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Where Can I Go Fax Something Near Me?

FaxSo you need to send a fax near your current location; Don’t freak out! Yes, faxes are still a thing in this day and age. From job applications to legal documents, we still need to fax something for all sorts of different things.

If you need to send out a fax from your phone, I would just sign up for an online fax service like RingCentral Fax so you can fax on the go with their mobile App.

After the 30 day free trial, RingCentral Fax is only $17.99/mo. If you want to cancel, Ringcentral also provides a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for a physical location to send a fax, where exactly do you find a fax service near you?

Today, we’re answering all your questions about where you can send a fax.


Fax Services Near Me: UPS, FedEx, and Other Delivery Service Stores

UPS and FedEx don’t just send physical packages: they can also send faxes for you. UPS and FedEx locations are found all over the world. All UPS and FedEx locations have a fax machine available for customers to use.

ups-fedex-uspsSome of the benefits of sending a fax with FedEx include:

  • Send and receive local, domestic, and international faxes
  • A complimentary fax cover sheet is provided for you
  • Receive a printed confirmation for your records
  • Receive faxes at a FedEx Office near you “and a team member will hold your fax until you are able to pick up.”

You can learn more about FedEx’s faxing services here: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/fax-services.html

UPS, Kinko’s, and other delivery services offer similar benefits to the ones listed above.

If you’re sending a fax near you from one of these services, you can expect to pay between $1 and $2 per fax page. FedEx, for example, typically charges $1.50 for the first page and $1 for each subsequent pages for sending/receiving local faxes. If you’re sending faxes to a long distance number, it costs $2 for the first page and $1.50 per page thereafter.

Public Fax Machine: Hotels, Hostels, and Travel Agent Offices

public-fax-machineEven if you have a fax machine at home, you may need to access a fax machine when you’re traveling in a foreign country or city. Most hotels, hostels, and other accommodations have anticipated this need and are able to provide electronic fax services. If your hotel has an office center, then it probably has a fax machine.

At some hotels, local and international faxing is complementary. Others charge a small fee.

Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, to give one random example, doesn’t charge guests to receive faxes from anywhere in the world. However, it charges you $6 for the first page of a local fax ($1 for each additional page) and $10 for the first page of an international fax ($2 per additional page). Most hotels are cheaper.

You’re less likely to find a fax machine at a hostel, but some hostels do have one on-site. At the very least, staff should be able to direct you to a nearby place where you can find a fax machine.

Can’t get a fax machine at your hotel or hostel? Ask for a local travel agent or travel bureau. These places are sure bets for fax machines.

Where Can I Go To Fax Something: Local Office Supply Stores

If you’re in a smaller town and need a fax machine, then you might not find a big local hotel or delivery service like FedEx and UPS. What’s your next best option?

Well, many small towns have office supply stores or even communal office spaces. Office Depot and similar stores often let customers send and receive faxes, for example. Call ahead to double check.

Of course, if that fails, and you’re really desperate, then you can just call around to local businesses to see if you can pay them to send a fax.

Send a Fax Using Software That’s Already On Your Computer

“Fax Anytime, Cancel Anytime” and get 1500 free faxes per month with Ringcentral Fax.

Windows_Fax_and_Scan_Vista_ScanBoth Windows PCs and Macs let you send faxes using your computer. All you need is a computer with Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10 or a Mac with Mac OS X, as well as a telephone line connected to your computer.

Here’s the step by step guide to faxing using your computer:


Step 1) Connect your PC to a working phone line (plug the telephone jack into the port on the back of your computer or the side of your laptop).

Step 2) Prepare your documents you want to fax, either in Word or PDF form

Step 3) On Windows 7, click Start > All Programs > Windows Fax and Scan, then press Enter to launch Windows Fax and Scan. On Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can type Windows Fax into the Start Menu search bar, then press Enter.

Step 4) Click New Fax in the upper left corner of the toolbar and follow the wizard to hook up your phone line.

Step 5) Fill out the faxing information by entering your destination phone number, typing out a message, and attaching the documents you wish to fix.

Step 6) Click Send

You can also send faxes to multiple recipients at the same time using the Windows Fax and Scan application. To do that, simply type multiple numbers in the To box, separating each number with a semicolon (;).

If you’re going to send multiple faxes to these same contacts, then you can also save each contact’s information in your address book.

After you’ve sent your fax, you can also check whether it was successfully received. To do that, open the Fax Status Monitor tool from the Windows Fax and Scan application, then click View details. It’s a good idea to check this page if you’re working with international numbers or worried about whether or not an important fax was successfully delivered.

For Mac

Step 1) Open the document you wish to fax. Then, from the File menu, click Print

Step 2) Click the PDF button, then select Fax PDF from the menu that pops up

Step 3) Type in the fax number of your recipient in the To field. Don’t forget to add the 1 and the area code. You may also have to dial an outside-line access code or a country code, depending on your recipient’s location.

Step 4) In the Modem box, click Internet Modem.

Step 5) Click Use Cover Page if you want a cover page, and fill it out however you like (this is where you’d add a message, if you like).

Step 6) Click the Preview button to check out your fax before you send it. Once you’re satisfied, click Send.

Apple has mysteriously removed the Fax command on some versions of Mac OS X. If you can’t follow the steps listed above, then your Mac may not support faxing over the computer.

Faxing from your Mobile Device

Apps like Mobile Fax Free for Android and eFax Mobile Fax App let you easily send faxes from your mobile device.


Android’s Mobile Fax Free is a free app that turns your phone into a fax machine. You can send a file that’s already on your phone. Or, you can use your mobile camera to take a picture of the document you’re trying to fax. Once you’ve done that, just enter the recipient’s number.

That app is affiliated with GotFreeFax.com. It’s only available for sending faxes to and from the United States and Canada at the moment. The free version only lets you send one single-page fax per day, although you can pay a few bucks to upgrade to the Premium version and send more faxes.


The eFax Mobile Phone Fax app is available for free on the iTunes app store. You can get a fax number for free, although you’ll need to actually subscribe to eFax ($17 per month) to start sending and receiving any faxes.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can fax and scan from your phone using your own personal fax number. You can also upload files from email or your device storage and send and forward faxes.

Other online fax providers also have their own mobile apps. Other popular fax apps for the iPhone include:

JotNot Fax: $1 to send a fax, or $15 for a pack of 20 “fax credits” that let you fax one page each. You can only send faxes to US and Canadian numbers, although you can fax those numbers from anywhere in the world. You cannot receive faxes with the free version of the app.

Genius Fax: Genius Fax lets you send and receive a fax. Sending a single-page fax costs $1, or you can buy 10 pages of fax credits for $7 or 50 pages of fax credits for $20. For $4 per month, this app lets you create your own fax number (discounts are available when buying a fax number for three or six months at a time).

Fax Burner: Fax Burner isn’t the prettiest-looking app, but it does let you send and receive faxes using a custom phone number for free within minutes of signing up. That fax number expires after 24 hours. If you want to save that fax number for a year, then you can pay an additional $99. A free account only lets you send 5 documents total. Faxes beyond that number cost 25 cents apiece.

We recommend Ringcentral for easy Online Faxing. Click here to sign up for their free trial and get 1500 Free Fax Pages Every Month.

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  1. I tried the FedEx Drop Box last sunday, it’s so easy to use and very efficient. The delivery was fast and safe. I really advise this service when shipping out your packages!

  2. I live in a town of 700. We don’t even have a grocery or drug store. Only have cell phone, no PC. Any suggestions on how to get this fax sent

    • Hi Laura,

      Seems your options are very limited if you can’t find a store. I’d recommend getting Ringcentral since they have an app where you can send and receive faxes. You just need to have a camera included on your phone.


  3. I have a small fleet claim processing business with 7 employees. We still use RingCentral fax at our company.

    Based on my experience, it’s very hard to know which software is good until you are well deep into it. A good fax service should address each of the following.

    Toll Free Number
    Hipaa Compliant (Secure)
    Microsoft Office Support & other cloud integration
    Mobile App version especially when I’m on the go
    Fax Logs
    Group Faxing

    Its more convenient then using a fax machine and it definitely works for our situation.

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