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RingCentral Office Phone System Review

Ring Central is an all-inclusive cloud-based phone system. With Ring Central Office, users enjoy voice, fax, text, conferencing, and HD video meetings at prices as low as $24.99 per month.

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RingCentral Office Phone System Features

RingCentral Office Calling

Unlimited Calling: Unlimited calling is included on all plans.
Toll-Free Minutes: Customers receive 1000, 2500, or 10,000 toll-free minutes depending on the plan. Additional minutes are billed at 3.9 cents per minute.
Unlimited Online Faxing: Virtual faxing/online faxing is included on all plans.
Unlimited Conference Calling: Unlimited conference calling is available on all plans.
Unlimited Business SMS: Unlimited SMS text messages can be sent between business platform users.

RingCentral Office Call Management

Answering Rules: Users can create, manage, and edit answering rules.
Call Forwarding and Transfer: Forward and transfer calls between workstations.
Call Screening: Identify and screen incoming phone calls.
Call Flip: Flip calls between workstations.
Call Logs: View detailed call logs across all phones on the network.
Intercom and Paging: Users can access intercom and paging systems using the Ring Central platform.
Call Parking: Calls can be parked and held.
Call Queues: Queue phone calls while callers wait for a free attendant.
Multi-Device Management: Manage Ring Central from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Other RingCentral Office Services

Mobile Apps: Ring Central offers mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.
Tech Support: U.S. tech support is available to those with 20+ user accounts.
Automatic Call Recording: Automatic call recording is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.
No Setup Fees: Ring Central does not charge setup fees on any plan
Microsoft Office Integration: Service integrates with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
Cloud Support: Service integrates with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.
Multiple Packages: Ring Central offers three different packages depending on your usage, including Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.
Unlimited Calling
1,000 Toll-free Minutes
Unlimited Conferencing
Online Faxing
Business SMS
Everything Standard+
Unlimited Calling
2,500 Toll-free Minutes
Automatic Call Recording
Salesforce CRM Integration
Everything Premium+
10,000 toll-free Minutes
Online Meetings for Mobile and Desktop
Multipoint Mobile
Desktop HD Video Conferencing

The Good On RingCentral Office

Make and Receive Calls Anywhere You Have Internet Access

The biggest benefit of Ring Central and other VoIP management services is being able to take calls anywhere you go. If you have a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with internet access, then you can easily send and receive phone calls on-the-go. This is an extremely valuable advantage for any business where employees are regularly outside of the office. Instead of being tied to their office phones, employees can travel and work at the same time.

Purchase, Rent, or Use Your Own Phone

Ring Central is compatible with almost all internet-connected devices. It also works with most phones. When you sign up for Ring Central, you can choose to use an existing phone, rent your own phone, or purchase a phone from Ring Central. No matter which option you choose, Ring Central’s implementation team will help setup your hardware and ensure everything is working smoothly. When using your own phone, the service is surprisingly easy to setup: just install an app on your smartphone or download the Ring Central PC software.

Multi-Platform Support

Ring Central supports multiple platforms. Users can manage their Ring Central account from all different devices, including Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Desktop apps are also available, making it easy to manage your account wherever you go on any device you own.

Unlimited Calling

Ring Central supports unlimited calling minutes on all plans. That covers all calls within the United States and Canada. However, Ring Central does enforce a ‘reasonable use policy’, which means your plan could be cancelled if you’re using an exorbitant number of minutes each month. For most users, however, the ‘unlimited’ plan will provide more minutes than they need.

Generous Toll-Free Minutes

Toll-free minutes are included in all plans. The smallest plan includes 1,000 toll-free minutes while the largest plan covers 10,000 minutes.

Automatic Voice Recording

Automatic voice recording is a valuable service for many companies.  Companies who operate customer service departments, for example, often benefit from automatic voice recording. Automatic voice recording is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans from Ring Central, letting users record an unlimited number of phone calls and conversations each month.

Extensive Collaboration Features

Collaborate on group projects with the extensive communication software available on Ring Central. One of the most popular features is HD Video Meetings, which allows users to hold video conferences with up to 25 attendees around the world. Users can join HD Video Meetings from any smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. Web conferencing lets users share files and presentations with other users while audio conferencing lets users hold a conference with up to 1,000 attendees using a simple company bridge. These collaboration features are only available to Enterprise users.

Voicemail Support

Voicemail is included in all plans. Users can record customized voicemail messages and even setup a visual voicemail for video calls. All voicemail messages will automatically be sent to your email inbox. Users receive voicemails like they would receive any email, and voicemails are simply attached to the email as .mp3 attachments. This makes it easy to check your voicemail on-the-go.

Cloud PBX

Enjoy comprehensive PBX features across your entire system using the cloud. The Ring Central PBX includes all of the features found in enterprise-class phone systems without the cost, complexity, or hardware required by those systems. Popular PBX features include music on hold, auto receptionist, multiple extensions, dial-by-name directories, and unified messaging.

Online Faxing

Online faxing is available via your PC, smartphone, and all other internet-connected devices. Ring Central sells online faxing plans separately for between $7.99 and $39.99 per month, so this is a valuable feature for companies that send and receive a lot of faxes every month. You can send and receive unlimited faxes each month with any Ring Central Business PBX plan.

Fast Setup Process

Instead of taking weeks to setup – like a traditional PBX system, Ring Central takes only a few minutes. Users choose their phone number, package, and number of users and Ring Central is immediately accessible. If ordering phones and other hardware, Ring Central sends that hardware to you within a few days of signing up. Better yet, there are no setup fees on any Ring Central plans.

30 Day Free Trial

Unsure if Ring Central is the right option for your business? That’s okay, because Ring Central now offers a 30 day free trial on its services. However, Ring Central’s 30 day free trial is only available to new subscribers with two or more users.

The Bad On RingCentral Office

Limited Tech Support

RingCentral offers 24/7 US-based tech support. That’s great! Unfortunately, this level of tech support is only available to certain users. Only subscribers with 20+ users can access US-based tech support, while 24/7 tech support is only available to subscribers with 2 or more users. In other words, if you’re not paying at least $49.98 each month in subscription fees, then Ring Central will not provide comprehensive tech support. Limited tech support is available over email.

Extra Fees for Each User

Ring Central charges additional fees for each user added to your plan. However, the charge per user is simply twice your subscription plan. All plans are billed at a monthly rate per user. For example, the Premium plan costs $34.99 per month per user, which means it will cost around $70 per month for two users. That’s a huge price difference between Ring Central and alternative providers. If your business requires multiple users, then there are plenty of other cost-effective options available, including Nextiva, most of which charge around $5 per month for each additional user.

Our Verdict On RingCentral Office

Ring Central is a popular PBX provider. Every plan comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited faxing, unlimited business SMS, generous toll-free minutes, and a wealth of other features. The Enterprise plan also comes with valuable premium features like HD video meetings and extensive call management control.

However, Ring Central falters when it comes to package pricing for multiple users. Adding additional users to your Ring Central plan essentially doubles the monthly subscription cost of the plan. Ring Central’s competitors typically offer additional extensions at a price of $4.99 to $9.99 per month, so it’s difficult to justify the high costs of Ring Central for multiple users.

That being said, Ring Central remains an excellent choice for single users and small businesses. Its extensive array of features and crystal-clear call quality combine to make an enjoyable PBX experience. Many of the features included in Ring Central do not come standard on other plans, including auto-receptionist, shared lines, the lack of activation fees, and more.

In short, Ring Central helps put your business’s best face forward to customers and clients while saving your business a considerable amount of time and money.


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