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10 UI Design Mistakes Too Many Businesses Make

Someone has quoted very rightly “A good UI design is all about how a user interacts with the design whereas a great UI design interacts well with the users while ensuring the experience is also not compromised.” Thus, it combines the best practices of both UX and UI. In the present digital scene, user-interface plays a crucial role in the ...

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How to Make a Website with your Own Domain for Free


So you want to make a website for free. You’ve already found plenty of free website makers out there that will host your website for free – but none of these sites let you have your own domain. WordPress, for example, will give you a free website that looks pretty good, but your website will always be found as a ...

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Best Website Builders for Kids


Building a website is an essential skill in our modern world. Why not give your child a leg up on the competition by letting them use a website builder? Today, there are a number of popular website builders available for children. These website builders are designed to be extra user-friendly and safe for the entire family to use. With that ...

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Best Website Builder for Photographers


Building a photography website is a great way to advertise your services to the world. Some people build photography websites to attract new clients to their photography business. Others build photography websites to share some of the best photos they’ve taken. Do you want to build a photography website? Well, I have good news! Finding a good website builder for ...

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How to Make a Gaming Website


So you want to make a gaming website. Gaming is one of the world’s most popular hobbies and there are thousands of websites dedicated entirely to gaming. What you might not realize is that building a gaming website is really easy: thanks to modern web design and website building tools, you barely need any technical expertise to build a website. ...

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Basic HTML Tutorial


HTML is one of the most important web coding languages in the world today. Ever since the internet first became popular in the 1990s, HTML has been the primary language used to create all different types of websites. Over the years, HTML has been tweaked and changed. Today, HTML5 is helping a new generation of web developers create dynamic and ...

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How to Register a Domain and Make a Website


Ready to build a website and start making money online? Registering a domain and making a website isn’t nearly as hard as some people think. In fact, within less than an hour, you could be the proud owner of your very own website. Here’s how to register a domain, choose a web host, and make a website that people actually ...

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How to Create a Blog With WordPress

Blog notes on Laptop

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). It’s a platform that lets people with no web development experience put together an attractive, functional, and SEO-friendly website. WordPress is an amazing tool. Best of all – it’s free! Whether you’re building a website for a local business or creating an AdSense site, WordPress is generally your best option. ...

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Beginners Guide on Google AdSense


WWant to get a paycheck from Google? Of course you do! But like 99.9% of the world, you’re probably not qualified to work at Google. That’s why the best way to get a paycheck from Google is to make money with Google AdSense. Google makes billions of dollars every year from advertising. With AdSense, you can get a slice of ...

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