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iPage Hosting Review

iPage may be the world’s cheapest web hosting provider. Starting at under $2 per month, iPage’s cheapest plans are basic but offer average speeds and reliability, making them a strong choice for some beginner web developers.


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IPage Hosting Features

IPage Hosting Web Development

CPanel: iPage does not offer CPanel on its plans.
Site Builders: iPage offers a drag and drop site building tool on all plans.
WordPress: WordPress can be installed with a single click.
VPS and Dedicated Servers: Customers can upgrade to Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated servers at additional costs.
Manage Multiple Domains: You can add an unlimited number of domains to your account with iPage.

IPage Hosting Tools

Unlimited Bandwidth: There’s theoretically no limit to how much bandwidth you can use with iPage, although all accounts are subject to reasonable use policies.
Unlimited Disk Space: Like with bandwidth, unlimited disk space is subject to reasonable use policies.
99.9% Uptime: iPage doesn’t provide specific uptime statistics, but most customer reports across the internet suggest between 99.8 and 99.9% uptime.

Other IPage Features

Full Refund Period: Users can request a full refund anytime within 30 days of activating their account.
Multiple Packages Available: iPage offers multiple hosting packages that scale to different levels.
Scalable Hosting: iPage’s dedicated servers and VPS plans scale to meet the needs of your business.
24/7 Tech Support: iPage tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over toll-free phone number.
No Live Chat: You cannot chat with tech support specialists over live online chat.
iPage Essential Plan
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Disk Space
WordPress Starter
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Disk Space
WordPress Essential
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Disk Space
“Super Speed” & “Enhanced Security”
Scalable Plans
Basic VPS:
1GB RAM, 40GB Storage & 1TB Bandwidth

The Good On IPage Hosting

Scalable Plans

You don’t know the needs of your business one year from now. That’s why I appreciate the scalable plans offered by iPage. Scalable plans are available at all levels of iPage’s service. You have the most basic plan, which costs just a couple dollars per month, and then you can scale up through the WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans for more advanced needs. The VPS and Dedicated hosting plans are separated into three different levels of service according to the needs of your business. Ultimately, this lets you pay for exactly what you need.

Affordable Pricing

There may be a web host that offers cheaper pricing than iPage’s $1.89 per month plan, but I haven’t found it yet. The iPage Essential Plan is extremely basic in terms of speed, performance, and uptime, but it’s probably the cheapest way to get a website up and running. Plus, you get a free domain registration with your account. That’s a competitive price that is extremely tough to beat.

Unlimited Hosting Space and Bandwidth

Like many of today’s web hosts, iPage offers unlimited hosting space, data transfer, and bandwidth. However, it’s important to be aware that “unlimited” rarely means “unlimited” and that all accounts are subject to reasonable use policies. Of course, most users will never come close to the unspecified “limit”, but if you plan on using your web host for more advanced online marketing needs, then these unlimited drawbacks may play a factor.

Host Unlimited Domains

Do you have multiple domains? If so, then you can transfer all of those domains to iPage. Transferring domains can be done manually or you can pay iPage to transfer your entire domain for you. In either case, hosting multiple domains on your account is a piece of cake.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Like most of its competitors, iPage offers free unlimited email accounts with full webmail support, email forwarders, auto responders, and even spam protection. If you plan on creating email addresses for multiple employees, users, or people, then this is a good feature to have.

24×7 Tech Support

Tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over toll-free phone number. However, there is no iPage live chat support available.

Free Domain Registration

Every new account signup on iPage receives one free domain registration. That’s a powerful benefit not offered by all web hosts. A domain costs approximately $10 to $12 per year to register, so that’s pretty good value considering you’re only paying $1.89 per month on the most basic iPage plan.

Add Ecommerce Stores and Other Tools

iPage makes it easy to add bonus features onto your account. Fortunately, if you don’t need these features, then you never have to pay for them. But if you have advanced needs – like say, you’re running an online store – then you may want to subscribe to a few additional bonus features. Like iPage, these features are typically affordably priced.

One Click Installs

Like many of its competitors, iPage offers one click installs of popular content management systems like WordPress. Just enter basic information about your website, click a button, and you’ll create a functional WordPress website on your account. It’s that easy.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

Most of iPage’s customers will be create websites using WordPress. If you’ve never liked WordPress, however, then you might want to check out the iPage “Drag & Drop Site Builder”, which does exactly what it sounds like it does. Just drop, drop, and edit your website to create a functioning design. It’s not going to build a super professional-looking website, but it’s a good starting-ground for beginner web developers.

The Bad On IPage Hosting

Prices Increase After Initial Term is Over

The web hosting industry has an annoying problem: the advertised rates provided by web hosts are not the rates you’ll pay one year from now. Almost all popular cheap web hosts attract customers with ridiculously low monthly entry fees and then double or even triple those rates once your entry period is over. iPage, unfortunately, is no exception to that rule. Expect to pay between $7.49 and $9.49 per month once the promotional period is over on the entry level iPage plans. One thing I appreciate about iPage, however, is its honesty about pricing: it clearly explains that rates increase after the promotional period is over. Other web hosts are sneakier about that.

Ridiculous Number of Unnecessary Software Offers

Every web host features software offers on its control panels. That’s just part of doing business with web hosts. iPage, however, seems to have a higher than average number of unnecessary software offers. Users are bombarded with advertisements while they use their control panel – which is annoying if you don’t need any additional services and don’t want to be bothered when you’re just trying to work on your website. Some software offers – like Google AdWords and Y! Sponsored Search Credits – are legitimately useful, but there are plenty of other software services that iPage recommends purely to boost its advertising revenue and referral revenue. It’s annoying, but not annoying enough to be a deal breaker.

No CPanel

CPanel is not included on any iPage hosting plans. Instead, iPage uses a unique control panel service that looks sort of similar to CPanel, but is slightly different. The main difference is what I mentioned above – there are a ridiculous number of advertisements and “free” software offers scattered across the control panel. That’s annoying and if you’ve previously grown used to CPanel, switching to iPage can be a bit annoying.

The Verdict On IPage Hosting

iPage is a ridiculously cheap web host that offers barebones plans with minimal features. In spite of its cheap pricing, iPage still offers one free domain name on new accounts along with cheap WordPress hosting, ecommerce platforms, and plenty of other services that make it a decent choice for beginners starting a website for the first time.

That being said, iPage is hampered by slow speeds and average site performance. Its downtime isn’t perfect, but it’s typically better than many other cheap providers (99.8% to 99.9%).

But here’s the thing: iPage is only cheap for the first year. Once the first year is over, prices rise to between $7.49 and $9.49 per month on the basic plans. That’s still a competitive price, but it can be a large jump up from the most basic plan.

Plus, iPage, like many other popular web hosts, is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), which also owns Fat Cow and HostGator, among many others. No matter which EIG web host you’re working with, you can expect a similar level of speed, performance, service, and pricing – EIG is slowly making many of the smaller web hosts virtually identical to one another.

Ultimately, with iPage, you can enjoy the cheapest shared web hosting you’ll ever find on the internet. That cheapness comes at a price – including lots of ads on your control panel and slow site speeds. If neither of those issues are a deal breaker for you, then iPage is a good option for your business.

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