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MyFax Review

MyFax is one of the most popular online fax services available today. MyFax features higher pricing than similar services, but customers are rewarded with 24/7 tech support and a number of practical enterprise features.


MyFax Features

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MyFax Design

Add Cover Letters: You can add customizable cover letters to all faxes.
International Character Support: MyFax supports international characters on all sent and received faxes.
Multiple Attachments Per Email: You can attach multiple files to send them as a single fax.
Fax Preview: Before sending a fax, you can view a fax preview.
No Digital Signature: You cannot add an image of your signature to MyFax faxes.

MyFax Management

Download Faxes Locally: You can download MyFax faxes locally from your online account.
Security: All MyFax faxes are encrypted using Open SSL encryption security.
Fax Logs and Archiving: All faxes are stored for one year on your MyFax account and MyFax records all incoming and outgoing faxes in your fax log.
Junk Fax Filter: MyFax filters out unwanted junk fax emails.
Schedule Faxes: You can schedule faxes to be delivered at a specific time or date.
Preview Faxes Online: You can view faxes directly from your online account without downloading them and opening them with a separate program; however, you can only view the first page of the fax.

MyFax Sending and Receiving Faxes

How Myfax Works
Add Multiple Recipients: You can choose several different email addresses that will receive all incoming faxes.
Send and Receive Via Online Account: You can send and receive faxes using your MyFax online account.
Send and Receive Via Email: You can send and receive faxes using your email address. Just upload an attachment and type your contact’s fax number @ MyFax.com into the address field.
Multiple Email Addresses: Send faxes via multiple email addresses. You can assign one admin account and five supplementary email addresses that have fax sending privileges.
International Faxing: MyFax offers support for international faxing, and users can fax to 48 countries around the world free of charge.
Receive Faxes Simultaneously: You will never experience a busy signal with MyFax no matter how many people are trying to fax you simultaneously.
SMS Fax Alerts: Receive an SMS text message every time your MyFax account receives an incoming fax.
No Time Delayed Resubmission: You cannot choose how long MyFax waits before attempting to resend a failed fax transmission.

MyFax File Attachment Support

Excel/CSV: MyFax supports Excel and CSV files on all sent and received faxes.
Image files: MyFax supports multiple image formats, including PNG, JPEG, and more.
MS Word: Add .DOC or .DOCX files to your faxes
TXT, PDF, Markup Files, and More: MyFax has good file format support options and supports a wide range of files and formats.

MyFax Other Features

iPhone App: MyFax offers an iPhone app but no app for Android.
24/7 Tech Support: You can contact MyFax tech support any time of the day or night via email, live chat, phone, and social media. The MyFax website also offers a knowledge base, user guides, and live webinars.
Microsoft Office Integration: You can send faxes directly from Microsoft Office applications without converting Office files into other formats.
Vanity Numbers: Want a number that spells out your business or some buzzword? MyFax lets you pick a vanity fax number.
Toll-free Numbers: Choose a toll-free number when you sign up for MyFax.
Use Existing Number: If you already have a fax number, then you can use that when you sign up for MyFax.
Multi-User Support: MyFax lets multiple users send and receive faxes over the same account and assign administrator roles.


Best Value
300 Faxes a month
10 cents per additional fax
Local or toll free fax number
Lifetime online fax storage
No Setup Fee
Most Popular
400 Faxes a month
10 cents per additional fax
Local or toll free fax number
Lifetime online fax storage
No Setup Fee
Fax More
800 Faxes a month
10 cents per additional fax
Local or toll free fax number
Lifetime online fax storage
No Setup Fee


24/7 Customer Support Helpline

Online fax service companies typically aren’t large. It doesn’t take a large number of people to run an computer fax service, which is why many of them don’t offer comprehensive tech support. MyFax is an exception to that rule: users can call the MyFax tech support line any time of the day or night. There are also online FAQs, user guides, and other helpful resources.

Free International Faxing

MyFax lets you fax to 48 countries for free. They’re one of the few electronic fax services that allow this: most other services charge additional fees if you’re faxing outside of Canada or the United States. The list of 48 countries covers most of the developed world and, unless you’re working with clients in smaller developing countries, you should never have to pay overage fees for international faxes.

Add Multiple Email Addresses

Most value online fax providers allow users to send faxes from a single email address. That’s okay if you’re an individual user or the sole manager of a business’s department, but it’s not ideal for larger businesses or even some families. That’s why I appreciate MyFax’s ability to add multiple email addresses to a single account. You can designate up to 5 email addresses which can send faxes from your account. There’s also excellent mobile functionality, which makes MyFax a good choice for people who are always on the go.

Excellent Archival and Tagging System

MyFax saves your faxes for up to one year by default. Users can tag their faxes using keywords of their choice. If you don’t handle a large volume of faxes on a daily basis, then this might be unnecessary. However, if your fax line accepts incoming faxes from multiple departments, the tagging and archival system will be a valuable tool.

Full-Featured Free Trial

I always appreciate companies that offer free trials. It means they’re confident that their product is good enough to convert free users into paying customers. Most online fax services offer some type of free trial, although these trials are generally quite limited. That’s not the case with MyFax, which lets you pick a brand new fax number (or keep your current number) while enjoying access to all features and tools. You will have to enter credit card information, and you’re restricted to 300 free fax pages, but it’s still a better free trial than many competing services.

Extensive Enterprise Features

MyFax is suited for both individual users and businesses, but I suspect businesses will get more use out of it. MyFax includes extensive enterprise functionality, including multi-user support and the ability to assign an account administrator. You can also track the number of faxes sent and received each month across your account. These and other features make MyFax an excellent choice for corporate users looking for an effective online fax service.

Simplified Interface

Online fax services generally have simple and effective interface designs. You don’t have to be an expert computer user to send and receive faxes over MyFax. In fact, if you can send and receive emails, then you won’t have any trouble with MyFax. Of course, if you ever run into problems, you can contact tech support 24 hours a day for more information.

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No Digitized Signatures

One of the major advantages of faxing is signing papers and legal documents. You can still do that with MyFax, but you can’t add a digitized signature. Many other online fax services let you save a digital signature and attach that to a received fax without printing it off. Unfortunately, MyFax forces you to print off the fax, sign it, then resend it. This can restrict mobile functionality and may be a deal breaker for business users.

Limited Internal Fax Viewer

The MyFax user interface is generally quite good, and users love the basic and clean design. However, there’s one annoying flaw. Some may find this is to be a minor flaw, but the MyFax internal fax viewer only displays the first page of a faxed document. You can download the fax to view the entire document, but you can’t view the entire document online via the internal viewer. This isn’t a problem if you only send and receive one-page faxes, but if you’re frequently dealing with multi-page documents, then this may become an issue.

Relatively High Pricing Plans

Like eFax, MyFax has a $0.10 overage fee. If you send more faxes than your plan allows per month, then you’ll be paying an extra 10 cents for every fax page sent and received. That’s not a problem for most people, but for those who send and receive hundreds of faxes each month, the fees can add up. MyFax’s monthly pricing plans are typically higher than competitors, although as mentioned above, these pricing plans come with a bunch of extra features included – so it’s up to you to decide what that value is worth to you.

MyFax Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are included in MyFax’s international coverage?

MyFax lets you fax 48 countries for free without being charged international fees. The MyFax free faxing zone includes:

United States, Canada, Greece, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Portugal, Iceland, Estonia, Israel, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Russia, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, China, Ireland, Finland, and Taiwan.

As you can see, the free faxing zone covers virtually all of the developed world and major populated countries. In addition, rapidly developing countries like China are included in the faxing zone.

How long does it take for a fax to be sent?

A fax is typically sent and received in under a minute. However, it will take longer to send a fax if the recipient’s fax machine is busy. If the machine is busy or inaccessible for any reason, then MyFax will attempt to resend the fax twice (a total of three transmissions) before cancelling the fax and notifying the user.

Does MyFax charge more based on how long it takes to send a fax?

90% of faxes are transmitted in less than a minute. MyFax, however, will charge additional fees on those 10% of faxes that take longer than a minute to be transmitted. Those faxes are charged on a per-minute basis. If you’re constantly sending long, multi-page faxes to clients, then this can leave costly charges on your bill every month.

Can I attach a cover page?

Cover pages are automatically sent with all faxes. Users can change what’s written on that title page by typing a message into the body of their email. Whatever is typed into the body of their email message will be posted directly on the cover page. Users cannot, however, adjust the format of the cover page or customize it beyond the wording.

Which file types does MyFax support?

MyFax has the best file format support out of all the major online faxing providers. It supports 178 file formats in total including all of the major image, document, and spreadsheet formats. You can view the full list of acceptable file types here.

What is the size limit on all faxes?

MyFax restricts file size to 10MB and faxed documents cannot exceed 10 pages.

Do I require any special hardware, software, or equipment in order to fax online?

One of the most valuable benefits of online faxing is that you never need to buy any special equipment or hardware to get started. Instead, you can sign up for the service online and begin online faxing within minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

What kinds of numbers are available?

MyFax lets users select toll-free numbers and local fax numbers. Toll-free fax numbers are available at no additional charge.

What kind of tech support is available?

MyFax offers excellent tech support. Unlike most other online fax providers, MyFax offers tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone. The Myfax website also has plenty of helpful resources like FAQs, tutorials, webinars, and more.

Can I add multiple users to my plan?

MyFax offers multi-user support on all plans. You can add multiple users to your plan simply by adding email addresses to your online MyFax dashboard. These additional users will receive online fax notifications to their email inbox and can also send online faxes from their email inboxes.

Does MyFax offer an unlimited faxing plan?

MyFax offers three basic plans for personal and small business fax users. Those plans include the ‘Best Value’ plan, which costs $10 per month and lets users send 100 faxes. There’s also the ‘Most Popular’ plan which lets users send 200 faxes for $20 per month. Finally, there’s the ‘Fax More’ plan, which includes 400 sent faxes at a price of $40 per month. Unlimited faxing plans are not available to small business users. However, MyFax does offer more extensive corporate faxing plans and customized online quotes. Just tell MyFax about your faxing needs and they’ll design a plan around those needs.

Which types of users does MyFax cater to?

MyFax caters to a few specific types of users. First, they cater to businesses and individual users that have extensive international faxing needs. Instead of paying costly international rates – like with other faxing providers – MyFax users enjoy free faxing to over 40 countries around the world. Customers also appreciate MyFax’s multi-user support and the fact that it accepts 178 file formats – which makes it ideal for businesses and users who frequently send and receive unique file formats.

How much does MyFax charge when exceeding monthly sending limits?

MyFax charges users 10 cents per additional fax sent and received.

Are my ‘sent’ and ‘received’ faxing limits interchangeable?

MyFax is the only major faxing provider that separates its plans into separate sections based on the number of faxes available to be sent and received. The basic plan includes 100 sent faxes and 200 received faxes; the medium plans includes 200 sent faxes and 200 received faxes; and the largest plan includes 400 sent faxes and 400 received faxes. Users cannot interchange their sent and received limits. So if you send 150 faxes per month on the basic plan and only receive 10 faxes, you will still have to pay the overage fees.

Does MyFax charge setup fees?

There are no setup fees on any MyFax accounts.

How does MyFax’s pricing compare to its competitors?

MyFax’s pricing is higher than its competitors – especially when you compare plans based on their monthly fax allowances. However, when comparing pricing, it’s important to recognize that international faxing to many countries is included with MyFax while it’s not included with other providers.

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MyFax Single User

MyFax is a popular online fax provider that offers a number of unique benefits to single users. It’s the only major fax provider that includes international faxing to 48 countries around the world without extra fees. It also offers a simple interface and comprehensive customer support.

All of these bonus features come at a cost: high monthly pricing. MyFax is one of the more expensive online fax providers available today (eFax is the only fax provider that offers similarly high pricing).

However, if budget isn’t a huge concern and you’re looking for a full-featured online faxing experience, then MyFax has plenty to offer. Here are some of the advantages that will cater to individual users:

MyFax Single User Features

Inclusive international faxing: MyFax is the only major online fax provider to include international faxing on all plans. Even on the most basic $10 per month plan, users can fax 48 countries for free. That’s a unique benefit that can help international businesses save a lot of money while avoiding costly international dialing fees. If your business does a lot of international faxing, then MyFax’s international coverage is the best out of all the online fax providers.

Simple online faxing interface: Do you have trouble sending an email or opening your internet browser? Probably not, but if you’re totally clueless about computers, then you’ll appreciate the simplified MyFax interface. This interface makes sending and receiving faxes ridiculously simple. You can send faxes from your usual email inbox or email client, or you can login to the MyFax website. Either way, you’re going to be treated to a user-friendly experience and super-simple faxing. Even if you’re good with computers, it’s easy to appreciate a well-designed UI.

Diverse file type support: MyFax supports an astonishing total of 178 different file types, making it one of the best supported faxing services available today. Other online fax providers typically support 10 to 30 file formats, so its’ significant that MyFax supports such a broad range. If you’re a single user who uses multiple types of programs and files on a daily basis, then this file support can be a lifesaver – it means you don’t have to convert files before faxing them, which saves time and reduces conversion errors.

Fax archiving: If you ever need to view a received fax at some point in the future, then you can do that thanks to the excellent MyFax archival system. This system automatically saves your incoming and outgoing faxes for up to one year after they’re sent or received. You can also tag your faxes using custom keywords and then search for those keywords when viewing your database. If you never want to lose important faxes, then this archival system is easy to appreciate.

There are a few issues that prevent MyFax from becoming one of the best online faxing providers. First is its high pricing and low monthly limits, which will be a deal breaker to users who need to send over 100 or 200 faxes each month. The second problem is the lack of a digitized signature tool, which means MyFax users can’t easily add a signature to outgoing faxes. Some people complain about the limited power of the internal viewer, but that problem only affects people who send and receive lots of multi-page faxes.

If you can get past these problems – including the high pricing – then MyFax is a feature-rich online fax provider that costs more than its competitors but offers unique benefits like inclusive international faxing to 48 countries.

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MyFax For Small Business

MyFax is an excellent choice for small business users that require more than just basic online faxing. Small business users will appreciate the easy-to-use interface of MyFax along with the diverse range of supported file types.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of using MyFax is its international coverage. If your business faxes internationally, then you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that MyFax doesn’t charge fees when faxing to over 40 countries around the world. MyFax is the only provider that includes international faxing without fees in its monthly limits and plans.

Here are some more MyFax advantages that will cater to small business users:

MyFax Small Business Features

Multi-user support: Multi-user support is a mixed bag in the online faxing world. About half of all online fax providers allow multiple users to access the account, while the other half do not. MyFax lets admin users designate up to 5 additional users who have the ability to send and receive faxes. If your small business has multiple employees who need to fax, then this is a valuable benefit. It means your employees don’t have to come running to you, the boss, whenever they need to fax something.

International Faxing: International faxing is one of the main reasons why your small business would upgrade to MyFax. MyFax isn’t nearly as cheap as some of the other online fax providers – like RingCentral and Nextiva. However, since it includes international faxing on all plans, your business may end up saving a considerable amount of money – especially if you communicate with overseas clients, customers, or employees.

Diverse file format support: MyFax supports a total of 178 unique file formats. That’s an impressive array of file formats and it makes MyFax one of the most comprehensive online faxing providers in terms of acceptable file types. If your business only needs to fax PDFs and Word documents, then that’s not a big deal. However, if your business works with unique industry-specific programs, software, or equipment, then this file format support is easy to appreciate.

Fax archiving: Losing an important fax can be devastating for your business. Fortunately, MyFax automatically saves all your faxes online and lets you access them at any point in the future. Incoming and outgoing faxes are saved for one year before being deleted. It’s not unlimited storage, but it’s an effective way to keep track of your company’s faxes.

MyFax is a good choice for small businesses but the high pricing and low monthly limits will turn away many businesses. That being said, if you fax internationally, then MyFax’s comprehensive international coverage can help you save a lot of money.

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Our Verdict About MyFax

Ultimately, MyFax is designed for those who are going to use its extra features. If you’re not using its extra features and are just looking for basic online faxing, then there are cheaper providers available – including RingCentral and Nextiva.

However, if you plan on faxing international numbers, utilizing enterprise features, and adding multiple email addresses to your account, then MyFax is an excellent choice that provides great value and extensive functionality.

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