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GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting is a powerful web conferencing tool that lets up to 25 attendees communicate with one another over a single interface.

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GoToMeeting Features

GoToMeeting Communication Tools

HD Audio: Attendees can communicate with one another over HD audio
HD Video: Attendees can communicate with one another over HD video.
VoIP: GoToMeeting connects to VoIP services seamlessly.
Unlimited Meetings: There’s no limit to the number of meetings you can hold with GoToMeeting.
Webcams: Hosts can add up to 6 webcams to a meeting.

GoToMeeting Conferencing Tools

Change Hosts: Simply click a button to instantly change the host of the meeting to another attendee.
Encryption: All communications are protected using 128-bit AES encryption.
Security: Attendees receive a secure URL and GoToMeeting is firewall-friendly.
Polling Options: GoToWebinar and higher level plans offer polling options that help you gauge attendee response.

Other GoToMeeting Features

Ease of Use: Simply email a secure URL to attendees. When attendees click that link, it opens a small Java applet in your browser. No downloaded software required for attendees.
Multiple Packages: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining are all separated into multiple service levels, making it easy to pay for what you need.
Free 30 Day Trial: All GoToMeeting plans come with a 30 day trial period, during which you can cancel at any time to receive a full refund.
Free Version: A free version of GoToMeeting is available. It’s only available to Google Chrome users and supports up to 3 attendees at a time.
GoToMeeting Free
Up to 3 Attendees
Instant Video Conferencing
Google Chrome Only
Up to 5 Participants
Phone and VoIP Audio
HD Video
Free 30 Day Trial
GoToMeeting Pro
Up to 25 Participants
Phone and VoIP Audio
HD Video
24/7 Tech Support
Free 30 Day Trial
GoToMeeting Pro+
Up to 100 Participants
Phone and VoIP Audio
HD Video
24/7 Tech Support
Free 30 Day Trial

The Good on GoToMeeting

Easily Change Presenters

Need to change who’s in charge of the meeting? GoToMeeting lets you change the presenter with a simple click of the ‘Change Presenter’ button. Only the current presenter has access to that button and he or she can easily choose another attendee to be the presenter. This is a valuable feature if one presenter suddenly needs to leave the meeting or if another group needs to continue the meeting while another group is free to go.

Powerful Cross Platform Support

GoToMeeting offers powerful cross-platform support and makes it easy for people to communicate on whatever devices they’re currently using. Meetings can take place over all major operating systems. More importantly, GoToMeeting can also hold meetings over traditional phone lines, toll networks, toll-free networks, call-in services, call-out services, and VoIP. You can also integrate these methods together depending on which networks are being used by the attendees. In any case, GoToMeeting patches all callers together to create a latency-free, echo-free, and delay-free meeting between multiple parties.

Simple, Flat Rate Pricing

The web conferencing industry is notorious for its shady pricing. Other companies try to lure users in with low introductory costs, only to hit users with hidden fees and taxes once they’ve locked in. GoToMeeting does the total opposite and eliminates all hidden costs and random fees: users are charged a simple, flat-rate. You can hold as many meetings per month as you want. There are no limits and you can subscribe to a monthly contract or an annual agreement. In either case, you can cancel whenever your month or year is over. Plus, you don’t need to pay additional licensing fees for every user added to the plan. GoToMeeting ‘s pricing is simple, easy, and most importantly, honest.

25 Attendees Per Meeting

GoToMeeting supports up to 25 attendees per meeting. Users do not need to do anything special to log onto the service and are not charged any fees or licenses. Higher level GoToMeeting plans like GoToWebinar support up to 1,000 guests for an added price.

Unlimited Meetings with No Surcharges

I hinted at this feature in the pricing section, but it deserves an entire section of its own: GoToMeeting lets users host an unlimited number of meetings and never applies surcharges to your account. You can hold as many meetings as you like without worrying about going over your minutes, fees, or user allotments.

Easy-to-Use Web Application

With GoToMeeting, users don’t need to individually download and install software onto their systems. Instead, GoToMeeting is accessible over a simple web application. Only the host needs to download a software program – everyone else simply visits a URL to login.

High Levels of Security

GoToMeeting places a strong emphasis on security. All voice communications are transmitted using standard 128-bit AES encryption and all data shared is securely transmitted in the server. In addition, GoToMeeting provides secure URLs for each meeting and gets along nicely with most firewalls.

Tech Support

GoToMeeting offers strong tech support through a number of different communication methods. Users can access training videos and PDF guides on the GoToMeeting website, for example. Or, if you need to talk to a real human being, you can call GoToMeeting using a toll-free number or live online chat. In short, there’s more than enough help for users and it’s all easy to access.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Apps are free and feature a simple, clear design. The iPad app is particularly well-designed and makes it easy to video-conference with other people. All apps utilize your device’s built-in microphone and front-facing camera to easily communicate.

Easy to Add People to Meetings

Creating a meeting and inviting attendees is relatively straightforward. Basically, all you need is the GoToMeeting software program on your computer, and all your attendees need is an up-to-date internet browser. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you send out invitations via email. These invitations contain a link to a URL. Attendees click that URL to join the meeting. If that method doesn’t work for you, then you can also go to the GoToMeeting website and enter a unique meeting ID. Your browser automatically downloads the small Java application needed to communicate, and that’s it!

Free Version Available

GoToMeeting recently unveiled a free version. The free version is designed exclusively for Google Chrome and allows instant video conferencing with up to 3 people online. Additionally, you can try all GoToMeeting services for free for 30 days and receive a full refund if you’re unhappy for any reason.

Multiple Packages Available

You can view more information about GoToMeeting under the ‘Pricing Packages’ section of this review, but suffice to say that customers will find multiple levels of service to suit their needs. There’s the basic GoToMeeting service, which offers support for up to 25 attendees. There’s also GoToTraining, which supports up to 200 people, and GoToWebinar, which supports up to 1,000 people. Users receive similar features and support with each package and the main thing that changes is the number of attendees allowed. In addition, GoToMeeting itself has four pricing packages available.

The Bad On GoToMeeting

Limited Webcam and Video Functionality

If you need web conferencing software with video functionality, then GoToMeeting is probably not the best option. The software features limited webcam and video streaming support and functions best as an audio conferencing tool. Only 6 video feeds are allowed on GoToMeeting, which may be enough for small businesses or for meetings which only require a few people to be seen, but it’s not ideal for businesses with larger needs.

Not as Functional on Macs

Due to differences in architecture between PCs and Macs, GoToMeeting isn’t quite as effective as Macs as it is on PCs. Mac users, for example, are unable to record meetings or share applications while hosting meetings.

The Verdict On GoToMeeting

Ultimately, GoToMeeting is a simple, minimalistic online web conferencing application that focuses on providing high-quality voice communications and HD video for 6 attendees. It’s not perfect, but it’s available at a competitive price point and doesn’t involve hidden fees and random surcharges. In addition, users can hold an unlimited number of meetings without worrying about extra fees.

One feature that’s easy to appreciate is how easy it is to invite new attendees to a meeting. Simply add their email address and GoToMeeting will send out an invitation with a secure URL. The attendee only needs to click that URL and let the browser automatically install a small Java application.

Clean, cost-effective, and easy-to-use, we recommend GoToMeeting for businesses which regularly need to communicate with small teams of employees. The flat monthly rate makes it an attractive bargain for small and medium-sized businesses.

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