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WP Engine Review

WP Engine is a unique web host that caters only to WordPress hosting. If you run WordPress websites, then WP Engine may be the best option because of their awesome interface, reliable uptime, and strong speeds.


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WP Engine Features

WP Engine Web Development

Control Panel: Users enjoy a WordPress-based control panel.
Site Builders: WP Engine uses WordPress as its one and only site builder.
No CPanel: WP Engine does not use CPanel.
Dedicated Servers: Dedicated servers are available with custom pricing on the highest level WP Engine plan.
Manage Multiple Domains: WP Engine lets users easily add multiple websites to their hosting plan, although all websites must use WordPress.

WP Engine Hosting Tools

Limited Visitors: Users are restricted to a certain number of visitors per month.
No Unlimited Local Storage: Users are restricted to a certain amount of local storage (10GB on the most basic plan, 30GB on the highest non-dedicated plan).
No Unlimited Websites: The lowest WP Engine plan lets you add one WordPress-based website to your account, while the highest plan lets you add 25+ websites.
Automatic Updating: Webmasters are alerted whenever websites need updating.
Unlimited Data Transfer: There are no data transfer limits.
Firewall: Users are protected behind firewalls.
Malware Scanning: WP Engine constantly scans and repairs malware problems on your WordPress sites wherever malware is detected.

Other WP Engine Features

Money Back Guarantee: Customers enjoy a 60 day money back guarantee on all orders.
Easy UI: All your WordPress websites can be managed from a single, easy-to-use online interface.
Tech Support: Tech support is available between 9am and 6pm CST over toll-free number, email, and online form.
International Tech Support: WP Engine provides a tech support number for international inquiries outside of North American business hours.
1 WordPress Install
25,000 Visits Per Month
Unlimited Data Transfer
10GB Local Storage
10 WordPress Installs
100,000 Visits Per Month
Unlimited Data Transfer
20GB Local Storage
25 WordPress Installs
400,000 Visits Per Month
Unlimited Data Transfer
30GB Local Storage
Customized Pricing
25+ WordPress Installs
Millions of Visits Per Month
Dedicated Servers
Customizable Features

The Good On WP Engine

WordPress-based Control Panel

WP Engine has one of the most unique control panels out of all the web hosts available today. Unlike other web hosts – which offer CPanel, vDeck, and other similar options, WP Engine has built its UI entirely around WordPress. When you login to WP Engine, you can instantly view all of your WordPress logins within a single dashboard. Manipulating any of your WordPress-based sites is just a few clicks away.

The Best Multi-Site Management Around

If you’re hosting just a single WordPress website, then WP Engine is a decent web hosting option. However, WP Engine really becomes effective when you’re hosting multiple WordPress-based websites. If that’s the case, then you’ll be able to manage all of your WordPress sites from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Whether you’re running 5 WordPress sites or 500, WP Engine is the world’s best web host for managing multiple WordPress installations.

60 Day Refund Policy

The web hosting world has a bunch of different refund policies. Some web hosts don’t offer a refund policy at all. Others offer 7 day, 14 day, or 30 day refund policies. WP Engine goes above and beyond its competitors and offers a 60 day refund policy. If customers are unhappy with WP Engine for any reason whatsoever, they can cancel within a 60 day period and receive a full refund. That’s a benefit not offered by most other hosting providers, and it illustrates how confident WP Engine is in the quality of its services.

WordPress-specific Tech Support

Specializing in WordPress hosting has given WP Engine a number of unique advantages over its competition. WordPress-specific tech support is one such advantage. You can contact WP Engine for any problems you’re encountering with your site. Since all clients are based on WordPress and experience similar issues, tech support is typically able to solve your problems quite easily.

Pay for a Year, Get Two Months Free

Most web hosts offer some sort of deal if you subscribe to an annual plan, and WP Engine is no exception. You can stick to a month-to-month plan and pay your $29 fee every month, or you can pay for a year today and enjoy two months free. If you have the funds available to pay for, say $290, today, then this is a great deal.

Enhanced Security Features

Like most web hosts, WP Engine protects its customers with a firewall which blocks “tens of thousands of known attacks.” What makes WP Engine extra special, however, is its malware scanning which automatically scans, repairs, and eliminates malware threats on your site. Most website owners will never have to deal with major malware or hacking attacks, but it’s good to know that WP Engine has your back if they do occur.

Fast Performance

Most of today’s web hosts seem to favor low costs over high speeds. WP Engine is the opposite and that’s definitely a good thing. WP Engine takes speed seriously and has data centers available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Choose the data center closest to your customer base and your visitors will enjoy blazing fast speeds. Additionally, WP Engine speeds up websites using multi-server clusters, in-RAM caching on its “wicked-fast hardware”, and a fully managed, automatic caching system.

Wide Range of Features On All Plans

Some web hosts offer extremely cheap hosting plans that only offer basic web hosting – that’s it. There are few additional features and you get exactly what you pay for. With WP Engine, users on all plans get virtually the same features. For example, the basic $29 per month plan includes all of the same hardware, tech support, malware scanning, security, managed upgrades, storage, and other features as higher level plans. Jumping up to higher levels comes with a few bonus features, including SSL encryption and, on the highest level plan, unlimited installations and dedicated servers. Other than those differences, plans are virtually identical.

No Jump in Pricing After One Year

One thing I really dislike about low-cost web hosts is their dishonest pricing policies: they lure in customers with a ridiculously low monthly price and then double or triple that price once the “promotional period” is over. WP Engine is way more honest about its pricing and offers the same monthly pricing today as it does in the future. At first glance, WP Engine may seem more expensive than other web hosts, but if you look at what other web hosts charge after the promotional period is over, then you can see why WP Engine may be the cheaper option. Of course, customers who pay for annual plans get a significant discount (two free months).

The Bad On WP Engine

Relatively Expensive

Compared to other web hosts, WP Engine is relatively expensive. Of course, comparing WP Engine to the low-cost providers like HostGator and BlueHost isn’t fair because the hosts are in two different leagues. However, even compared to other high level hosting providers, WP Engine can be relatively expensive. WP Engine does come with plenty of added benefits that you don’t get with other providers – like reliable uptime and very fast speeds. Many customers believe these bonuses are worth the price.

Visitor Limits Per Month

Some web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, while others offer “mostly unlimited” bandwidth, which means you will probably never come close to hitting the maximum number of visitors per month. With WP Engine, you’re restricted to a set number of users per month. On the Professional Plan, for example, which costs $99 per month, users can receive 100,000 visitors per month across 10 WordPress installs. If you run 10 WordPress sites, that’s about 330 visitors per day per website. If one of your sites goes viral, it can create bandwidth surcharges across the rest of your network. For most web developers this won’t be an issue and you’ll never come close to reaching 100,000 visitors per month. However, it is something to be aware of.

The Verdict On WP Engine

Ultimately, WP Engine is one of the most unique web hosts out there today and it may be the best option for your WordPress site or sites. WP Engine truly shines when you connect multiple WordPress sites to the service, at which point you can manage all of your sites from a unified online platform. That can literally save hours of time and help you avoid painful WordPress-related headaches.

Let’s face it: most of today’s small businesses host websites using WordPress. If you want clean, easy, and fast WordPress-based web hosting, then WP Engine is an excellent option – especially if you can afford paying for some of the higher level plans.

That being said, if you’re not going to use the extra features provided in WP Engine plans – like if you don’t regularly update a few of your WordPress sites – then you may be able to find cheaper deals with other web hosts.

Ultimately, WP Engine is fast, easy to use, secure, and time-saving. It’s an excellent choice for WordPress users no matter how large or small your sites may be.

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