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Sage vs Paychex

Sage vs Paychex

Sage and Paychex are two popular business management service companies. Paychex is one of the industry’s long-running pioneers and was founded in 1971. Sage has also existed for decades and was founded in 1981. Both companies offer innovative business service solutions designed to save your business time and money. Sage One is a comprehensive project management and financial reporting tool, while Paychex is a payroll service company that helps users quickly and easily calculate payroll taxes.

Sage One vs Paychex How They Help Your Business

Benefits of Sage One

Sage One helps your business by providing superior project management services. Those project management services include employee hour tracking, task management, expense and income tracking, and much more.

Sage One lets you invite multiple collaborators to a single project and communicate with coworkers over a unified platform. If your business frequently deals with group projects, then Sage One is virtually guaranteed to increase workplace productivity and help you meet project deadlines within budget and on-time.

Specific Sage One benefits include:

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Cloud-based platform: Access Sage one anywhere you have internet. All changes you make will be reflected to all collaborators in real-time, making it easier for multiple users to productively work together. Sage One comes with free cloud storage space to make it easy to transfer files and documents between users.

Unlimited invoices and estimates: Need to send a client a quote, estimate, or invoice? Sage One can help you do that. Sage One lets you create a custom business invoice complete with your logo and other business information. Simply add the client-specific information and you’re ready to win over new clients with a professional appearance.

Income and expense tracking: Easily track income and expenses for each project your company is working on. The Sage One mobile apps help your employees report expenses on-the-go.

Bank account syncing: Sage One syncs to over 10,000 bank accounts and lets you add credit cards to each specific project in order to track expenses.

Payment processing: Sage One lets you process payments online. Users can connect to PayPal directly from the Sage One service or they can use the built-in Sage payment platform, which accepts credit and debit card payments.

Benefits of Paychex

Paychex is a payroll management service which helps you accurately and efficiently file taxes for every employee in your company. It’s a full-service payroll solution designed to simplify every payment period.

Paychex comes with a number of unique benefits that differentiate it from other popular payroll providers, including:

Personal tech support: Paychex offers excellent tech support. Tech support is available during normal North America business hours and clients can easily talk to a dedicated payroll specialist at any time. That payroll specialist can answer any questions you might have about payrolls and taxes. If you don’t want to talk to a person over the phone, you can also live chat or view online tech support resources.

Pay all types of employees: Whether you’re working with 1099 contractors or W-2 employees, Paychex makes paying all types of employees as easy as possible.

Multiple payment methods: How do you pay your employees? With Paychex, you can easily pay via direct deposit. Alternatively, you can apply to have checks sent from the nearest Paychex office every payroll period.

File payroll online, over the phone, or by fax: Most payroll programs today only accept payroll information online. That’s fine because most companies have put a lot of time into developing an effective online UI. Paychex doesn’t have a great online user interface, but it does allow users to file payroll data over the phone or by fax.

Sage One vs PayChex Supported Services

Mobile apps: Paychex and Sage One both offer apps for all popular mobile devices. Paychex apps, however, have limited functionality and only allow employees to view their pay stubs. Sage One apps, on the other hand, provide users with a full suite of tools and communication options. This helps employees work together productively when on-the-go.

QuickBooks: Paychex and Sage One both sync automatically with QuickBooks. If you’re using Sage 50’s accounting software, you can also import and export accounting data between the two services.

Compatibility: Paychex and Sage One are not directly compatible with one another.

Cloud support: Paychex uses its online servers to handle all payroll data, although it has not established cloud infrastructure. Sage One, on the other hand, has fully adopted cloud infrastructure across all its services. Users also receive five free gigabytes of cloud storage space.

Sage One vs Paychex Pricing

Sage One

Sage One Invoicing
Unlimited Invoices and Quotes
Income Tracking
Anywhere Online Access
No Setup Fee
Sage One Accounting Standard
Sage One Invoicing+
5GB Cloud Storage
Project & Task Tracking
Bank Integration
Financial Reports


Paychex isn’t transparent about its pricing. Instead of offering clear pricing packages, Paychex offers customized quotes to all customers. This is a good thing for some customers – particularly larger businesses – but it turns many smaller businesses away. In any case, Paychex is closely priced with ADP but is significantly more expensive than most other payroll system providers (anywhere from two times to four times more expensive than competitors like Intuit Online Payroll).

If you want to learn specific details about Paychex’s pricing policy, then you’ll need to contact a Paychex customer service representative and apply for a quote.

Other Points of Comparison On Sage One vs Paychex

Pricing: Paychex is a relatively expensive payroll service company. It’s closely priced compared to ADP, but it’s much more expensive than most other smaller providers. That price comes with some extra benefits, including personalized one-on-one support and the resources of a larger company, but the pricing is simply too expensive for many small and medium-sized businesses. In any case, pricing will be an important factor when deciding between Sage and Paychex for your business.

Free trial: Sage offers a free trial with no credit card required. Users can simply sign up and request the free trial, during which users have full access to all Sage One services. Once the 30 day period is up, you can upgrade your account and retain all data or choose another provider. Paychex does not offer a free trial.

User interface: Paychex has one of the worst user interfaces of any payroll service out there today. Its online interface is complex and difficult to use. It’s going to take a few payroll periods before you feel fully comfortable dealing with Paychex. Sage One, on the other hand, offers a clean and modern design that many users will appreciate.

Our Verdict On Sage One vs Paychex

Ultimately, Sage One and Paychex offer two different types of services. Sage One is a basic project management tool that also offers income and expense tracking – much like QuickBooks without the extensive bookkeeping features. Sage One users can access further accounting functionality and payroll systems, but they’ll need to upgrade to Sage 50 in order to do so. You can read about our payroll free trials here.

On the other hand, Paychex is purely a payroll service provider. It helps users accurately and efficiently calculate employee paychecks. It guarantees accuracy and files critical forms like W-2s and 1099s on-time.

However, Paychex comes at a considerably higher cost than many of its competitors. Users can subscribe to Sage One and Sage 50 and still pay less overall than they would with Paychex. The fact that Paychex does not publish clear pricing packages further complicates the pricing issue.

Some businesses appreciate the personalized services offered by Paychex. Other businesses collaborate on group projects on a regular basis and require the project management services offered by Sage One. Small and medium-sized businesses will likely appreciate the lower pricing of products like Sage One and Sage 50, while larger corporations may find bulk discounts and better resources available with Paychex.

Editor’s Note: Looking for information on payroll services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

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