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Best SIP Trunking Providers

Ready to learn about the best SIP trunking providers in the world today? Let’s find out which companies provide the best SIP trunking services for business and residential users.

First, you may be wondering what, exactly, SIP trunking is.

A few decades ago, all phone calls went through phone lines. Today, the internet and VoIP have given us another way to send phone calls.

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP and online calling is that you can handle a higher volume of calls through a single line. This is called SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, trunking.

The majority of VoIP service providers offer some type of SIP trunking. SIP trunking can be customized to meet the needs of small businesses and larger corporations.

The term “trunking”, by the way, is an older telecommunications term. It was first used to describe how a large number of telephone users could be “trunked” or “truncated” into a smaller pool of communication paths.

So instead of having 1,000 phone lines for 1,000 customers, telecom providers could have 100 phone lines for 1,000 customers, assuming not everybody would need every phone line all the time.

Trunking was applied to business communications, making it a more cost-efficient option than getting a separate phone line for each worker.

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Why Do You Need SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking bundles everything from your business into one convenient line.

That means your voice, data, video, internet, faxing, and everything else gets sent through a single line.

One of the biggest benefits of this is that all calls will be considered local calls and the business won’t even be required to have a single phone line at all. With that in mind, the number one benefit of SIP trunking is the same number one benefit of VoIP calling in genera: you save money.

Other benefits of SIP Trunking include:

  • Low cost calling
  • Easier to scale than other options, which is great for future proofing a business
  • Easily transfer multiple local phone numbers when moving offices or when traveling, making portability and moving to a new office a breeze
  • Ideal for businesses that require at least 25 separate physical phones
  • Incoming calls can be routed to other locations, meaning network outages have a minimal impact on your business
  • Low costs for businesses with international locations or international calling needs
  • Emergency services like 911 and enhanced 911 on some plans

With all of these things in mind, let’s take a look at the best SIP trunking providers you’ll find available today.

Best SIP Trunking Providers


Vonage’s business SIP trunking services are a popular solution across America. They’re easy to integrate with your existing plan and offer excellent uptime, customizability, and disaster recovery options.

Some of the unique features available through Vonage’s SIP trunking include:

  • Cloud-hosted VoIP services
  • Carrier-grade performance and UCaaS service
  • Works with mobile devices, which means you can take your VoIP plan on-the-go
  • Customized quotes to meet the unique needs of your business

With Vonage’s SIP trunking, you pay for what your business needs and you don’t need to squeeze yourself into a plan that doesn’t make sense. The company maintains a team of SIP trunk customer service specialists who will walk you through the setup and customization process, so the entire process is straightforward and relatively easy.

Vonage’s SIP trunking services can also be used at the home or the office. In either case, your plan comes with a pay-per-minute rate with no limit on the number of incoming or outgoing calls that can be made at the same time (incoming calls are free).

Just like with all Vonage VoIP plans, you don’t pay for calls to other Vonage customers.

Ultimately, Vonage is one of the best-known names in the VoIP industry and has been around for well over a decade. When it comes to good SIP trunking services for businesses, Vonage is a cheaper solution than landlines while offering greater value and a wider range of features.


8×8’s SIP trunking services start at $19.99 per month for small businesses. Many customers enjoy using 8×8 because it comes with features like instant messaging and web conferencing along with traditional VoIP and video communications.

Other features available through 8×8 include:

  • Easy call routing (automated attendant lets your system answer and route calls automatically)
  • Mobile softphone that lets you take your VoIP software platform on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or any computer

The company is also famous for its reliable service and wide range of features. Just like Vonage, 8×8 has been on the market for years and is one of the nation’s leading VoIP providers.

Ultimately, many recommend 8×8 for small to medium-sized businesses. Like all good SIP trunking providers, customers can save a lot of money by running voice and data on the same network and saving money on calls.


OnSIP is one of the few business VoIP providers to actually specialize in SIP trunking.

The company promises to be the best option for businesses that have decided their communication needs are best met with an on-premise PBX solution and need a VoIP service provider to handle their calls to and from the PSTN.

OnSIP’s SIP trunking is typically used with an IP PBX to replace traditional analog circuits or PRIs.

Another advantage of OnSIP’s SIP trunking is that you don’t need to do anything special to get it: OnSIP trunking is included with every OnSIP account and is offered as a feature in every OnSIP hosted PBX account.

OnSIP users also appreciate the wide range of software support offered by OnSIP, which includes Freeswitch, Asterisk, Trixbox, and Fonality.

Pricing is also reasonable. OnSIP doesn’t charge you per channel, per trunk, or per user, which is something we see with a lot of other SIP trunking providers.

Instead, we have you pay a flat minimum fee of $49.95 and then pay for your usage as you go on top of that. There’s also no monthly minimum fee for the first 30 days.

Usage is more expensive than you may find with other providers. You pay 2.9 cents per minute of local calling, but rates go up steeply after that: you’ll pay 3.9 cents per minute for calls from the lower 48 states in America, for example, and a whopping 9.9 cents per minute from Canada.

Outbound calling, on the other hand, is charged a rate of 2.9 cents per minute for the lower 48 states in America along with most of Canada and 20 other international countries.

Of course, the price gets more expensive when you consider that you may need a virtual PBX subscription on top of your calling plan.

Ultimately, OnSIP will be a higher-priced solution than many online VoIP providers and may not be the best option for smaller businesses or residential users.

However, OnSIP can be a very affordable solution if you’re a medium-sized business with over 25 employees. With other SIP trunking providers, you’d pay a lower monthly rate but a higher per-user rate. with OnSIP, you don’t pay per user – so the costs are more competitive than they seem at first glance.

Top 5 Most Important Things for Choosing a SIP Trunking Provider

PBX Support: Not all SIP trunking providers support all PBX systems. If you’re using a legacy PBX or Key system in conjunction with your ATA, then compatibility can be a real issue for you. Before you even think about locking into a SIP trunking provider, make sure that provider supports your PBX.

Take Advantage of Free Trials: Just like with VoIP providers, SIP trunking providers often offer free trials that let you assess the service and access the full range of features before you lock in. if you want to be extra careful about your decision consider trying out a few trials to get a feel for how different services compare. Not all SIP trunking service providers advertise free trials, but you can often still get one if you talk to a customer service agent.

Be Aware of Telemarketing Surcharges: If your company uses an automated dialing system or similar telemarketing processes, then check with your SIP trunking provider before you lock in. SIP trunking providers don’t always welcome this kind of traffic and you may be charged extra fees.

International Calling: Another problem in the SIP trunking industry is international toll fraud, which is estimated to cost businesses and consumers billions of dollars a year. Avoid getting burned by this fraud by selecting a SIP trunking provider that uses an automated billing system.

Don’t Be Forced to Buy Bandwidth: Obviously, you need internet bandwidth for SIP trunking. Some providers, however, will force you to buy bandwidth from them and from nobody else. That means you pay an added premium and often can’t shop around for the best rate in your area. Choose a SIP trunking provider that gives you flexibility. For the same reason, don’t get locked into a long-term contract.

By carefully considering all of the features listed above, you can easily find the best SIP trunking provider in your area.

Editor’s Note: Looking for information on VoIP Phone Systems? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

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