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Big Commerce Review

Big Commerce is one of the most popular e-commerce systems in the world today. It features drag-and-drop design tools, powerful shopping cart solutions, and an overall commitment to expanding your business online. Here’s what we think about Big Commerce.

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Big Commerce Features

Big Commerce Store Design

Templates: Big Commerce offers a wide range of templates which cater to businesses in many different industries. New templates are constantly being added and tweaked.
Custom Premium Templates: Don’t like any of the Big Commerce templates? That’s okay. Big Commerce lets you install premium templates from third-party designers. Custom theme prices range from $5 to $500.
Drag and Drop: Big Commerce features a simple drag and drop design, making it easy for both novice and experienced web designers to use.
Simple Setup Process: Within two minutes of creating your Big Commerce account, you can be opening your very own online store.

Big Commerce Compatibility

eBay and Amazon: Big Commerce charges an additional fee when connecting to stores on Amazon or eBay.
Social Media Support: Encourage customers to share your product pages on social media and easily setup a Facebook store for your online business.
Blog Support: Create and update a blog through your online store; blogs can attract prospective customers through SEO or by providing valuable information.

Big Commerce Payment Options

Multiple Support Options: Big Commerce supports over 60 different payment options on all three packages, including popular credit cards, PayPal, and eChecks.
Abandoned Shopping Cart: Big Commerce promises to increase sales by 15% with its Abandoned Shopping Cart feature, which lets you recover shopping carts that were abandoned by customers.
Upselling: Make sure your customers have everything they need with advanced upselling features that increase revenue for your business.
Refund System: Enable or disable a refund system that lets customers return products in exchange for a refund.

Additional Big Commerce Features

AdWords Support: Link your online store with paid advertising solutions, including Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing.
Advanced Security: Protect your customers with multi-layer security, including advanced firewalls, DDoS protection, SQL injection identification, and much more.
SEO Friendly URLs: Attract search engine traffic to your business with search-friendly URLs.
Daily Deals: Encourage customers to visit your store frequently with daily deals.
Tech Support: In general, Big Commerce has excellent tech support options and lets customers interact with real tech support agents over phone, email, and online chat. The knowledge base also contains webinars, video tutorials, FAQs, and much more.
5GB Storage
Unlimited Products and Bandwidth
60+ Payment Options
2% transaction fee
Gold (Most Popular)
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Products and Bandwidth
60+ Payment Options
No Transaction Fee
Abandoned Cart Saver
Gold Package+
Google Trusted Automation
White Glove Setup

Note: Big Commerce recently narrowed down its pricing packages. It previously offered 5 different levels of service but now offers 3. So if you see other Big Commerce reviews talking about 5 different pricing packages, then these reviews are not up-to-date.

The Good On Big Commerce

Easy-to-Use Design Tools

Big Commerce has one of the easiest design systems in the e-commerce software market. A number of different design tools are available – including HTML editors and drag-and-drop systems. Whether you’re an experienced coding expert or you have never designed a website before, Big Commerce makes it surprisingly easy to build good-looking websites. To get an idea of what Big Commerce websites look like, visit the main page of the Big Commerce site, where the company has posted some of the great-looking websites its customers have built.

Over 65 Payment Options

Every day, online stores lose business because they don’t accept certain payment options. Big Commerce accepts 65 different payment options – including credit cards, PayPal, eChecks, and many more. The software also has a built-in credit card processing and point-of-sale systems which make payment processing incredibly simple.

Mobile Friendly

When you create a store in Big Commerce, the software automatically creates two versions of the site: a desktop friendly version and a mobile friendly version. Websites automatically resize to fit any screen and any device. That means you don’t lose customers just because they’re visiting your website using a unique phone or tablet.

Automated Return Systems

You can’t please everyone. Inevitably, some customers will want to return the product or service they’ve purchased from your business. When that happens, Big Commerce has an automated return system in place to make your life easier.

SEO Friendly URLs

One of the biggest problems online stores face is SEO: online stores often have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of product listings. Unfortunately, search engines rarely choose to show these pages to searchers. Big Commerce turns this problem into a benefit: it automatically creates an SEO-friendly URL structure for your business. So, instead of having your links look like: YourWebsite.com/p-12345, Big Commerce creates an SEO friendly URL structure that turns each product page into a URL like this: YourWebsite.com/ProductKeyword. The more search engine traffic your business receives, the better.

Social Media Friendly

It’s no secret that social media is the engine that drives popular opinion these days. Unfortunately, other ecommerce systems don’t always offer social media linking options. Big Commerce, however, lets you create a Facebook store for your online business and encourages customers to share products on social media. All it takes is one social share for a product to ‘go viral’ or suddenly capture the attention of thousands of people.

Direct Connections to Paid Advertising Systems

Online advertising has never been more important than it is today. Tomorrow I could say the exact same thing: paid advertising has steadily grown from a million-dollar industry to a multi-billion dollar industry over the past decade. Big Commerce lets you take advantage of paid advertising by linking directly to Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, both of which allow you to place your company’s advertisements on search listings.

Multiple Layers of Security

Every day, it seems like a new business is announcing that it lost customer data and that it’s really sorry. When you use Big Commerce, you will probably never be one of those companies. Big Commerce uses multi-layered security which includes 128-bit SSL Certificates, hardware firewalls, DDoS protection, and SQL injection detection. If anything bad happens, Big Commerce offers total disaster recovery support. Most users will never need to access these tools, but it’s comforting to know they exist.

Multiple Levels of Packages

Big Commerce caters to large and small businesses. Plans are sorted based on storage space and features. The smallest plan, for example, costs $34.95 per month and includes 5GB of storage space and an unlimited product catalog. It also charges a 2% transaction fee on all orders. The two larger plans waive that transaction fee and include features like Abandoned Cart Saver and advanced troubleshooting. Enterprise-level corporations can also apply for a customized quote and plan.

Tech Support and Online Knowledge Base

Big Commerce is a deep system with lots of features. You’re not going to learn all its intricacies in a single day. If you need to ask any questions about Big Commerce, then the company offers email, chat, and telephone support. If you don’t want to speak to a real human being, then you can also access a knowledge base which contains different tools, features, and tutorial videos.

The Bad On Big Commerce

Additional Charges for Amazon and eBay Stores

Amazon and eBay are the two largest online retail marketplaces in the world. Each website has thousands of customer stores. In fact, some businesses are based entirely around either of these two platforms. If you’re one of these businesses, then you will need to pay an extra charge to link your Big Commerce account with your Amazon or eBay store.

No Multilanguage Storefront Options

If your business caters to people in multiple language groups, then Big Commerce isn’t the best option. Big Commerce currently does not offer multi-language storefront support. Multilingual websites often have flags or words like ‘English’, ‘Español’, and ‘Francais’ visitors can click to change their language. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option on Big Commerce.

Our Verdict On Big Commerce

Big Commerce has taken the ecommerce industry by storm. It’s one of the most feature-rich systems available today. It creates a customer-friendly online storefront for your business and offers extensive payment options. If you want to efficiently and securely manage online sales for your business, then Big Commerce is an excellent option.

The small negatives of Big Commerce are a non-factor for the vast majority of businesses. As mentioned above, the only two major downsides of Big Commerce are its added fees for Amazon and eBay stores and lack of multi-language storefront options. If your business doesn’t work with Amazon or eBay and doesn’t cater to people speaking foreign languages, then these “negatives” are non-issues.

Ultimately, we highly recommend Big Commerce to any company looking to grow online. Whether your company is based entirely online or you’re complementing a brick-and-mortar store with a sales-friendly website, Big Commerce is one of the best ecommerce systems around.

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