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Dream Host Review

DreamHost is a popular and fast webhost that offers extensive features and multiple pricing plans. Whether you’re creating your first website or you’re an advanced web developer, DreamHost has everything you need.

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Dream Host Features

Dream Host Web Development

One Click Installers:  Install WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, and other popular content management services with a single click using the DreamHost control panel.
Programming Support Options: PHP5, Perl, Python, Full Unix Shell, Contrab Access, Ruby on Rails, and more.
100% Uptime Guarantee: DreamHost promises 100% uptime, although this does not include scheduled maintenance and coding errors on your own website.
Easy Domain Transfer and Registration: DreamHost can act as your domain registrar, making it easy to manage your domains from a single place and transfer domains from other services.

Dream Host Web Hosting

Unlimited Bandwidth: There is no limit to how much bandwidth you use each month.
Unlimited Disk Storage: You can upload as many files as you want to your DreamHost account.
Unlimited Domain Hosting: Add all of your domains to DreamHost without worrying about limits.
Unlimited Email Addresses: Create email addresses for all your domains.
Free Trial: Anyone can try out DreamHost for free for 14 days, during which time you have full access to the web host’s features and can experience the proprietary control panel for yourself.
VPS: DreamHost offers Virtual Private Servers that start at just $15 per month.
Dedicated Servers: DreamHost dedicated servers start at $99 per month for a 2GB memory, 500GB disk space configuration and scale up to $229 per month for a 16GB memory, 1TB disk space configuration.
Cloud Hosting: Enjoy maximum scalability and resiliency with cloud web hosting.

Dream Host Account Add-Ons

Additional Domains: $9.95 per year
Unique IP Address: $3.95 per month
Premium Tech Support: Receive 3 phone callbacks per month and unlimited live chat for $9.95 per month
SSL Secure Certificate: $15 per year
VPS Upgrade: $15 per month

Other Features of Dream Host

Google AdWords Credit: Receive $100 Google AdWords credit with every new shared hosting account.
24/7 US-Based Tech Support: DreamHost offers good round-the-clock tech support based in Los Angeles, although all tech support requests must be performed over email.
Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t like DreamHost for any reason, then you have 97 days to get a full refund on your order.
CafeCommerce: CafeCommerce is an ecommerce system that is designed to make growing an online retail store as easy as possible. DreamHost users can access exclusive bundle deals on CafeCommerce and pay just $30 per month for their DreamHost shared hosting plus CafeCommerce package.
Web Hosting: Shared
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Hosted on Solid State Drives
Free Domain Name Included
Host Unlimited Domains
Virtual Private Server
$15 to $200/mo
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Scalable up to 8GB of RAM
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Dedicated Server
$99 to $229/mo
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Up to 16GB of RAM
Up to 1 TB of Storage
Instant Provisioning

The Good on Dream Host

Unique Control Panel

DreamHost doesn’t use a prepackaged control panel like CPanel. Instead, it has its own proprietary platform. That’s a bit of a culture shock for those who come from CPanel—heavy web hosts, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. In fact, many people prefer this control panel. All of the important tools you need to access can be accessed directly via the control panel, including billing, email address creation, software installation, domain registration, and DNS configuration, among many other things. It’s easy for anyone to use and DreamHost developed everything in-house with its team of programming experts, so many people see this as an advantage.

One Click Script Installation

Most web developers today use content management systems like WordPress or Joomla. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll be pleased to note that DreamHost has one click installation tools for these content management systems and many other types of scripts. After creating your account, it takes just a few clicks to install WordPress on your servers. Supported scripts include WordPress, Joomla, phpbb (for forums), Gallery2, and MediaWiki. Any unsupported scripts can also be installed, although it will be more complicated for beginner users.

100% Uptime Guarantee

DreamHost is famous for its uptime and reliability. DreamHost websites rarely go down, and when they do go down, it’s due to planned maintenance and website owners are notified in advance. Despite some early problems when the company was first starting out, DreamHost has solidified its uptime percentage and promises to offer 100% uptime. In fact, if your website goes down, DreamHost will give you one free day of hosting for every hour your website is down – provided the downtime isn’t a result of your own errors or scheduled maintenance. That’s a good deal that most other web hosts do not offer.

24/7 Tech Support

DreamHost offers decent tech support, although it’s not perfect. On paper, DreamHost’s tech support looks excellent. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is based in Los Angeles. However, all tech support must be performed over email tickets and response times vary from a few minutes to 24 hours. More extensive tech support options – including 3 callbacks and unlimited live chat per month – are available at a price of $9.95 per month.

97 Day Money Back Guarantee

97 days is a long time. It’s over three months. You have 97 days to decide whether or not you want to keep using DreamHost. If you decide you don’t like the service at any point in the 97 day period, you can receive a full refund on all web hosting payments made to that point.

Diverse Range of Web Hosting Plans

No matter which type of web hosting plan you need, DreamHost has what you need. There are shared web hosting plans which start at $8.95 per month and offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. More advanced users will appreciate the DreamHost VPS option, and there are also dedicated servers for those who require business-class services and advanced functionality.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting could be the only web hosting option in the future. Today, cloud hosting offers a secure, fast, and flexible alternative to traditional web hosting plans. Cloud hosting is typically more expensive than shared hosting, but many web developers appreciate the scalability, security, and resiliency. DreamHost offers cloud hosting plans that are perfect for more advanced web developers.

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

The basic DreamHost shared hosting package costs $8.95 per month, but don’t let that affordable price fool you: DreamHost comes with a suite of advanced features that vastly enhance its value. Those features include unlimited disk storage space and unlimited bandwidth, which means you never have to worry about an excessive number of visitors or downloading crashing your servers.

Unlimited Domains

Even on the basic shared web hosting plan, DreamHost lets user control an unlimited number of hosted domains. Whether you own one website or 100, you can host everything on DreamHost. You can also create an unlimited number of email accounts, MySQL5 databases, and subdomains.

The Bad on Dream Host

No CPanel

DreamHost uses a unique control panel interface. Fortunately, that control panel doesn’t look totally different from CPanel and it’s extremely user-friendly. In fact, many users prefer the DreamHost control panel to alternative options. However, if you’ve been using CPanel for many years and refuse to learn anything else, then this could be an issue when switching to DreamHost.

No Live Tech Support

DreamHost tech support is limited for those on Level 1 plans – which will be most of those on basic web hosting plans. Level 1 plan users need to file support tickets and then wait for DreamHost’s tech support staff to respond. Usually, the response arrives within a few hours, which is fine for most problems. However, if you’re trying to quickly solve a smaller problem, then the ticket system can be frustrating. That being said, there are plenty of help articles and tech support resources available on the DreamHost website and you’re often able to solve your problems without filing a ticket.

Our Verdict On Dream Host

DreamHost is an excellent web hosts that offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and unlimited domains on virtually all its plans. While competitors like HostGator use CPanel, these two web hosts are virtually equal in most other categories.

DreamHost customers enjoy a number of unique advantages, including excellent value on shared hosting plans and even better value on some of the budget VPS and dedicated plans.

Ultimately, one of the biggest differences between DreamHost and its competitors is the proprietary control panel software, which was developed in-house by DreamHost. It looks different from CPanel and offers different functionality, but most of the tools are the same. Some users like CPanel better, while others appreciate the DreamHost interface. It’s a personal thing, and the best way to figure it out for yourself is to take advantage of the 14 day free trial offer.

Whether you’re building a website for the first time or moving your network of twenty websites to a brand new web host, DreamHost is a solid hosting provider that offers extensive hosting functionality and service. With a 100% uptime guarantee and 97 day money back offer, there are few things to dislike about DreamHost.

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