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Fat Cow Hosting Review

Fat Cow is a low-cost web host that offers average speed, performance, and uptime alongside a basic range of features. If price is your number one concern, then Fat Cow may be the right option for your needs.


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FatCow Hosting Features

FatCow Hosting Web Development

vDeck: Fat Cow uses a control panel called vDeck.
No CPanel: There is no option to add CPanel to your account with Fat Cow.
Manage Multiple Domains: You can add an unlimited number of domains to your account with Fat Cow.
Joolma and WordPress: Install Joomla and WordPress on your websites with a single click.
Site Builders: Fat Cow includes automatic site builders on all hosting plans.
Site Templates: Create a site using one of the many templates included with Fat Cow.

FatCow Hosting Tools

Shared Hosting: Fat Cow offers a single shared hosting plan.
Linux Hosting: All websites are hosted on Linux-based servers.
Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting plans are available.
Virtual Private Servers: VPS plans are available.
Unlimited Bandwidth: Fat Cow offers “oodles” of bandwidth, which is an undefined limit similar to the unlimited plans offered by other hosting providers.
Unlimited Disk Usage: Fat Cow offers “oodles” of disk space and disk usage, which is an undefined limit similar to the unlimited plans offered by other hosting providers.
Shared IP Addresses: All IP addresses are shared among all Fat Cow customers.
No OpenSSL: You need a dedicated IP address to have an OpenSSL certificate, which means Fat Cow customers cannot add OpenSSL/HTTPS encryption to their account on the basic Fat Cow plan.

Other FatCow Features

24/7 Tech Support: Fat Cow tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email, and live chat.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Fat Cow’s money back guarantee is a bit stricter than other providers, but they’ll refund your money if given written notice within 30 days of activating your account.
Automatic Domain Renewal: Domains are automatically renewed every year.
Domain Parking: Fat Cow offers a small domain parking plan called MiniMoo that lets you park a domain and build a single basic web page for just $5 per year.
100% Wind Energy: Fat Cow’s servers and offices are powered by 100% wind energy.
Domain Parking Service
Build a Single Basic Web Page
Original Fat Cow Plan
One Free Domain Name
Unlimited Disk Usage
Unlimited Bandwidth
One-Click Installs
Shared Web Hosting
VPS Servers
Up to 4TB Bandwidth
“Customizable CPU/RAM”
Dedicated Servers
Up to 15TB Bandwidth
“Maximum Performance”

The Good On FatCow Posting

Cheap Pricing

It’s tough to beat Fat Cow’s affordable pricing. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a better deal online. At a price of just over $4 per month, the only companies that come close are HostGator and BlueHost (which, as we’ll explain later, are owned by the same company as Fat Cow). The $49 per year deal is an excellent bargain.

One Click Installs

Whether you need to install forums or content management systems, Fat Cow makes it easy with one click installs. You don’t have to worry about performing manual installations: simply click, enter your basic information, and Fat Cow will build your site for you. You can install bbcode forums, WordPress, Joomla, and custom-built site templates.

Unlimited Domains Per Account

Need to add lots of domains to your Fat Cow account? Want to grow your online business in the future? That’s good – because Fat Cow offers unlimited domains per account.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Along with unlimited domains, users can create an unlimited number of email addresses. If you’re running a business with many employees and want to give each employee a unique email account, then this is a valuable feature.

“Unlimited” Disk Usage and Bandwidth

When a web host offers “unlimited” anything, that doesn’t usually mean “unlimited.” If you use an excessive amount of bandwidth or disk space, then the web host will almost definitely shut down your account. That’s why Fat Cow doesn’t say “unlimited disk usage and bandwidth” in its advertising. Instead, it says “oodles” of bandwidth – which is basically the same thing. When you read the fine print, you’ll learn that Fat Cow doesn’t put a limit on bandwidth, but it will warn users and possibly shut down your account if you’re using more disk space and bandwidth than 99.5% of other Fat Cow users. Unless you’re a super power user, then you won’t need to worry about this.

Powered by Wind Energy

If you like being environmentally friendly, then you’ll appreciate the fact that Fat Cow’s servers and offices are all powered by “100% wind energy.” At the very least, you can advertise that you’re going green if you switch to Fat Cow.

Free Domain

Every new Fat Cow signup receives one free domain with their account. Domain registration typically costs between $10 and $12 per year, so that’s a nice added bonus. You can also transfer an existing website to Fat Cow and use the free domain for something else.

Easy Signup Process

Signing up with Fat Cow doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. You choose a free domain name during signup or add an existing one. If you’re adding an existing domain name from another domain registrar, then you’ll need to take a few minutes to change the name servers, but the process still won’t take too long. Ultimately, you can have your very own website in just a few minutes if you sign up with Fat Cow.

Custom Build Your Hosting Plan

You can add additional services to your Fat Cow account for an additional monthly cost. Those services include ecommerce platforms, selling tools, search engine optimization services, backup services, and much more. Fat Cow’s introductory plan is cheap because it lacks many of these features – if you want to custom-build your hosting plan to suit your needs, then you can easily swap out features for a small added cost.

24×7 Tech Support

Fat Cow promises 24/7 tech support via its “friendly Moo Crew”. Fat Cow’s tech support is available via phone, email and online chat and promises to abide by something called the “HeiferCratic Oath”. Yes, they take the cow theme pretty seriously at Fat Cow.

The Bad On FatCow Hosting

No CPanel

Strangely, Fat Cow does not support CPanel. When you first login to your Fat Cow account, you’ll see a custom-built control panel designed for Fat Cow called vDeck. It looks quite a bit different from CPanel but it’s not that hard to use. Still, if you’ve used CPanel your entire life, then making the switch to Fat Cow can be jarring at first. The major issue with vDeck is its slow performance: doing everything in vDeck takes a long time.

Price Goes Up After First Year

Unfortunately, most of today’s web hosts employ some tricky marketing practices: they lure customers in with low monthly introductory fees and the double those fees after the first year is over. Most users would rather pay an extra $5 per month than worry about switching their web host to a new provider, which is why the web hosts make a lot of money from these policies. Fat Cow raises its prices after the first year, but so do its major competitors like BlueHost and HostGator. Expect to pay about double the price once your first year is over – along with the domain renewal fee (some users have reported annual fees around $120 after their first year is complete).

Poor Site Speed and Uptime

Unfortunately, in recent years, many of today’s top web hosts have experienced major issues with speed, performance, and uptime. Many of these performance issues can be traced back to a buyout by Endurance International Group (EIG). BlueHost, HostGator, and Fat Cow are no longer as fast and reliable as they once were. On Fat Cow, users can expect around 99.77% uptime – which sounds good until you realize that some other web hosts promise 99.99% uptime. To put that number in perspective, 99.77% uptime is 1.5 hours of downtime per month, while 99.99% uptime is 4.3 minutes of downtime per month.

The Verdict On FatCow Hosting

Fat Cow is very similar to other popular hosting providers like BlueHost and HostGator. Of course, there’s a reason for that: BlueHost, HostGator, and Fat Cow are all owned by the same company – Endurance International Group (EIG).

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, it does mean that your service will be similar no matter which web host you pick. Yes, Fat Cow has some unique features and cheaper pricing that make it the better option for some customers, but by and large, you’re getting a similar web hosting experience.

Ultimately, Fat Cow has some quirky marketing centered around cows and farm animals. It bills itself as a fun-loving web host that is friendly for beginners – and that’s exactly what Fat Cow is.

If you won’t miss CPanel and don’t mind sacrificing site performance and speed for cheap hosting costs, then Fat Cow is an excellent bargain deal – just be prepared for a big price increase after your first year of hosting is complete.

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