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Resource Guide: Cycling on a Budget

Cycling is a wonderful hobby that can double as exercise and cost-savings. By biking to the store and putting your groceries in a basket, you can save on fuel costs. By riding around your neighborhood for exercise, you can save the monthly expense of a gym membership. You can also just bike around town as a family for some fresh air and bonding time.

Whatever your reasons are, read on to check out our compilation of resources below to help you get started in a budget-friendly way.

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General Cycling Tips

  • Cycling on a Budget: This blogger found some interesting ways to save money on apparel, accessories, and even a homemade sports drink.
  • Getting into Road Cycling: If you’re looking to race or go very long distances, you’ll want to check out this list of items you’ll need.
  • Biking on a Budget: Here you’ll find some tips for making biking a fun, affordable lifestyle.!
  • Cycling Forums: Read threads and post your own questions for free on the online cycling forums.

Buying the Bike

  • Getting a Bike on a Budget: You won’t get very far cycling without a bike! Here are some tips to get bikes on sale or second hand.
  • What to Look For in a Bike: Read this Frequently Asked Questions article for an idea of how to shop for a bike, including tips on negotiating a better deal.


  • Bike Maintenance 101: Learning how to maintain your own bike can save you hundreds in repairs. This picture-illustrated guide from Schwinn will get you started.
  • 3 Super Easy Maintenance Tricks: Billed as the things “your bike mechanic wishes you did,” this article gives tips on things like how and where to put oil on your chain.

Bike Accessories

    • When to Splurge, When to Save: Some things just aren’t worth cutting corners on. This cyclist’s guide gives you some direction on when to splurge and when it’s okay to be cheap.
    • Bike Swap: This bike swap is located in Maryland and attracts cyclists from all over the East Coast. The event helps cyclists swap out parts and accessories for a good deal. Check for a swap in your area.

Tips and Advice to Save on Cycling

Before you begin purchasing anything, ask yourself what your plans and goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to get more fresh air? Are you trying to cut down on energy usage by biking instead of driving? This will help narrow down the kinds of low-cost bikes you can get away with, so be sure to mention your ideas to a local bike store associate.

Shop around before you buy. Visit several local stores. It can be most cost-beneficial to find a good bike shop than a bad one that happens to sell cheap stuff. When you have problems, a good bike shop will stand by their product. This can save you money in the long run.

Spread out your investment buy first buying only the bike and a helmet. You can save the other accessories, like a fancy seat, bright headlight, or bottle holder for later.

Consider swapping out the seat. Sometimes you can get a less expensive bike and purchase a comfortable seat separately for less than the cost of a prepackaged bike with the perfect seat.

Drink water instead of sports drinks. There are a lot of costly products out there that claim to have added benefits, but unless you’re a competitive or long-distance cycler, you’re just fine refilling a bottle with your own tap water.

Buy used when possible. Even if you don’t buy your bike used, you can probably save on the accessories buy shopping online for gently used products. Consider this for headlights, baskets, handlebar grips, etc.

Only purchase one cycling outfit. To begin, you don’t need a whole wardrobe of cycling pants and shirts. You also don’t need to start with expensive cycling shoes. Spread these costs out over time if you continue to enjoy cycling.

Learn how to maintain your bike. Read your bike’s user manual and learn the bike’s ins and outs. If you can catch a wearing part before it breaks, you could save yourself a bundle in repairs. Also see if you can join a cycling community where you can borrow the necessary tools rather than having to buy all the wrenches, nuts and other parts.

Build yourself up to speed. If you push yourself too hard, too fast, you may get discouraged and give up on cycling. Then all your investment has gone to waste. Know your body’s limits and push yourself gently and gradually.

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