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Private Policy

The following describes the terms on which we offer you (the “Visitor”) access to our website. BeBusinessed.com (the “Company”) is highly dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of all visitors while providing a safe and enjoyable online experience.

By using https://bebusinessed.com (the “Website”), you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We gather certain information from visitors, users, and customers and it’s important to fully understand our terms and conditions to ensure a safe browsing experience. This Privacy Policy fully discloses which information we gather and explains how we use that information, edit that information, and change that information in regards to protecting your personal privacy. We take steps to safeguard visitor privacy both online and offline. Please read the complete Privacy Policy below including the Terms of Use and contact BeBusinessed.com if you have any questions or inquiries.


Visitors can visit our website, peruse materials, and browse content throughout BeBusinessed.com without giving us any personally identifiable information. We collect certain types of visitor information automatically in order to provide users and customers with a customized and efficient online experience. We also collect certain types of information to accommodate requests or in certain circumstances.

Information You Voluntarily Divulge

We collect personally identifiable information that users voluntarily divulge to us. That information may include a full name, company name, email address, age, gender, home city, address, zip code, telephone number, credit card number, and additional similar information. Users may choose to divulge this information when posting a review, commenting on a review, commenting on content, posting a forum topic, posting a comment on a forum topic, signing up for affiliated services, purchasing discount coupons, ordering transportation services, contacting us about products, services, and offerings, and engaging in other similar activities.

Information We Automatically Collect

We may automatically collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address and the addresses of referring websites along with your browser type and referral domain names. We use this information to optimize the online experience of the Website and track usage patterns of visitors. Information may also be used to control the display of certain functionalities. Users can turn off cookies to prevent automatic information collect, although this may negatively affect the online experience. More information about cookies is posted below.


We use collected information to optimize the online experience of the Website and track usage patterns of visitors. We may also use collected information to control the display of certain functionalities and features of the Website. The information you provide is used to fulfill requests and improve the Website experience along with products and services. We may also occasionally produce reports for advertisers, affiliated parties, sponsors, and vendors, in which case the reports contain anonymous aggregate information about users, customers, and visitors. Anonymous aggregate information included in these reports includes demographics, age, and online usage information. We use this information to produce content and information that is relevant to users. No personally identifiable information of visitors, customers, or users is included in these reports.

We may occasionally send emails to Visitors containing information related to the content, products, and services on our Website. From time to time, we may also send emails containing information targeted to you from our paid advertisers. You may unsubscribe from all email lists by unchecking the ‘subscribe to email’ box during the site registration process. You may also unsubscribe from all email lists by logging into the Website using your user information, clicking on the User Information Page, clicking on the Email Preferences tab, and unchecking the ‘subscribe to email’ box and other boxes related to email enrolment. Users can also unsubscribe from all emails by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link provided in all email offers sent from the Website.

We may occasionally establish business relationships with other persons, entities, organizations, affiliated company entities, and credit partners. We may share and cross reference personal information with partners that will enable partners to contact you regarding relevant products and services. Please visit the websites of our partners to understand and acknowledge all relevant privacy policies for yourself.

From time to time, we may also use collected information to fulfill customer requests. Fulfilling customer requests include but is not limited to: evaluating and administering our products and services or the products and services of affiliated partners; responding to future problems; administering technical support; troubleshooting; and gauging user trends to identify which products and services are most popular with Visitors.

All transactions performed over our Website and affiliated partners will automatically provide information about the vendor name, item(s) purchased, total cost, and other relevant data to your credit card company.


Your web browser accommodates small amounts of personal data called ‘Cookies’ which are stored on your computer if you allow their use. Cookies are created when you visit a website and do not contain any personally identifiable information other than that which you voluntarily provide to us. Cookies help us optimize the Visitor experience and recommend relevant products and services to all Visitors. Visitors who disable Cookies may find that some advanced Website features and functions are disabled.

Important Note

We reserve the right to use or disclose any information without notice or consent for the following purposes: to accommodate legal requests or to satisfy any legal obligations or regulations; to investigate consumer complaints; to investigate breaches of law; to protect the integrity of the Website and related properties; to safeguard the information of visitors; to fulfill user requests; and to cooperate in any legal investigation.


From time to time, we will update this Privacy Policy in order to protect our users and accommodate a changing environment. We encourage you to check our Privacy Policy when you visit our Website to understand our current policy. We prominently post and share all changes made to this Privacy Policy regarding use and collection of your personally identifiable data.

Updated May 8, 2014

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