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Best VoIP Providers in Canada

Canadians have access to more VoIP providers today than ever before. To help make your decision easier, we’re breaking down the most popular VoIP providers in Canada based on their value, their bundled services, and their commitment to Canadian businesses and residential users. Why You Need VoIP Let’s be honest: traditional telecommunication providers in Canada are awful. The big three ...

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Best SIP Trunking Providers

Ready to learn about the best SIP trunking providers in the world today? Let’s find out which companies provide the best SIP trunking services for business and residential users. First, you may be wondering what, exactly, SIP trunking is. A few decades ago, all phone calls went through phone lines. Today, the internet and VoIP have given us another way ...

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Best Residential VoIP Service Providers

Looking for the best residential VoIP service provider? A residential VoIP system is an excellent way to reduce your monthly phone bill. Today, residential phone services are easier and more accessible than ever before. Many homes have chosen to switch to VoIP away from traditional phone lines. Using this method, you can easily slice your bill in half – if ...

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Best Business VoIP Service Providers

Choosing the right business VoIP service provider may seem like a small decision. But it can have an enormous impact on the efficiency and profitability of your company. Today, we’re ranking some of the best business VoIP service providers in the world today. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business or you’re a startup that just launched, these business VoIP ...

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VOIP Frequently Asked Questions


Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP is a phone service that offers the ability to make phone calls using your Internet connection. The two types of VoIP services are telephone and computer. The telephone service simply allows you to make calls on your phone through your Internet connection. The computer service gives you the ability to make phone ...

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Mobile VOIP


With the popularization of smartphones rose the increased reliance upon Internet technology on these mobile devices. This led to the development of mobile VoIP technology. By creating a system that enables communication through Internet connectivity, technologically advanced areas have been able to reduce their reliance upon telephonic networks and corporations. This has led to greatly reduced communication costs for the ...

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VoIP Shopping Guide


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fast becoming the standard mode of communication for modern businesses. The ability to have voice communications working together with other parts of your businesses data communication networks, reductions in cost, and the attraction of increased productivity and customer service have made the migration to VoIP popular among businesses. Once your organization has made the ...

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How to Transition Over to Business VoIP


When you have made the decision to transition your business from traditional phone lines over to VoIP, the key to a seamless switch is preparation. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a system that transmits voice calls, video calls and other communications over the Internet, and there are many advantages to making this transition. Preparation Is Key Firstly, make ...

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