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Intuit Online is one of the most popular payroll services available today. Used by over 1 million small business owners around the world, Intuit is an affordable way for employers to create accurate paychecks for their employees.

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Intuit Online Payroll Management

Pay Hourly Employees: Intuit Online Payroll lets you pay hourly employees.
Pay Salary Employees: You can pay employees who receive a salary.
Pay contract Employees: You can pay contract employees.
Direct Deposit: Issue funds to employees every payroll period via direct deposit.
Voluntary Deductions: Employers can add voluntary deductions and other fees to employee paychecks according to company-specific policies and contracts.
Garnishments: Employers can garnish employee wages where appropriate.
Employee Hour Management: For an extra fee, employees can report their own hours each payroll period.

Intuit Online Payroll Tax Services

Pay and File Payroll Taxes: Payroll taxes and other deductions are automatically deducted from employee paychecks every period.
W-2 and 1099 Processing: Intuit Online Payroll automatically processes W-2s and 1099s.
Tax Accuracy Guarantee: Intuit guarantees that your payroll taxes will be filed accurately and on-time.

Intuit Online Payroll Other Features

Print Checks: You can print checks on site from your office or workplace.
User Interface: Intuit Online Payroll offers an excellent user interface with colorful menus, simple buttons, and a clear design.
Scalable Plans: Intuit Online Payroll offers multiple plans based on the needs of your business. The Basic plan lets you pay employees, while higher level plans let you pay contractors and file state/federal taxes.
Payroll and Tax Reminders: Users receive reminders before every payroll deadline and tax deadline.
Smartphone Apps: Intuit has apps for both iPhone and Android.
Mobile Support: Intuit Online is available via any internet-connected device; just open your browser and go to Intuit.com
Tech Support: Intuit’s tech support is available 7 days a week over the phone, live chat, and email. However, it’s not 24/7 support.
QuickBooks Integration: Intuit seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks. Unlike other payroll software, however, QuickBooks does not integrate with Sage 50.
Pay Employees
+ $2/mo per employee
Runs payroll instantly
Calculates taxes
Pay Employees & Contractors
+ $2/mo per employee
Includes everything in Basic, plus:
Print/File Federal and State Tax Forms
Full Service
Pay Employees and Contractors
+ $2/mo per employee
We set up, run & file payroll for you
Error-free accuracy guaranteed


Cloud-based Convenience

The main advantage of working with Intuit Online Payroll instead of other payroll software is being able to access all payroll information online. You simply open your web browser and navigate to your client dashboard at Intuit.com to login. All your payroll data is securely stored in your cloud and there are mobile apps available. Whether you’re accessing your payroll data via mobile web browser, desktop computer, or an app, it’s available wherever you have internet. That’s super convenient.

Complete Payroll Tax Management

One of the most valuable things payroll software does for your business is manage payroll taxes. Intuit’s payroll tax management system files payroll taxes and conducts calculations on your behalf. It also takes care of W-2s free of charge. In short, Intuit makes sure you pay your taxes accurately and on time. If you want your W-2s and 1099s to go out on time at the end of every year, then payroll software like Intuit is worth the monthly price.

Simple Interface

Filing payroll taxes and forms is complicated enough without worrying about learning a complicated new software program. Intuit avoids these problems and gives users a simple interface. This interface makes it easy to instantly track employee time, paycheck history, and tax information. Even if you consider yourself a novice computer user, Intuit won’t take more than an hour or two to completely figure out. There are many nuances and features hidden below the surface of the program, but the simple interface gives you direct access to everything you need to know. Most users agree that Intuit is more aesthetically pleasing than its competitors.

Easy to Setup

Because of the easy interface and effective payroll tax management system, you’ll find Intuit is relatively easy to setup. To prepare a payroll system, you’ll need to input information about your company and your employees. To simplify that process, Intuit asks you a number of different questions. Enter your answers into these fields and Intuit will automatically establish a company profile and employee database. Within an hour, you should have an accurate, functioning payroll profile with details of your company’s compensation practices, state tax laws, vacation time, local taxes, and other withholdings.

Amazing Tech Support

Intuit knows that payroll taxes can be complicated, and that’s why it gives users access to a wide range of tech support options and features. Users can access FAQs and ‘how to’ videos throughout the Intuit website. There are also online help databases, glossaries, and resources available directly from the program. Many users will also want to take advantage of the interactive video tutorial and the online practice site – where you can make mistakes without worrying about the tax implications. Rounding out the tech support options are personal one-on-one phone and chat support lines open every day of the week (although support lines are not open 24 hours a day).

Useful Additional Features

Many other payroll software programs offer an easy interface and simplified setup process, but Intuit offers a number of additional features that push it past its competition. Those features include allowing employees to record their own hours on a remote timesheet or a time clock – something that can save hours of time each paycheck period. The site will also remind you when payroll is due and when various tax filings are due. There are too many additional features to list here, but corporate users should be happy with the number of options available.

Competitive Pricing

When I say “competitive pricing” I mean that Intuit is generally regarded as one of the best-value payroll software programs in the industry. Its attractive pricing scheme starts at $39 per month plus $1.50 per employee per month. You can also pay $12 for each additional state in which you need to file taxes. Other payroll software is available for a lower monthly price, but you’ll likely end up paying more for important extra features which are included with your Intuit plan.

QuickBooks Integration

This is one of the major reasons why Intuit is such a popular program: it gets along nicely with QuickBooks, which is one of the most popular accounting software programs in the world. However, if you use accounting software that isn’t QuickBooks, then you may have trouble getting it to work smoothly with Intuit.


Confusion Between Basic, Enhanced, and Full Service Payroll Plans

There are multiple versions of Intuit available. It’s easy to get confused between all software versions if you’re not careful about your research. The three versions currently available include Basic, Enhanced, and Full Service, which cost $20 per month, $28 per month, and $36 per month, respectively. Basic Intuit offers barebones employee payroll management, while Enhanced lets you pay employees and contractors while also managing federal and state taxes. With the Full Service package, Intuit files and pays taxes for you and guarantees no tax penalties. Don’t get confused between packages and understand that you will be severely limited by buying the Basic package.

Extra Fees

Intuit is cheaper than a lot of other payroll software programs. However, you may need to pay for add-ons to your service. You need to pay an extra $1.50 per month for each employee added to the plan, for example, and you’ll need to pay an extra $12 per month for each additional state where you have employees. If you want to give employees the ability to log their own hours online, then you’ll need to pay between $2 and $4 per employee for that as well. Depending on how many employees you have and how many extra services you need, all of these fees can add up to make Intuit more expensive than other services.

No Sage 50 Support

Some employers use Sage 50 as their accounting software. Unfortunately, there’s no direct integration between Sage 50 and Intuit Online Payroll, which can make it difficult – but certainly not impossible – to coordinate information across all services. If you’re a Sage 50 user, then you’ll find that many other payroll software programs include Sage 50 compatibility, so don’t be alarmed.

Intuit Online Payroll FAQ

Does Intuit Online Payroll work with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks and Intuit Online Payroll work exceptionally well together. Since both services are owned by the same company (Intuit), a lot of time and effort has gone into making sure the two services sync well. Intuit also offers a number of bundle packages that let you subscribe to QuickBooks and Intuit Online Payroll for a single monthly fee.

What kind of tech support is available with Intuit Online Payroll?

You can contact the tech support department from Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm PST. Sales professionals are also available during the same hours. Users can also access an online database of tutorials, videos, FAQs, and more.

What’s the difference between the Basic and Enhanced payroll plans?

The Basic Intuit Online Payroll plan is called ‘basic’ for a reason – it only lets users pay employees. You cannot pay 1099 contractors or file state and federal taxes. On the Enhanced plan, which is available for just $8 more per month, users can pay employees, pay contractors, and file state and federal taxes. The ‘Enhanced’ plan is the most popular package for a reason.

Why would I upgrade to the Full Service plan?

The Full Service Intuit Online Payroll plan features two major advantages over previous plans. The first advantage is that Full Service guarantees no tax penalties. It guarantees your taxes will be filed accurately and on-time 100% of the time. The second major advantage is being able to print and file state and federal tax forms. The Enhanced plan only lets you print state and federal tax forms but doesn’t actually file them. Full Service costs $36 per month while Enhanced costs $28 per month.

Is there a free trial?

You can try Intuit Online Payroll free for 30 days. You will need to enter credit card data during this period but will have full access to your chosen Intuit plan. If you forget to cancel your account before the 30 day period is over, then your credit card will be charged like a normal subscription.

What kinds of mobile apps are available?

You can access Intuit Online Payroll from any internet-connected device. Simply open your mobile browser and login to your Online Payroll platform. It’s that easy. Intuit also offers mobile devices for Android smartphones and tablets as well as the iPhone. You don’t need to download these apps to enjoy mobile functionality, but they do significantly expedite the payroll process. You can approve employee paychecks when you’re on vacation, for example, and access payroll data from any tablet, smartphone, or computer.

How can I pay employees?

Intuit lets you pay employees via direct deposit into checking accounts. You can also instantly print paychecks from your own office.

Can I print W-2 forms?

Intuit’s Online Payroll Enhanced version lets users print year-end W-2s for every employee that has been added to the system.

Can I pay employees and contractors?

All Intuit plans let you pay W-2 employees. Only the Enhanced and Full Service plans, however, let you pay 1099 contractors and file 1099 forms.

Will Intuit fill out all forms for me?

Only the Enhanced and Full Service versions of Intuit handle IRS forms. The Enhanced version prints off forms for you and notifies you when those forms are due. The Full Service plan prints forms and files them electronically on your behalf. On both plans, users receive accurate coverage for all state and federal tax forms.

How much do I have to pay per employee?

Intuit charges an extra $2 per month per employee added to your account. So if your business has 5 employees and you sign up for the Enhanced plan, then you will pay $38 per month ($28 per month base subscription cost plus $2 each for 5 employees).

Does Intuit guarantee protection from tax penalties?

Intuit’s highest level plan, the Full Service plan, guarantees accurate tax submissions. This guarantee is not provided on lower level plans.

Can I setup additional deductions?

By default, Intuit deducts payroll taxes from all employee paychecks based on state and federal tax law. Employers can setup additional deductions based on employee-specific agreements, stock buying plans, 401(k) plans, and more.

Can I garnish employee wages?

Employers can add garnishments and bonuses to employees’ paychecks over multiple periods or a single payroll period.

Does Intuit support the cloud?

All Intuit Online Payroll data is processed over the cloud. That means two major benefits: it means all data is synced across all internet-connected devices, making it easy for employees and employers to view the most up-to-date information. It also means that your data is securely transmitted from start to finish and that no data is stored in unsecured locations on your local storage device.

What makes Intuit different from other online payroll services?

Intuit is considerably different from other online payroll services for a few major reasons, including:

  • Low cost
  • Easy UI
  • Online access over the cloud
  • Tax accuracy guarantee
  • Automatic payroll and tax filings

For all of these reasons, Intuit remains a popular option for small and medium-sized businesses across the country and has a subscriber base of over 1 million users.

Does Intuit Online Payroll integrate with existing accounting software?

Intuit Online Payroll integrates well with most other bookkeeping software, but it integrates particularly well with QuickBooks. If your business uses QuickBooks and Intuit Online Payroll, you won’t need to enter data twice. Intuit, however, does not integrate with Sage 50 accounting software.

Intuit Online Payroll Small Business

Intuit Online Payroll is a popular option for many small businesses. It features an easy interface and excellent mobile apps that can significantly change the way your business handles payroll.

Some of the major advantages of Intuit Online Payroll include easy syncing with QuickBooks (which is also owned by Intuit) as well as the ability to print paychecks directly from your own office.

Best of all, Intuit Online Payroll is fairly priced. For all of these reasons, Intuit may be the best option for your small business. Here are a few advantages that Intuit Online Payroll offers to today’s small businesses:

Pay all different types of employees: Intuit Online Payroll lets users pay W-2 employees as well as 1099 contractors. You can also pay employees based on an hourly rate or a salary.

Multiple payment methods: Some businesses pay their employees via direct deposit. Others prefer the old-fashioned simplicity of handing employees a check every two weeks. If you work with Intuit Online Payroll, then you can print off checks in your own office or pay employees via direct deposit. Many of Intuit’s competitors – including the multi-billion dollar giant Paychex – don’t allow employers to print off their own checks, so this is a valuable advantage.

Sync with QuickBooks: QuickBooks is the world’s most popular small business bookkeeping platform. It’s clean, simple, and easy to use. Virtually all of today’s payroll service providers sync with QuickBooks, and services that don’t sync with QuickBooks are shooting themselves in the foot. Intuit Online Payroll and QuickBooks are owned by the same company (Intuit) and they complement each other very nicely. You’ll never have to enter data twice if you use QuickBooks and Intuit together.

Payroll accuracy guarantee: Unless you’re an accounting expert, it’s difficult to know if you filled in every bit of payroll data 100% correctly. That’s why many small business owners appreciate Intuit’s payroll tax accuracy guarantee, which guarantees that Intuit will file taxes correctly and on-time every time. You still have to manually submit forms to the IRS, but QuickBooks will fill out these forms (like W-2s and 1099s) and notify you when they need to be filed.

Employees can enter their own hours: Intuit Online Payroll lets employees manually enter their own hourly data, although this benefit is only available on higher level plans. On higher level plans, employees and contractors have limited access to your Intuit account and can enter their own hourly data – that’s it. Running a small business can be time-consuming and letting employees enter their own hours can save a considerable amount of time and effort.

Cloud support and mobile apps: You can access Intuit Online Payroll from any internet-connected device. Since all data is synced over the cloud, all edits you make will be reflected across all connected devices. In addition, cloud data is secure and encrypted during the entire transmission process (it’s not lying unprotected on your local hard drive). Cloud computing can provide considerable benefits to small business users.

Easy user interface: Some payroll software programs make filing payroll data as complicated as possible. Intuit Online Payroll is the opposite. Intuit has spent a considerable amount of time refining its interface and making it easy for users to use. Even if you’re bad with computers, you shouldn’t have much trouble using Intuit.

Intuit Online Payroll is a valuable service for small business owners for many different reasons. Whether you’re managing a sole proprietorship and you’re the only employee, or you’re running a business with multiple employees, Intuit offers plenty of useful benefits. Best of all, it can easily scale to meet the needs of your business.

Intuit Online Payroll Corporation

Intuit Online Payroll is ideal for medium-sized businesses. The payroll software easily scales to meet the needs of your business and charges a fair price of $2 per employee per month.

Whether your medium-sized business has 5 employees or 50, you’ll find that Intuit Online Payroll to be an efficient and affordable option that saves time and money for your business.

Here are a few of the unique advantages that Intuit offers medium-sized businesses:

Multiple plans and packages: Intuit Online Payroll offers three different levels of plans. The most basic plan lets you pay employees and costs $20 per month, while the most popular plan, the Enhanced Plan, costs just $28 per month and lets you pay employees and contractors while also printing out federal and state tax forms. Some medium businesses may want to upgrade to the highest level plan, the Full Service plan, which actually files state tax forms on your behalf and guarantees no tax penalties. No matter which plan you choose, you pay just $2 per month per additional employee.

Employee self-reporting: The higher level Intuit Online Payroll plans let employees and contractors report their own hours. Your employees will have limited access to your Intuit account and will only be able to edit their own hours. Employers, of course, can review these hours before each payroll period.

Never miss a tax form: Some medium-sized businesses have a dedicated accounting staff, while others do not. If you don’t have in-house accounting experts, then you’ll appreciate Intuit’s regular tax form reminders. On the Enhanced plan, Intuit will print out pre-filled federal and state tax forms and notify you when they’re due. On the higher level Full Service plan, Intuit will print out your tax forms and also file them on your behalf – which can save you a lot of headaches. Best of all, Intuit guarantees that all of this information is accurate.

Cloud support: One of the most valuable benefits of Intuit Online Payroll is being able to access your account from any internet-connected devices. Any changes made to your Intuit account will be reflected across all devices. Your data is securely stored in the cloud. If you and your employees are frequently outside the office or away from desktop computers, then cloud-based payroll software can provide enormous benefits. You can easily manage your business wherever you go – even if you’re on vacation.

Running a medium-sized business can be time-consuming – especially when you get caught up in smaller tasks and paperwork.

Intuit Online Payroll reduces tax and payroll headaches. It simplifies your business’s life and can reduce the workload on every department in your office. No matter how many employees your medium-sized business employs, Intuit Online Payroll is an effective way to save money and avoid tax penalties.

Our Verdict On Intuit Online Payroll

Editor’s Note: Looking for information on payroll services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

Intuit is one of the most popular payroll services in the world for a reason: it doesn’t have many flaws. It offers extensive payroll functionality and vastly simplifies your taxes. The subscription fees and add-on packages may seem a bit steep compared to other payroll tax services, but it’s easy to see the subscription fee as an investment in your business: it frees up hours of time and resources for yourself and your employees.

You can manage state, federal, and local taxes using Intuit and enjoy mobile payroll management from your iPhone or Android. There is a lot to love about Intuit and it’s guaranteed to be 100% accurate at managing your taxes. With all information stored securely on the cloud, you can access your information from any internet-connected device and manage employees on-the-go.

If you’re unsure whether or not payroll software will be the right choice for your business, then I encourage you to try the Intuit free trial. It’s free for 30 days and then costs $9.99 for the two months after that trial is over. If you find that it saves you time and money, then consider subscribing to the full plan.

As mentioned above, most businesses are willing to pay $30 to $50 per month for a timesaving tool like payroll software. Whether you’re buying payroll software for the first time or switching from a previous provider, it’s easy to be impressed with Intuit Online Payroll services.

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  1. I have a small fleet claim processing business with 7 employees. I still use Intuit Enhanced Payroll.

    Based on my experience, it’s very hard to know which software is good until you are well deep into it. A good payroll service should address each of the following.

    Integrated w/ bookkeeping software
    tax tables subscription (Federal & State)
    print checks and stubs
    Print Federal tax forms
    Print State tax forms
    e-file Federal forms
    e-file State forms
    e-pay Federal taxes
    e-pay State taxes (for states that have the option)
    direct deposit option

    Once your efile/epay accounts have been established with the IRS and your State, your payroll software should be able to automate it.

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