30 per month for businesses with 5 employees. Intuit users will also need to pay an extra $12 per month for each state in which payroll taxes need to be filed. Sage doesn’t charge additional fees on its accounts, but online transactions over Sage Payment Solutions will be charged small transaction fees.

Our Verdict On Intuit Online Payroll vs Sage One

Intuit Online Payroll and Sage provide good business management services. Unfortunately, Intuit Online Payroll does not directly integrate with Sage.

That’s a problem. If you’re deciding between using Intuit Online Payroll with Sage or a competitor like QuickBooks, then we’d recommend QuickBooks because it directly integrates with Intuit.

With all that in mind, Sage isn’t a bad program. It offers valuable services for today’s businesses and is one of the top bookkeeping platforms available today. If you tried QuickBooks and weren’t impressed for whatever reason, then Sage is an excellent alternative – just don’t expect it to integrate directly with Intuit Online Payroll.

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