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Nextiva Business Phone Review

Founded in 2005, Nextiva offers competitive pricing and crystal-clear voice communications. With an included array of bonus features, Nextiva’s Office plans can scale to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses while helping avoid high costs of traditional systems.

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Nextiva Business Phone Features

Nextiva Business Phone Calling

Unlimited Calling: Unlimited calling comes standard on all Nextiva Office plans.
Unlimited Virtual Faxing: Unlimited online faxing and virtual faxing comes standard on all Nextiva Office plans.
International Calling: Unlimited calling is available to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; all other countries require additional per-minute charges.
Toll-Free and Local Numbers: Nextiva Office users receive one free local number and one free toll-free number on signup.
HD Voice: HD voice communications come standard on all plans.

Nextiva Business Phone Call Management

Included Features: Nextiva includes additional features on all plans.
Premium Features: Premium features are available on higher-level plans and for additional charges.
Online Faxing: Unlimited online faxing is available on all plans.
Auto Attendant: Auto attendant and personalized greeting systems are available on all plans.
Automatic Call Recording: Calls from specific agents can be recorded and all calls can be automatically recorded.
Conference Calling: Conference calling is included and can be setup from the Nextiva console.
Desktop Platform: Manage your account over a desktop platform.
Mobile Apps: Manage your account over mobile apps for Android and iOS.
Browser Toolbar: Call contacts and manage Nextiva from a browser toolbar.
HD On-Hold Music: High-quality on-hold music is included on all plans.
Receptionist Console: Give front office personnel complete visibility into who is available, on the phone, or busy.
Call Queuing: Call queuing and advanced routing is available for managing busy queues and sending calls to different departments.

Other Services of Nextiva Business Phone

Professional Recordings: Professional voice recordings are available on all plans. Users receive 1, 3, or 5 professional recordings according to which plan they chose.
Call ID: The system automatically identifies all incoming calls.
24/7 Tech Support: Nextiva’s tech support is based in the United States and available 24 hours a day via online chat, toll-free calling, or email.
No Free Trial: Nextiva does not currently offer a free trial.
Unified Communications: Nextiva includes video chat, instant messaging, and unified communications over the cloud.
Voicemail to Email: Receive all voicemails in .mp3 format in your email inbox.
Office Pro
No Setup Fee
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Online Faxing
Free Local Number and Toll-Free Number
1 Professionally Recorded Greeting
Office Pro Plus
No Setup Fee
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Online Faxing
Free Local Number and Toll-Free Number
3 Professionally Recorded Greetings
Nextiva Mobile App
Office Enterprise
Office Pro Plus+
5 Professionally Recorded Greeting
Nextiva Mobile App
Call Recording
Attendant Console

The Good About Nextiva Business Phone

Unlimited Calling

All Nextiva Business plans include unlimited calling. That means no per-minute charges and no limits to all calls placed in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. International calling is also available but will be charged at an additional per-minute rate.

Unlimited Online Faxing

All plans also include unlimited online faxing. Users can send and receive faxes over their PCs and mobile devices. Faxes are sent and received as emails. To send a fax, simply create a new email, attach the file you wish to fax, then type in your contact’s fax number @Nextiva.com. That’s it. All received faxes are sent to your email inbox and can be downloaded like any email attachment.

Easy Conference Calls

Nextiva Office makes conference calls extremely easy to setup. To establish an instant conference call, simply choose two calls from the call console and connect them with a single click.

Automatic Call Recording

Useful for customer support services and other departments, Nextiva offers automatic call recording. Users can choose to record specific agent calls or tell the service to record all calls automatically. Automatic call recording is only available on the highest level Nextiva plan, Office Enterprise.

HD Voice Quality

Some people still have the mistaken idea that digital communications are inferior to traditional phone systems. That’s simply not true, and most people find that VoIP is clearer than traditional methods of communication. Nextiva promises HD voice quality on all calls and takes extra steps to eliminate static and service degradation. Ultimately, Nextiva promises that “it’s like you’re in the same room as the caller.”

Add Nextiva Anywhere to your Plan

Nextiva offers two broad levels of service: Nextiva Office and Nextiva Anywhere. When you sign up with Nextiva Office, you can easily add Nextiva Anywhere to your plan. This lets you manage business phone calls from your mobile device. You can even swap between your business phone and mobile device while continuing your call.

Useful Bonus Features

All Nextiva Office plans come with an extensive range of bonus features and additions. Since many other service providers charge extra for these features, they add considerable value to your PBX plan. Valuable extra features include free number porting, free local number, free toll-free number, voicemail to email, unlimited virtual faxing, HD music on-hold, and shared call appearance.  The Pro Plus and Enterprise plans include features like call recording, silent call barging, team presence notifications, and much more.

Cloud-Based Service

Cloud computing comes standard on all Nextiva Office plans. Cloud-based communication promises to clarify voice communications while saving your business time and money on hardware, setup, and monthly service. The biggest advantage of cloud computing is unified communication, which coordinates meetings, video, messenger clients, and administrative interfaces across all members of your team. All of these features can be accessed over the Nextiva mobile apps as well as the desktop platforms and browser toolbar.

Unique Bonus Features

Some of the included features of Nextiva Office are not offered by other providers. Those features include silent call barging, which lets a manager silently monitor phone calls between agents and customers and interject if necessary. Other helpful features include ‘Team Presence’, which lets each agent assign availability settings and share that availability with the rest of the office. Some businesses may also appreciate ‘Shared Line Appearance’, which lets users assign multiple phone numbers to a single person. Customers also enjoy professionally recorded greetings, a Nextiva browser toolbar, and other helpful features.

Extensive Call Management

Calls are easy to manage and can be totally managed over the browser console. Helpful call management features include multi-tiered auto attendants that direct customers where they need to go. There is also call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID, push to talk, voicemail to email, shared line appearance, call parking, dial by name directory, and more. All of these features are easy to setup and can be managed from a user-friendly web interface.

No Setup Fees

No setup fees are charged on any Nextiva plans. Even if other providers are a dollar or two cheaper than Nextiva, you might find that the costs balance out when you take setup fees into account.

Competitive Pricing

All of the benefits listed above may cost twice as much with other providers. Nextiva Office typically offers competitive pricing. Monthly pricing plans start at $19.95 for Office Pro and go as high as $29.95 per month for Office Enterprise. Those monthly prices are similar to other office VoIP plans, but the included bonus features often make Nextiva the more cost-effective option – especially if you plan on taking full advantage of the included bonus features. Furthermore, the lack of setup fees also helps balance out costs, as other providers may charge anywhere from $30 to $50 for account activation.

The Bad About Nextiva Business Phone

Mobile App Not Available on Lowest Plan

There are three Nextiva Office plans: Pro, Pro Plus, and Enterprise. The Office Pro plan does not include the Nextiva mobile app. Nextiva’s mobile app combines voice, video and instant messaging into a single application that is accessible from any desk phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s a useful and popular app. If you want to use the mobile app, then you will need to subscribe to Office Pro Plus or Office Enterprise.

Our Verdict On Nextiva Business Phone

Nextiva Office is an excellent business VoIP provider. Businesses are able to save hundreds of dollars each month with little to no downsides after making the switch to VoIP-based PBX. In fact, many providers enjoy additional benefits at a fraction of the cost of their traditional PBX system.

Nextiva comes standard with benefits like HD voice, cloud support, advanced call management, and free local and toll-free numbers. That’s good, but what makes Nextiva Office great is its inclusive bonus features like voicemail to email, unlimited virtual faxing, HD music on hold, and free professionally recorded greetings.

Best of all – Nextiva doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for its services. Plans range in price from $19.95 to $29.95 per month, which makes it incredibly easy for businesses to save money on their call management systems.

For all of these reasons, we highly recommend Nextiva Office. Whether building a PBX system for the office, replacing an existing call management service, or adding “on-the-go” functionality to your office, Nextiva offers excellent value and powerful business VoIP PBX services.

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