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Our mission is to make finding the best tools, software and services, easy for your business.

As you might already know, running a business takes a lot of work. It takes plenty of time and effort to become successful. So how did we find the time to make BeBusinessed.com?

We made time, of course! We created this website to show other busy business owners how to make time for the rest of life that takes place outside of your business. Over time, the website has evolved into something more comprehensive, and we’re delighted to share tips, tricks, and how-to articles with readers from countries all over the world.

One of the biggest ways we’ve saved time is by purchasing the right business management software. Today, business owners are faced with a diverse range of software options, including cloud-based solutions, traditional desktop platforms, and good old Excel spreadsheets. What’s the best option for your business? That’s a question we want to help you answer with our payroll software reviews and accounting software reviews. We also have resources on how you can try payroll software for free.

Another important part of our site is our virtual call management service reviews. Modern technologies are changing the way we communicate for business. Thanks to virtual PBX systems, we can access our office’s phone network anywhere we go. Whether you’re an on-the-go professional or you just like to work from home without missing business calls, this is a massive advantage. Every day, more and more people sign up for virtual call management services in order to save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars per year while boosting productivity.

Some businesses do not require complete PBX systems. Instead, they simply require a niche call service like online faxing. For that reason, we’ve reviewed a diverse variety of ways to send fax online and email to fax on our website. All reviews clearly state up-to-date pricing information along with the pros, cons, and features of various fax providers.

You will find reviews for all of these systems and more at BeBusinessed.com. We were able to save hundreds of hours in our lives using these management systems, and these hundreds of hours helped us transform our businesses into what they are today. These technologies are changing the world.

Another feature we’re proud of on BeBusinessed is our Resource Guide category. Our Resource Guides help reduce your budget in a number of creative ways. We offer budgeting advice, debt management tips, and investing information to help anyone achieve financial freedom. We’ve combined our personal experience with in-depth research to create some fantastic guides about investing. We truly hope you take the time to read these guides and absorb the lessons within.

We also offer detailed online marketing guides. Our guides are built for beginner and intermediate online marketers. Beginners can read about the foundations of HTML coding, for example, while more advanced marketers can learn how to make thousands of dollars with Google AdSense every month.

From the history of money to the future of cloud software, BeBusinessed.com wants to help you make sense of the complicated world we live in.

Why did we create BeBusinessed?

Along with all the reasons listed above, we created BeBusinessed.com because we couldn’t find the information we needed anywhere else. Looking for accurate software reviews online is difficult. It seems every website tries to push you towards one program or another!

Even when looking up things like the history of the stock market or the history of gold, the facts are often clouded by obvious marketing attempts.

Instead of reading inaccurate articles, we sought our own opinions from a diverse range of factual sources. During our research, we realized that all of this information could be turned into something valuable. Many of the articles you read on this site are products of our initial research: with information taken from a diverse range of online and offline sources, we’ve written are articles that cater to your needs – not the needs of some marketing “guru”.

In short, we want to give you the edge you need to be successful. And that’s why we made our website.

Are the reviews unbiased and independent?

Our reviews are unbiased and independent. We’ve reviewed all different types of VoIP services, business management software, accounting programs, and more at our website. In many cases, we have written reviews about multiple products which are in direct competition with one another.

Whenever possible, we’ve picked an industry specialist to write each review. Some members of our team are more experienced at certain aspects of the industry than others, which makes them more qualified to identify the nuances of different products.

Once a review is complete, it goes through a peer-review process with our team to ensure accurate and intelligent analysis. Once a review has met our high standards of quality, it’s published on our website.

Are we compensated in any way for our reviews?

The short answer to this question is: yes, we are compensated for some reviews on our website. When website visitors purchase a product through links on our site, we receive some referral compensation.

We appreciate when visitors click our links. Our referral compensation is put towards website management costs, including server hosting, upgrades, content creation, and much more. Running a website as comprehensive as BeBusinessed.com isn’t always cheap!

It’s important to note, however, that this compensation does not influence our recommendations. If a program is lacking some critical feature, then we’ll tell you about it! We don’t want to treat you like an idiot, because you’re probably not an idiot.

You’re smart enough to make an informed decision on your own. We simply want to provide you with the information you need to make that informed decision.

What are our goals for the future?

BeBusinessed.com is a special project for us. We’ve spent hundreds of hours tweaking site design and creating high-quality articles for you to enjoy. We plan to continue that commitment to quality in the future.

BeBusinessed.com is updated with new articles on a weekly basis. We also constantly update existing articles to ensure accuracy and professionalism is portrayed at all times.

Whether you’re interested in a virtual PBX system or looking for the best accounting software for your small business, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to BeBusinessed.com You can read about who I am here.

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