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How to Send or Receive a Fax from an Android Phone or Tablet

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. It makes sense that there are a wide variety of faxing options available for Android phones and tablets.

Ready to learn how to send or receive a fax from an Android phone or tablet? Keep reading.

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You Can Currently Only Fax on Android Through Online Faxing

Mobile devices rarely support fax machines. Android is no different: currently, there is no system or platform that allows you to connect a fax machine to your Android device.

With that in mind, your only real way to fax on Android phones or tablets is through online faxing.

Online fax service providers typically offer mobile-optimized websites as well as a wide selection of mobile apps. All you need to do is sign up for an online fax provider, or download their app, and then sending a fax from Android is as easy as sending an email.

How Does Online Faxing on Android Work?

Online faxing services all work in the same way: you pay the service provider to use their fax machine. When you need to access that fax machine, you send an email to the online fax service provider with an attached document you wish to fax.

That service provider receives the email than transfers the data from digital into binary format, allowing the data to be sent through the phone lines.

After the fax arrives at its intended destination, it appears on your recipient’s machine as a normal fax. There’s no difference between an electronic fax and a traditional fax to your recipient: they’ll all received the same way.

All you need in order to online fax is an internet connection. If you have an Android phone or tablet connected to Wi-Fi or mobile networks, then you can easily send a fax using apps or mobile-optimized computer faxing platforms.

Keep reading to discover exactly how to send or receive a fax from an Android phone or tablet.

What You Need to Fax Via Android

  • An Android smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection or data service (you can use either cellular data or Wi-Fi; as long as you’re connected to the internet, it doesn’t matter). Ideally, your Android device will also be updated to the latest version of the OS to improve your chances of app compatibility.
  • You may need to use a computer to setup your online faxing account. Some service providers don’t allow full customization options via the mobile app, which means you need to access the desktop site when you’re first setting up your account.
  • A subscription with an online fax service (there are some free services available for Android)
  • A document(s) you wish to fax

How to Send a Fax from Android

There are two main ways to enjoy online faxing through Android. You can either send the fax as a normal email to your online fax provider’s server. Or, you can download and install an electronic fax provider’s mobile app to fax from directly within that interface.


Sending a fax from Android can be done from within any standard email inbox.

Whether you use Gmail or any other email service provider, sending an online fax is as easy as sending a normal email.

All you need to do is email the document you wish to fax to your online fax provider, and then they’ll transform your faxed document into a faxable format. Here’s the step by step instructions on how to do that on Android:

Step 1) Open your normal Android email app or open your email platform online through the internet browser

Step 2) Compose a new email

Step 3) In the recipient field, you’ll type in the fax number of your intended recipient followed by the address of your online fax provider (the specific addresses change from provider to provider). If you’re using an online fax service for Android like Nextiva, for example, then your recipient field might look something like this:


Type that into the recipient field, and you’re telling Nextiva to automatically redirect your fax to the fax machine at 888-555-1234.

Step 4) Next, you need to attach the document or documents you wish to fax. Online fax service providers typically allow a wide range of document and image formats, including popular formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, and more. Attach all of the documents you wish to include in your fax to the email just as you would attach a normal email attachment.

Step 5) The body of your email becomes the cover letter for your fax. Fill in any relevant information into the body of the email. Consider including things like your contact information and your recipient’s contact information along with the nature of your message.

Step 6) Once you’ve verified all of the information is correct, click Send

Your email will be sent to your online fax provider, where it’s transferred into binary format and sent through the phone lines to your recipient’s address.


There are dozens of Android apps that make online faxing really easy.

Those Android apps are mostly free, but often charge you to use the service. Most online fax providers either have an Android app or a mobile-optimized website through which you can send a fax.

Using these apps is straightforward. Here’s how it works when sending a fax on an Android phone or tablet through an app:

Step 1) You download the online faxing app

Step 2) Pay the fee for faxing (typically an in-app purchase) or sign up for the online fax provider

Step 3) Open the app and setup your account and any customization options. You may be able to setup a signature, for example, or choose whether to receive alerts on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 4) Launch a new fax and fill out the required information, like your recipient’s fax number, the body of your message, and any additional data.

Step 5) Attach any documents that you wish to fax. The app will tell you if you’re trying to send an unsupported document. If you don’t have the document on your phone, then the app may let you take a picture of the item or document you’re trying to fax.

Step 6) Once you’ve verified all the information is correct, click Send.

Best Android Apps for Online Faxing

There are dozens of online faxing apps on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the best ones you can download today:

Ultimately, thanks to these apps and the wide range of online faxing services, faxing from an Android phone or tablet has never been easier than it is today.

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