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Top 5 Things that Make Intuit Payroll Awesome

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of research to learn that Intuit Online Payroll is one of the world’s most popular payroll service providers. If you look at payroll software reviews and rankings online, you’ll typically see Intuit at the top of the list.

What makes Intuit Payroll awesome? Here are our 5 favorite reasons:

5) They take full advantage of the cloud

Cloud computing has been an important tech trend over the last few years. Thanks to cloud computing, much of our data is more secure, stable, and accessible than ever before.

Intuit Online Payroll takes full advantage of cloud computing. With Intuit Online Payroll, users enjoy enhanced security and can access their data anywhere. Your data is automatically synced across all internet-connected devices and is frequently backed up for maximum security.

Today, more and more businesses are switching to the cloud. In the payroll software industry, however, many of Intuit’s competitors still rely on clunky desktop software. The fact that Intuit uses cloud computing is awesome, to say the least.

If you need payroll software, Intuit Enhanced Payroll is exactly what you need. Intuit also offers a 30 day free trial and its only $2/ per additional employee.

4) Top-quality integration with QuickBooks

Some of Intuit Payroll’s competitors sync with QuickBooks, but none of them do it as well as Intuit. QuickBooks, of course, is owned by Intuit. The two platforms have similar interfaces and you can even bundle the two programs together to save a lot of money.

If you use both Intuit Payroll and QuickBooks, you should never have to enter the same data twice. All of your information should quickly and easily sync across both services. Although the interfaces are slightly different, there are plenty of common UI traits that make for a short learning curve.

Millions of businesses around the world use QuickBooks. If you’re one of those businesses, then Intuit Payroll should be at the top of your list when comparing payroll providers.

3) Fantastic mobile apps

Most of today’s payroll providers have mobile apps. However, not all providers have good mobile apps. Intuit Online Payroll is an exception to that rule.

Intuit’s mobile apps are available for all major Android and iOS devices (including the iPad, iPhone, and even the iPod Touch). The apps are free to download. Both the iOS and Android apps have thousands of reviews and have an average rating of 4+ stars out of 5.

The thing I like most about the Intuit Payroll mobile apps, however, is that mobile users are not restricted in any way. You enjoy the same features and capabilities on your mobile apps as you would on a desktop or laptop computer.

Whether you’re on vacation, working from home, or sitting in your office, you’ll enjoy the same payroll features across all devices.

Key features of the Intuit mobile apps include:

  • Create accurate paychecks for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors
  • E-pay taxes and e-file tax forms in all states
  • Pay workers via direct deposit
  • Receive reminders of upcoming payday deadlines and tax form submission deadlines
  • View previous paychecks

If there’s anything missing from the mobile app, I haven’t found it yet. Intuit’s mobile apps are awesome no matter which device you’re using.

2) Competitive pricing

Intuit is one of the best payroll programs and could likely charge a lot more for its services. Intuit, however, remains one of the most competitively priced service providers available today.

Intuit plans start at just $20 per month, although the most popular plan (which allows for payment of employees and contractors and lets you file auto-completed tax forms), costs $28 per month. You’ll need to pay an extra $2 per month per employee, but other than that, there are no extra fees or charges applied to your account.

Ultimately, Intuit’s pricing is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Instead, it finds a happy middle-ground while still having more features than many of the other top providers.

1) Friendly tech support

Call Intuit’s tech support line any time between 6pm and 6am Monday to Friday to enjoy world-class tech support. Tech support is based in the United States. More importantly, tech support centers are staffed by real Intuit employees who know what they’re talking about.

Intuit’s tech support isn’t 24/7, but after hours, users will find a wide range of resources available online, including video tutorials and vast knowledge bases.

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