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Numbers Don’t Lie: Impressive Stats of Online Fax

Online faxing is a full-blown phenomenon these days. When you look at the statistics, the numbers don’t lie. Here are some of the most important stats and figures about computer faxing.

Online Faxing Saves The Environment

It’s no secret that online faxing service is green. However, now we know exactly how green it can be. GreenFax.com cites a government study to reveal the following research:

  • Traditional fax machines consume 200 billion pages of paper in the United States alone
  • Switching just 5% of these fax machines to sending a fax online would save 10 billion pages of paper, or about 1 million trees each year
  • However, if you take into account all of the environmental benefits of reduced logging, including the energy and water consumption required to produce paper, then email faxing becomes even greener.
  • When taking energy and water into account, reducing paper by 5% would save 360 million gallons of water each year – which is about what the entire city of Philadelphia consumes in a day.
  • It would also save 215 million kilowatt hours of energy – which is the approximate total of New York City’s power consumption for a month, and eliminate 3 million pounds of air pollution – the approximate annual pollution output of 2800 cars.

Cost Savings of Online Fax

  • An average ink cartridge will print 200 pages of fax paper. Ink cartridges cost an average of $20 to $50.
  • The average fax machine costs between $150 and $250
  • The average office worker spends 8 to 15 seconds per fax walking to the office fax machine

The Increasing Popularity of Online Faxing and VoIP

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is becoming more and more popular with businesses. Businesses love VoIP for its crystal clear HD audio and ability to transmit data over the internet instead of physical phone lines. That means business users can access the office’s call management system anywhere. Here are a few reasons why VoIP isn’t done growing yet:

  • According to a press release by Infonetics Research, the number of VoIP companies is expected to double between 2011 and 2016 in order to address increasing demand.
  • Other industry analysts suggest that the VoIP industry will grow approximately 15.3% each year over the next four years.
  • 2.4 billion people around the world use the internet; of those 2.4 billion, approximately 22% are VoIP users
  • There were an estimated 228 million people using VoIP communications on cell phones in 2013.

Other Benefits of Online Fax

  • The average electronic fax service uses 256 bit encryption, which is the same encryption used by government agencies, security software, and other industries where security is of the utmost importance
  • Every year, approximately 17 billion to 100 billion faxes are sent around the world
  • The market for virtual fax services is thought to be growing at an estimated 15.2% CAGR
  • Japan has the world’s highest number of fax machines per capita and is widely regarded as a bastion for the traditional fax machine

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