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DudaMobile Review

DudaMobile is a sleek mobile website builder that sets a new standard for clear, easy web design. With DudaMobile, users can create functional mobile websites optimized for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and other popular mobile devices.

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DudaMobile Features

DudaMobile Design

Multiple Design Options: Create a unique design for your website from multiple included themes.
Cross-Platform Sync: All changes you make to your desktop website will also change on your mobile site.
Complementary Color Schemes: Build a mobile site around your business’s branded colors and patterns.
Quick Setup: Create an aesthetically pleasing mobile website for your business in 10 minutes or less.
Drag and Drop: Drag and drop templates and widgets onto your custom website.
What You See Is What You Get: WYSIWIG is used throughout the service.
No Coding Knowledge Required: You don’t need to know a bit of code to use DudaMobile effectively.
HTML: Users can add their own custom HTML if needed.
CSS: Users can add their own custom CSS if needed.

DudaMobile Compatibility

Google Maps: It’s easy to add ‘Find Us’ buttons and other Google Maps widgets to your website.
Facebook: Add a Facebook Page to DudaMobile and the service will emulate its color scheme on your mobile site.
Add a Website: Add your company’s website to DudaMobile to add its color scheme and pattern to your mobile site.
Desktop: DudaMobile websites are compatible with desktop computers, including PCs, Macs, and all major web browsers.
Tablet: All popular tablets are supported.
Smartphones: DudaMobile is compatible with all smartphone screen sizes and resolutions.
Multiple Supported Services: DudaMobile also supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, WordPress, AdSense, and other popular online services.

Additional DudaMobile Features

Analytics: DudaMobile lets customers analyze site traffic and see exactly how mobile users are using the site.
Great Tech Support: DudaMobile offers 24/7 tech support and a comprehensive online knowledge library of FAQs and tutorials.
Free Preview: Preview how your site will look with DudaMobile without paying a dime.
Free Version: Along with a free preview, DudaMobile offers a free ‘Basic’ plan supported by advertisements on your mobile website.
Free Mobile Site: DudaMobile will create a mobile domain for your website at m.YourSite.com, where ‘YourSite.com’ is your own website.

DudaMobile Pricing Packages

DudaMobile Domain
Mobile Website with Ads
No Tech Support
$7.20/mo (Annual Plan)
Ad-Free Mobile Website
Custom Domain at m.YourSite.com
Unlimited Mobile Pages
Unlimited Tech Support


-DudaMobile Domain

-Mobile Website with Ads

-No Tech Support



-$7.20 Per Month (Annual Plan)

-$9.00 Per Month (Monthly Plan)

-Ad-Free Mobile Website

-Custom Domain at m.YourSite.com

-Unlimited Mobile Pages

-Unlimited Tech Support

The Good On DudaMobile

Intelligent Construction Tools

DudaMobile’s secret to success isn’t really a secret: it’s the awesome construction tools that make building any type of mobile website a breeze. Those construction tools are both powerful and easy to use: a rare combination in a world where automated website builders often try to be too easy or too feature-rich. Construction tools include automatic syncing between your desktop website and mobile website as well as full text editing, image manipulation, color schemes and more.

More Advanced HTML And CSS Coding Options Available

You don’t need to know anything about website coding or programming to use DudaMobile. However, those who are experienced with web design will appreciate the fact that these options are available. DudaMobile’s coding options include advanced HTML and CSS options which allow you to fine tune various aspects of your website.

Aesthetically Pleasing Themes and Designs

Website builders are useless if they don’t build good looking websites. Fortunately, DudaMobile makes it easy to craft aesthetically pleasing websites. The interface includes sections for ‘Layout’, ‘Style’, ‘Header’, and ‘Pages’, which makes dragging and dropping website elements ridiculously easy.

Transfer Existing Data from Desktop Website

You probably worked hard to build your company’s existing desktop website. DudaMobile makes sure that hard work doesn’t go to waste. When you’re building your mobile site, you have the opportunity to transfer data – including color scheme information – from your desktop site to your mobile site. This makes the conversion process as easy as possible.

Build a Mobile Website from Scratch Using Themes

If your company doesn’t want to borrow data from an existing site, then that’s okay. You can start a totally new site from scratch. That process is not nearly as intimidating as it sounds – simply pick one of 15 available themes for your site and start sliding pieces into place.

Search Engine Optimization Support

SEO is a cornerstone of any company’s online marketing plan in this day and age. Without SEO, customers are going to have trouble finding your company online. Fortunately, DudaMobile offers comprehensive SEO support. DudaMobile ensures your site aligns with Google’s latest terms and policies while also emphasizing important keywords and search terms to encourage higher site rankings. Ultimately, this means more targeted traffic to your mobile site.


HTML5 is the standard in modern web design. Thanks to HTML5, your website looks fantastic on all different mobile devices. HTML5 also allows for greater functionality and integration with social media services. You can add Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels directly onto your mobile site, for example, and enjoy many other valuable features.

Sites Look Great on All Mobile Devices

Just because you have a mobile site doesn’t mean you have a good mobile site. Tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers have totally different resolutions. A site that looks amazing on an iPhone screen might look like a pile of garbage on Android. That’s why I like DudaMobile’s multi-platform support. It lets you easily see what your site will look like on different mobile devices and resolutions. And yes, they look awesome.

Excellent Tech Support

DudaMobile has gone above and beyond what’s expected of online knowledge bases. There are well over 100 helpful articles and tutorials available on the DudaMobile website. There are FAQs, videos, and other helpful learning materials. If you can’t figure out your problem based on these materials, then you can contact tech support directly: tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over email, online chat, and telephone.

Free Plugin Available

Not ready to commit to DudaMobile yet? That’s okay. You can experience basic DudaMobile service over a free plugin. The free plugin is relatively basic but gives you an idea of the quality service you can expect when subscribed to DudaMobile.

Surprisingly Affordable

Hiring a mobile web design specialist may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With DudaMobile, users pay a fraction of that price – the service costs just $7.20 per month. If you don’t want to pay any money, then that’s okay too! There’s a basic free plan that lets you create a mobile site with advertisements.

Great for Beginners

Ultimately, all of the benefits listed above can be summed up by this: DudaMobile is an awesome tool for beginners and intermediate web developers. Whether you’re building a mobile site for the first time or you consider yourself a relatively experienced developer, DudaMobile will be relatively easy to use. Many of the tools are designed specifically for beginners who have limited web design experience, but DudaMobile still has enough tools ‘under the hood’ to keep intermediate web developers happy.

The Bad On DudaMobile

Free Version Filled With Advertisements

Unless you’re gullible, you know that nothing comes free on the internet. The DudaMobile free ‘Basic’ version is no exception. The company offers that service for free in exchange for advertising revenue. If you don’t like your mobile website being covered with advertisements, then you’ll need to pay a few dollars a month for the upgraded plan.

May Be Too Simplistic for Advanced Users

If you have experience with WordPress and other content management systems, then DudaMobile may feel overly simplistic. It simplifies website building down to its bare necessities. You can still fully customize your website using drag-and-drop elements. You can even use HTML and CSS, and you can choose from a number of different themes, but the design system will still seem relatively simple for experienced web developers.

Our Verdict On DudaMobile

If you need to make an effective mobile website for your business, then DudaMobile is without a doubt one of the best options out there today. It’s excellent for small and medium business owners who want to get a mobile website up and running as quickly as possible.

DudaMobile does, however, have some downsides. It’s not ideal for advanced web developers or larger businesses with specific needs and feature requests. DudaMobile does an excellent job of simplifying the design process without overwhelming users with technical jargon.

That being said, advanced users can add their own HTML and CSS code to the site to expand its functionality. And, DudaMobile includes support for all different screen sizes and resolutions – from the largest PC monitors to the smallest smartphone screens. In a world where more and more of your potential customers are accessing the internet from smartphones, that’s never been more important.

Whether you’re building a website for the first time or improving on a previous mobile website design, DudaMobile is an excellent option for today’s small and medium business owners.

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