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Trusted ID Review

Trusted ID protects subscribers from identity theft using credit monitoring, database monitoring, black market internet scanning, and more. They also offers a family plan that covers all members of a household for a flat price.

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Trusted ID Features

Trusted ID Identity Theft Monitoring

Bank Accounts: If your bank account information is used fraudulently, then Trusted ID will alert you as soon as that fraudulent activity is detected.
Credit and Debit Cards: Trusteed ID actively monitors your credit cards and debit cards for any unauthorized signs of fraudulent use.
Public Records Monitoring: Trusted ID monitors the use of your name and personal information in public records.
Social Security Number: The company monitors databases for any changes involving your social security number.
No Fraudulent Loan Monitoring: Trusted ID does not actively monitor your information on lending networks.

Trusted ID Identity Theft Protection

Lost Wallet Protection: If you lose your wallet, then Trusted ID will help you contact banks, credit card companies, and other affected services you use.
$1 Million Guarantee: Just like other popular identity protection services, Trusted ID offers a $1 million guarantee where they provide up to $1 million in remediation services if your identity is stolen while using the service.
Mailing List Removal: Trusted ID contacts direct mail services and attempts to remove your personal information.
Security Freeze: Immediately freezes your credit reports if Trusted ID suspects any signs of fraud or identity theft.
Personal Fraud Specialists: Trusted ID will assign fraud specialists to your account if anything suspicious happens to your identity or your personal information.
Fraud Notifications: Automatically notify credit reporting agencies whenever suspected fraud has occurred.

Additional Trusted ID Features

Family Protection: All individuals within a household, including children and the elderly, will receive Trusted ID’s identity theft protection (although only two adults can receive credit reports).
Credit Scores: Receive regular credit score updates through Trusted ID.
Excellent Tech Support: Contact Trusted ID over email, phone, live chat, and social media to receive answers to any questions you might have.
No Mobile Apps or Support: Trusted ID doesn’t have great mobile functionality; there are no iPhone or Android apps available and the website isn’t specifically optimized for mobile devices, nor can customers receive alerts over their phone.
Family Plan
Limited to 2 Adults
3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
3-Bureau Credit Score
Fraud Alerts
$1,000,000 Limited Warranty
and more...
Individual Plan
3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
3-Bureau Credit Score
Fraud Alerts
$1,000,000 Limited Warranty
and more...

The Good On Trusted ID

Well-Rounded Identity Theft Protection Services

ID Theft performs many of the same identity theft protection measures as other identity protection services – and that’s a good thing. They use tri-bureau credit monitoring to alert you whenever changes are made to your credit file, for example, and monitor public databases and websites for changes involving your information. Other Trusted ID services include three free credit reports per year, a $1 million warranty protection, medical benefits protection, lost wallet protection, and more.

Facebook Privacy Monitoring

Trusted ID takes an innovative approach to identity theft protection. Today’s identity thieves don’t usually dig through your garbage or steal mail from your front doorstep. Instead, many can simply find that information online on places like Facebook. After subscribing to Trusted ID’s IDEssentials plan, the service will scan your Facebook profile to identify any places where you share too much information. If you’re an active Facebook user, then this service is extremely helpful.

Superior Post-Theft Response

Trusted ID really excels when dealing with a client’s identity theft. If you spot any signs of potential fraud, then a Trusted ID agent will be specially assigned to your account to help identify the issue and resolve it. If you signed up for Trusted ID’s business service – the Data Breach plan – then you’ll find that the company responds promptly to any threats to your company’s security and will set up a dedicated website and hotline for all your affected customers.

Family Plan

Trusted ID offers individual plans and family plans. The family plan protects every member within a specific household, including spouses, children, seniors, and whoever else is living under your roof. All of this protection is available at one flat rate of $20 per month (when subscribed to the annual plan). No matter how many people are in your family, that rate will not change. Trusted ID is one of the few identity theft companies that offers family protection without charging extra fees, so if you want to protect an extended family living under one rooftop, then Trusted ID is an excellent option. However, it’s important to note that credit monitoring – where you receive credit reports and scores – is only available to two adults per family plan.

Affordable Pricing

Trusted ID is priced at a rate that’s affordable for most Americans. Users receive significant discounts when subscribing to the annual plans as opposed to going month-to-month. Unless you’re dealing with cash flow problems, I highly recommend the annual plan. The family plan costs $27.99 per month ($20 per month when ordering for the full year), while the individual plan costs $14.99 per month ($10.42 per month when ordering for the full year).

$1 Million Warranty

Many identity protection companies now offer guarantees and warranties for their services: if your information is stolen while actively subscribed to Trusted ID, then the company will pay up to $1 million “to cover out-of-pocket costs associated with identity theft.” Some people subscribe to identity protections services purely for these warranties: if your identity is ever stolen, then that $1 million warranty can go a long ways towards remediating the issue.

Multiple Database Monitoring Services

Trusted ID monitors the usual databases for any changes in your information. It offers tri-bureau credit monitoring, for example, as well as credit card number scanning, social security number scanning, name and address scanning, and more. Users also receive protection from new forms of identity theft, like medical benefits protection and medical benefits fraud. Ultimately, the diverse range of protection options available with Trusted ID will keep you and your family safe – or at least alert you if someone tries to fraudulently use your identity.

Data Breach Defense for Businesses

Even the largest companies have experienced data breaches in recent years. Trusted ID offers excellent Data Breach defense services which are separate from its identity theft protection services. After a data breach or data loss at your company, Trusted ID will create a dedicated website and hotline which your customers can call to learn more about the crisis. If personal information about any customers has been stolen, then Trusted ID will assign identity theft protection specialists to the case.

Free Trial

Like many free trials these days, Trusted ID’s free trial requires credit card information. You also have to call during the trial period to avoid being charged once your 14 day free trial is over. This is far from ideal. However, the free trial is loaded with features and lets you experience exactly what Trusted ID is all about.

The Bad On Trusted ID

No Fraudulent Loan Protection

Trusted ID has one small weakness when it comes to protecting your identity: the service doesn’t proactively scan for fraudulent loans taken out in your name. However, the company will help you resolve these situations when they appear on your credit report. If an identity thief is attempting to take out a loan in your name, then you might not be able to protect yourself until it’s too late.

Credit Monitoring Only Available for Two Adults

If you sign up for the Trusted ID family plan, then every member of your household is significantly more protected from identity theft. However, only two adult members of your household are eligible to receive their credit reports and scores. The other adult members of the household – like say, elderly people – will still receive Trusted ID’s excellent social security number monitoring, bank account monitoring, and more. If you really want to receive your credit report, then it’s extremely easy to order it yourself online.

The Verdict On Trusted ID

Trusted ID is a popular identity theft service that offers excellent service and affordable rates for both families and individuals. The Data Breach service for businesses is also popular and helps businesses protect themselves – and their customers – following a breach of security.

With Trusted ID, you’re subscribing to a range of database monitoring services. Those services include tri-bureau credit monitoring, credit card number scanning, social security number scanning, and much more. These services are constantly scanning databases and the internet for any changes made using your information. When these changes occur, you’ll know as soon as possible and a remediation specialist will be assigned to your case.

Remember: nobody thinks they’re going to be a victim of identity theft until they actually become a victim. Whether you’re protecting yourself with an Individual plan or subscribing to a Family plan for you and your family, Trusted ID offers excellent value and protection. If fraudulent identity use is detected, then Trusted ID’s skilled professionals are available to help you handle the issue.

Ultimately, we highly recommend Trusted ID for its h4 scanning options, competitive prices, and ability to respond to identity theft situations.

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