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Volusion Review

Volusion is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today. Packed with features and available at a surprisingly affordable price, Volusion helps you create a beautiful online store with a powerful and secure back-end.

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Volusion Features

Volusion Store Design

Templates: Volusion offers about 80 free template designs. Free templates are modern and stylish and provide a good face for your business online.
Premium Templates: Volusion lets users install premium templates for an additional fee. Premium templates can be purchased from the Volusion store and range in price from $50 to $895.
Customizable Designs: All templates can be customized according to your unique needs. Users can customize templates using HTML or built-in customization tools.
Simple Setup Process: Like most ecommerce platforms, Volusion requires absolutely no coding knowledge or web design skills to use. Create your online store in just minutes.

Volusion Compatibility

eBay and Amazon: Volusion supports eBay and Amazon stores on its Pro and Premium plans but support is not available on the Mini and Plus plans.
Social Media Support: Basic social media support is available on all plans. Additional social media marketing packages are also available to order.
Blog Support: Volusion does not support the additional creation of a blog. Users can, however, install a blogging platform like WordPress onto their own domain.

Volusion Payment Options

Multiple Payments Available:  Volusion accepts over 30 different payment platforms, including VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Stripe, among others.
Secure Online Payments: All payments are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption for maximum business and customer privacy.
Automatic Tax Calculations: Volusion automatically calculates sales tax for all states.
Abandoned Shopping Cart: Abandoned shopping cart reports are available on all plans except the ‘Mini’ plan. When a shopping cart has been abandoned, the store owner receives a notification email along with customer contact information.
Daily Deals: Entice customers with daily deals and regular promotions.

Additional Volusion Features

24 Hour Tech Support: Volusion’s tech support is available 24 hours a day through telephone, email, and live chat. Telephone support, however, is only available as an upgrade feature.
Online Knowledge Base: Many Volusion customers never need to contact tech support due to the extensive knowledge base available online through FAQs, video tutorials, and more.
Marketing and SEO: Volusion adds star ratings and other product-specific information directly into search results for maximum conversions and SEO value.
Emails and Newsletters: Keep customers coming back with regular emails and newsletters.
Facebook Store: Facebook Store support is included with every package.
Customer Product Ratings and Reviews: Volusion supports a comprehensive customer rating and review process and allows user-generated content on product pages, if enabled.
One-Page Checkout: Studies have shown that multi-page checkout processes reduce sales. Volusion offers a single page checkout process designed to increase trust and conversion rates.
Unlimited Storage
No Transaction Fees
1GB Bandwidth
100 Products
Unlimited Storage
No Transaction Fees
3GB Bandwidth
1,000 Products
Unlimited Storage
No Transaction Fees
10GB Bandwidth
10,000 Products
Unlimited Storage
No Transaction Fees
Dedicated Account Manager
35GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Products

The Good On Volusion

Hundreds of Templates

While other ecommerce platforms nudge customers into picking a handful of different templates, Volusion takes a different approach. Volusion offers 80 different templates for free, but there are 350 more templates available for purchase. Users can easily customize their templates using HTML to perfectly suit their needs.

Easily Customizable

You don’t need to know HTML or any coding languages to modify your website using Volusion. Volusion includes dozens of customization tools that help make your website unique. Whether you’re modifying templates using HTML or swapping out basic tools, widgets, and boxes, Volusion lets you easily create customized websites.

Extensive Back-end Support

When it comes to back-end inventory sections, Volusion is tough to beat. Volusion’s back office section constantly monitors your business’s inventory and will send you an alert when inventory runs low. Additionally, users can access surprisingly detailed sales reports and all sales data from the online store. To make things even better, Volusion will integrate with QuickBooks and Google Analytics to provide detailed information about website traffic and your business’s bookkeeping.

Multiple Payment Options

Like all good ecommerce platforms, Volusion accepts multiple payment options. Approximately 30 different payment platforms are accepted in total, and Volusion can process all credit card data in-house. Payment options include PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, Stripe, and more. All VISA and MasterCard payments are deposited directly into your account every day to simplify the bookkeeping process.

Security and Fraud Protection

All good ecommerce platforms offer extensive security features. However, only a select few platforms offer fraud protection services for free with every plan. Volusion identifies fraudulent behavior and alerts you before orders go through. You can manually review each order and view orders based on their perceived fraud risk. Each order is assigned a fraud score to determine if it’s a legitimate order or a scam.

Mobile Payment Processing

Review and authorizes payments on your mobile device via Authorize.net. Authorize.net lets you use an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to securely process payments anywhere you go. Volusion fully integrates with Authorize.net to help customers process payments on-the-go.

Additional Online Marketing Packages Available

Volusion customers can customize their plan according to their unique needs. Compared to other ecommerce platforms, Volusion does not have a large number of features pre-built into the platform. However, customers can add these features to their plan according to their unique needs. Additional packages include social media marketing plans and PPC advertising plans for AdWords, both of which cost several hundred dollars per month but assign dedicated specialists to your account.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Reports

All Volusion plans except the ‘Mini’ offer abandoned shopping cart reports. These reports notify you, the store owner, when a customer has abandoned a shopping cart. Abandoned shopping carts can help business owners recapture anywhere from 15% to 30% of lost business and it’s a valuable service offered by top ecommerce platforms. Once a customer abandons a shopping cart, site owners can view the contents of that shopping cart along with customer contact information.

Social Media Support

Social media is the engine that drives popular opinion these days. Volusion includes basic social media tools with every plan from Mini to Premium. Those social media tools include adding Facebook ‘Like’ buttons to product pages as well as Twitter follow buttons, YouTube links, and more.

Automatic Tax Rates

Volusion automatically applies tax rates to all customer orders based in the United States. This timesaving feature is available on all Volusion plans and stays up-to-date on all tax rate changes. Taxes are seamlessly included within your platform for maximum convenience.

30 Day Trial Period

Want to experience Volusion risk-free? Volusion offers a 30-day trial on all plans. If you try any plan and don’t like it, then Volusion will refund all your money if you ask for a refund within 30 days of signing up. I always appreciate when ecommerce systems provide guarantees like this because it shows they’re confident in their services. Volusion is no exception to that rule.

The Bad On Volusion

Bandwidth Limits and Product Limits

Volusion restricts the number of products and bandwidth available on most of its plans. These limits are extremely generous and won’t be an issue for many businesses. However, it’s important to be aware of these limits. On the smallest plan, the ‘Mini’ package, users can setup 100 product pages and access 1GB bandwidth each month. On the Premium plan, users get 35GB of bandwidth and an unlimited number of products.

Amazon and eBay Integration Costs Extra

If you have an Amazon or eBay store, then you will need to pay extra to integrate that store with Volusion. Volusion’s higher-end plans, including Pro and Premium, include support for Amazon and eBay. However, lower-end plans like the Mini and Plus do not include eBay or Amazon support. That being said, Facebook Store support is available on all plans, as are features like mobile commerce and basic social media integration. The more you’re willing to pay per month, the more features you’re going to receive.

Our Verdict On Volusion

Volusion is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms for good reason. It features a powerful back-end which integrates directly with QuickBooks and Google Analytics in order to simplify business management.

Don’t let the bandwidth and product limits fool you: many stores will never come close to approaching these limits. If you’re unsure how much bandwidth your store needs, then you can sign up for the lower-end plans and see if you ever exceed your monthly limit. Although the lowest plan offers just 1GB of monthly bandwidth, higher-end plans like the Pro and Premium packages offer 10GB and 35GB of bandwidth, respectively.

Ultimately, Volusion is one of the most cost-effective ecommerce platforms available today. No matter which plan you choose, you receive excellent value and powerful back-end support. If you want to create a powerful and customer-friendly online store for your business, then Volusion is an excellent choice.


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